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Streaming / 17 Aug, 2015

How to Wirelessly Stream To Your Smart TV

Smart TVs are rapidly gaining ground compared to their outdated counter parts, eliminating the need for costly TV cable subscriptions and establishing the need for high speed internet. As cable cutting becomes the trend various devices and software are available for streaming fans to access their favorite media to their TVs.

Amongst the many solutions available today there are few that are generally recognized as easy for the average streaming fan. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Google TV,Roku and many others have swept the streaming market with their state of the art wireless streaming solutions.

DLNA Server for Wireless Streaming To Your TV

The best features of DLNA servers are that:

  • They are Easy to setup
  • They are Free of cost
  • They Require no additional hardware
  • They are built in to Windows 7 OS

DLNA technology was an initiative developed by a joint venture of consumer electronics companies that developed communication guidelines for sharing digital media between multimedia devices (TVs, computers, HDMI monitors, smartphones, tablets etc.).

Given you have the right operating system (Windows XP and Windows 7)setting up a DLNA server to stream your media using the wireless network in your home, office etc. To activate DLNA servers here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and on the top right of your windows locate the search bar. In the search bar type in “Media”(as shown in screenshot) and press enter. On top of your search results should be the icon for the Network & Sharing Center, click the ‘Media Streaming Options’ link.

media streaming 1

  1. When you click the Media Streaming Options link, it will bring you to a new window. The only button in this window will ask you to ‘Turn on Media Streaming’. Click the button and proceed to step 3.

media streaming

  1. Once Media Streaming is activated, you will be taken to a new window that will require you to name your shared Media Library to the DLNA server. Listed under the name bar will be a permissions window requiring you to authorize sharing media on the wireless network, change it to “Allowed”and then click OK on the bottomright (not shown in picture).

media streaming 2

  1. You should now be able to find your shared media folder to any devices connected to the same wireless network as yours. You can also connect your Android mobile & Apple iOS devicesusing DLNA clients.

Wireless Streaming with Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is by far the easiest device to setup and use to cast/stream media from wireless devices to your TV. The Chromecast USB can be used with any Smart TV embedded with a USB and HDMI.


Setting Up Your Google Chromecast

Here is a detailed tutorial to setup your Chromecast USB:

The Google Chromecast costs £30and can be bought both online and in store in practically anywhere in the world.

Ending Notes

Try out these brilliant new techniques and stream your favorite media anywhere on any supported devices. Use DLNA servers at home on your Windows PC, Android and iOS devicesor try out the state of the art Google Chromecastfor HD wireless streaming on your TV.

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