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Trailers / 05 Aug, 2015

This Deadpool Redband Trailer Is Touching Itself Tonight

So the Deadpool team has decided to make the potty mouthed character open our collective sphincters. What else do you expect from the snarky Supe-Villian turn Anti-Hero?

The official trailer was released just a couple of hours ago. Finally we can move on from those shitty quality leaked comic con trailers.

Here’s a few couple notable bits we noticed about the trailer:

No Japanese Wrestling Origins

Deadpool’s mentor, Oyakata

Deadpool fanatics must know about the Japanese wrestling past of the antihero. Our beloved profanity lover Chimichanga only went back to US after refusing to finish a dirty job.

The Colossus!

Can’t wait to see this big guy in action.

Everything Deadpool Fans Ever Wanted

The quirky, lewd and obscene jokes, breaking the fourth wall, bloody gore and the usual Deadpool. The trailer deserved the standing ovation it got at Comic Con 2015. Let’s hope the movie also lives up to expectations.

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