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Coming Soon, Timeline, Trailers / 29 Apr, 2015

Here’s The Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Trailer

Attack On Titan is an anime and manga series famous for leaving its fans hanging with cliffhangers (GIVE ME THE NEW SEASON ALREADY!) – It’s also one of the best pieces of entertainment ever to come out of Japan, almost free of its native tropes and loaded with (depressing) action and even political intrigue.

Then someone decided they wanted to make a live action movie about it. Here are the results:

With all those fast cuts, it’s kind of hard to tell whether this will be a ham-fisted CG-matic disaster or completely awesome. Let’s not forgetĀ Gantz before we get all optimistic, though…

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  • ameer abbas Raza

    the plot seems brilliant, an amazing villain cast (all CGI Titans), the only thing missing is that there is no secret weapon, no super human saviour or even army to contest the other side … so i would say its a completely waste of time, one time watch at most.

    • If you’ve watched the series, you’d know that there DEFINITELY is a secret weapon…

      • Ward’Zix, The Void Sweeper.

        Which, actually, is more like a not-so secret weapon when the titans, military and their mothers know who he is.

  • TheOct8pus

    I just wished they’d finish the series before doing a live action feature….

    • Harris Sid

      They delayed the anime series so that more manga issues will have come out by then. Then we will get proper seasons without as much of a gap… Which is good in the long run but annoying as **** to wait for it all.

  • TheOct8pus

    …Ironically, the Manga and Anime characters are an international bunch of Europeans with only a few Asians. The movie seems to be 100% Asian.

    Not that it really matters. If it does well, I’m sure Hollywood with remake it and make a total mess.

    • Harris Sid

      It already looks like a mess.

      • Young_Otaku

        you may be right

  • Young_Otaku

    That was so fast I am very confused because I don’t know if its going to be an interesting movie or just a waste of time!!!!!!
    I’m very confused right now.