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Timeline / 24 Jun, 2015

And Your New Spiderman Is… Tom Holland

We’ve been hearing casting rumours for weeks now as fans have been furiously debating who will put on Spidey’s mask for the street-level superhero’s  entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That wait has now ended and we have an official confirmation of the casting:


The next Spiderman will be played by young actor Tom Holland. The movie is set to be directed by rookie director Jon Watts… Who helmed the wonderfully dumb Eli Roth horror Clown in 2014. Just look at it:


Our best guesses tell us that he’ll probably portray a rebooted, teenage Spiderman and MIGHT make an appearance in either Captain America: Civil War and/or Avengers: Infinity War, in addition to getting his own movie.

Holland is best known for his strong dramatic performance in The Impossible, a snippet of which you can watch below. Looks like the kid’s got some acting chops!

He’s also starring in the upcoming In The Heart Of The Sea, also starring fellow MCU superhero Chris Hemsworth… We wonder if he put in a good word for Tom with Marvel? Here’s a trailer:

Stay tuned for more Spiderman and MCU news as more details emerge.

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