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Timeline / 17 Jun, 2015

In Memoriam: Sir Christopher Lee


One of the greatest legends of Hollywood, Sir Christopher Lee, passed away at Chelsea &Westminster Hospital in London aged 93.The legendary actor was known for many of his unmatched performances as the first Dracula, as Scaramanga in James Bond ‘Man with the Golden Gun’, as Saruman in Lord of the Rings&the Hobbit trilogies.

The news was delayed for personal reasons by his wife as Sir Christopher had passed away on Sunday 7th June 2015. He was suffering from respiratory problems leading up to his final moments being routinely treated in hospital.

Although known primarily for his acting Lee was also known for his contributions to symphonic metal music. One of his most notable pieces includes the album Charlemagne.Like his career in music, the modern movie fan knows very less about this great entertainment icon. Here are some fascinating facts about Sir Christopher Lee’s career:

The Actor

Christopher Lee has had the privilege to play some of the most diverse characters including a Jedi Master, a vampire, a wizard and a national leader to name a few.

Sir Christopher also has had the unique privilege to play both Count Dracula Frankenstein and did so brilliantly during his career in horror.

Christopher lee best roles


The Man of Mystery

Christopher Lee inspired the creation of the character we all know as James Bond, as he was Ian Fleming’s cousin and also played Scaramanga in the Bond movie Man with the Golden Gun.

You see, Christopher Lee was had served in World War 2 as part of a special forces group. He was gravely wounded on a mission in Africa but recovered and went to live on to be over 90. Another allusion to his badassery is the famous LOTR story about him being no stranger to death and killing:


Speaking Of LOTR…

The Only Actor Tolkien Personally Approved

Sir Christopher was the only Lord of The Rings cast member who had the privilege to meet and personally know J.R.Tolkein. Tolkein had told Lee to play Gandalf if there was ever a movie made based on his novels. Of course as we all know he ended up doing Saruman instead, and did a kick-ass job at it.

An intriguing life

  • Sir C. Lee witnessedthe last guillotine execution of Eugen Weidmannin France
  • Lee was also good friends with the Last ‘Hangman of England’ Mr. Albert Pierrepoint and was a regular customer of the executioner’s pub.
  • Sir Christopher Lee descends from the King of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne.
  • Christopher Lee had the exclusive privilege of meeting Rasputin’skillers(Felix Yusupov and Dmitri Pavlovich) as a boy. He also met Rasputin’s daughter Maria Rasputin who claimed Lee looked like the “mad monk” due to a certain eye resemblance.

Sir Christopher Lee acted in a total of 247 movies in his career also earning knighthood for his brilliant services to British cinema.While some willnever know the brilliance of hiscareer, many of us will never forgetthe legend that was Sir Christopher Lee … To His Memory.


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