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Timeline / 04 Aug, 2015

5 Things We Want To See In Ash Vs Evil Dead

After 22 years of waiting, Ash J. Williams, the chainsaw-hacking, boomstick-bashing, one handed numbskull of a lone survivor of the damned cult classic Evil Dead makes a comeback on Starz.

Other than the boomstick, the chainsaw and the usual unintelligent Ash, the following five things would make the show look even more …. untamed maybe?

Practical Effects:

Just a few seconds of watching the goriest scenes from the classic movies would be enough to show how fake the effects looked in the movie. The effects were radical and over-the-top, and have taken up just as much a fond spot in our memories of Evil Dead as the story itself.  Modern horror TV shows like The Walking Dead use digital effects and take a comparably realistic approach to gore… An inspiration that could dilute the essence of what makes Evil Dead stand out. In short: It ain’t Evil Dead if there aren’t buckets of syrup pouring everywhere.

For those wondering, something like that

More One-Liners:

Bruce Campbell fans will probably aim their cannons at me for saying this but the actor is definitely better at delivering glorious one-liners than he is at actual acting. If there was a TV show where you’d just have to sit through 30 minutes of nothing but Bruce sitting on an armchair reading a book full of one-liners, it would render the entirety of the rest of television obsolete. The man was quite possibly the first Nick Offerman.

The Evil Hand:

The second most memorable character in the Evil Dead series is not a person, but rather an appendage. Possessed by demonic forces, Ash’s own hand never actually died (as confirmed by this Evil Dead wiki) so there’s a slight chance that it might be making a comeback somewhere.

Expanded Universe Nods and Easter-Eggs:

The last Bruce Campbell Evil Dead movie came in 1991. After that there was no sign of our beloved blood bathing hero up until he showed up in the Marvel Universe. Yeah you read it right, MARVEL UNIVERSE. In the 2007 limited comic book issues titled Marvel Zombies vs Army of Undead comics Ash was troubled by the zombified Avengers including Captain America (Colonel America in the comics) and Spiderman.


Ash taking on a zombified Spiderman

We DEFINITELY WILL NOT see the zombie version of the Superheroes in Ash vs Evil Dead, but we can still hope for winks and nods to these little tidbits from the expanded Evil Dead universe of videogames and comics.


Since we’ve already crossed the zombie Spiderman territory, it’s only natural that the new Evil Dead series see some famous cameo appearances from other horror media.

spiderman cameo

Perhaps a little Jensen Ackles here or a bit of Sarah Michelle Gellar there. Heck, we can almost guarantee that Sam Raimi is going to make a cameo in some capacity at the very least. He owes it to Bruce after that fantastic performance in the Spiderman trilogy.

The Deadites are coming back!

The guy who played the average Joe from S-Mart turned deadites-killing-machine, Bruce Campbell, talked to EW about the return of the 1980s película de culto a few months ago. He was excited to revisit the dim-witted Ash character, maintaining that he still has it in him, but also pointed out that there would be a couple of others characters to support Ash so as to ensure that he doesn’t lose his head this time around.

These were just a few of our own fantasies as die-hard Evil Dead fans. Do you think we missed anything? Hated our suggestions? Have an opinion on coffee cup holders? Share them in the comments!

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