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Streaming / 01 Jun, 2015

Streaming On The PS4 Using VPNs and SmartDNS

1.0 Overview

PlayStation 4 is an eighth generation gaming console that competes with the likes of Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. It was officially launched in November 2013 and employs state of the art technology, giving gamers a truly amazing gaming experience.

If that’s not enough, PlayStation can be used as a streaming device and you can watch all your favorite shows and movies using the gaming platform.

However, there is a downside to all your gaming and video streaming experience. For starters, there are unwanted infiltrations within your network trying to destroy your gameplay and take unfair advantage.

Secondly, there are geo restrictions that prohibit you to from accessing different streaming websites and even PlayStation store (PSN).

This is where our guide will help you overcome these problems and provide you with methods for seamless gameplay and bypass all geo restrictions.

2.0 Methods of Unblocking through PS4

There are two main methods through which you can unblock geo restricted websites and also enhance your gaming experience. These include using a VPN service and a Smart DNS.

2.1 PS4 VPNs

Using a VPN for PS4 can help you overcome different security problems experienced over the internet and also support your online gaming experience.

A VPN service helps to enhance your internet security by hiding your identity to the outside world. This is made possible with the help of numerous servers offered by the PS4 VPN provider. Connecting to any of the servers will mask your original IP address and show the IP of that particular server.

This way you will remain anonymous and hidden to goons, trying to disrupt your gameplay with DDoS attacks. On the other hand, using these servers you can lift all geo restrictions and access different streaming website, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, etc.

2.1.1 Suggested VPN for PS4

IPVanish is a VPN provider that offers tier 1 VPN network with servers located across 60+ countries. Combined with secure protocols and data encryption levels, you can secure yourself and your personal data from DDoS attacks and other online threats.

Other alternate suggestions include PureVPN, HideMyAss, ExpressVPN, and Iron Socket.

2.2 PS4 Smart DNS

Smart DNS for PS4 is the other method of resolving the issue of geo restrictions. What this does is that it will send your data packets through a smart DNS proxy server located in the desired location, providing the location verification information needed by the website.

This way you can easily access and stream all your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other media on your PS4 using different entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, VUDU, etc.

One of the advantages of using smart DNS is that it will provide uninterrupted, lightening fast streaming as it does not affect your internet speeds. However, it will not protect you from the different threats and malicious software present over the internet.

2.2.1 Suggested Smart DNS for PS4

Unblock-US is a smart DNS service provider that allows you to access different geo restricted channels. Unblock-US is compatible on numerous devices and operating systems, including secondary devices like PlayStation 4.

Other suggested alternatives include ibDNS, Smart DNS Proxy Service, TrickByte, Iron Socket, and HideIPVPN.

3.0 How to Setup VPN and Smart DNS on PS4

Now that you know the different methods that can be used to unblock geo restricted websites on your PlayStation 4 and how to defend against various online threats; here is a guide of setting up both the services on your PS4.

3.1 PS4 VPN Setup Guide

Before you embark on setting up VPN on your PS4, you need to know that it cannot be directly configured onto the gaming console. But don’t worry, we will show you two methods through which you can easily setup VPN on your PS4.

The first method is by configuring the VPN on your PC and then connecting the PS4 to the computer. The second method includes setting up VPN on your router and then connecting your PS4 to the router.

3.1.1 Configuring PS4 VPN using PC

  • You need connect your PS4 to your system (use crossover cables) and then configure the VPN on your PC. If you haven’t setup VPN on your system follow our setup guide (hyperlink related article).
  • Once your VPN is installed on your system, connect to the desired server of your choice.
  • Now open the XBM menu on your PS4 and go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Network’.
  • In this section (Network), select ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.
  • Next, select ‘Use a LAN Cable’ option.
  • Then select ‘Easy’ when asked ‘How do you want to set up internet connection?’ This will automatically scan your settings.
  • Next you will be asked about Proxy Server, select ‘Do Not Use’.
  • Accept all the settings that follow and then ‘Test Internet Connection’. And, you’re done.

3.1.2 Configuring PS4 VPN using Router

  • You would first need to setup your VPN on your router. If you haven’t configured it on the router, follow our setup guide for configuring VPN onto Router (hyperlink related article).
  • Once the VPN is configured onto the router, switch Wi-Fi ‘On’ in your PS4.
  • Go to XBM menu on your PS4 and go to ‘Setting’ and then select ‘Network’.
  • In this section (Network), select ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.
  • Next, select ‘Use Wi-Fi’ option.
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi connection and enter login credentials (password).
  • Then select ‘Easy’ when asked ‘How do you want to set up internet connection?’ This will automatically scan your settings.
  • Next you will be asked about Proxy Server, select ‘Do Not Use’.
  • Accept all the settings that follow and then ‘Test Internet Connection’. And, you’re done.

3.2 PS4 Smart DNS Setup Guide

Unlike setting up VPN, you do not need a router or your PC to configure smart DNS. It can be directly setup onto your PS4 and you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies. To setup smart DNS on PS4, use the following steps:

  • Go to XBM menu on your PS4 and select ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Network’.
  • In this section (Network), select ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.
  • Choose the desired connection, LAN Cable or Wi-Fi (if your choose Wi-Fi, select your wireless connection and enter login credentials).
  • Next choose ‘Custom’ when asked ‘How do you want to set up internet connection?’
  • Under ‘IP Address Settings’ select ‘Automatic’.
  • Next you will be asked about ‘DHCP Host Name’ select ‘Do Not Specify’.
  • Then under the ‘DNS Settings’ select ‘Manual’.
  • You will be promoted to enter ‘Primary DNS’ and ‘Secondary DNS’. Enter both the fields with the DNS information provided by your provider.
  • Next screen will take you to MTU Settings, select ‘Automatic’.
  • Under Proxy Server, select ‘Do Not Use’.
  • Accept and save all the settings, ‘Test Internet Connection’, and you’re done.

4.0 Gaming Made Simpler

Your gaming experience is enhanced and made much simpler when you use PS4 VPN and PS4 smart DNS. There are many servers that are located far from your original location, making it difficult for you to compete with players in far off locations.

Using a PS4 VPN, you can select the server near the location where you want to play, minimizing the high ping, delay or lag that is experience in the gameplay. Therefore, if you are in United States but want to compete against Chinese players, you can connect to the nearest sever to China and play.

On the other hand, there are certain demo’s and free to play games available in specific locations but not in others. Using a VPN or Smart DNS you can switch to that specific location and try out the new demo.

For Instance, Wolfenstein is a first person shooter action packed game which is also geo restricted. The game cannot be played in Germany as it uses Nazi symbolism. However, using a PS4 VPN you can play Wolfenstein from anywhere in the world.

5.0 Conclusion

To sum everything up, PS4 is a multi dimensional device that offers exceptional gameplay and can also be used as an entertainment platform. However, there are certain limitations to accessing your favorite content using PS4.

This is where smart DNS and VPN for PS4 come into play; enabling you to unblock all the geo restricted content, allow you to play across different continents, and also protect you from unwanted DDoS attacks.

Our guide will help you setup VPN and Smart DNS on your PlayStation 4 and also our suggestion can help you select the appropriate service allows you to unblock content via PS4.

Leave us with your feedback or any question that you might have. Happy button bashing everyone!

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