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Popular Movies, Timeline / 07 Aug, 2015

Under The Radar Comedies You Should Check out On Netflix

After a tiring day’s work or school, you might want to relax and forget, even for some moments, all the monotonous errands you ran through the day. What better way to do that than watching comedy films on Netflix? There are a number of fun-filled comedy movies available on Netflix which could give you an hour or two of guffaws. Here is a list of some of the underappreciated chuckle-busters you might have not seen yet:

Danny Collins

Probably it was the lack of marketing, probably it was because the movie had no CGi, but no matter what the reason, this movie deserved more than what it got. The movie is about Danny Collins, (Al Pachino) a has-been rock star who gets a letter from John Lennon 40 years after it was sent and decides to give his life a new spin.

Dany Collins is one of The most underrated Netflix comedies

After a cluster of rather ordinary movies, this was Al Pachino’s best work since Donnie Brasco and deserves your viewing. If you are his diehard fan you’ll love it, if you were too young to see the quality of his work you’ll get to know the what the actor is all about.

Movie Fact: John Lennon actually sent a letter to a rock star by the name of Steve Tilston who got it 35 years after it was sent.

My Father the Hero (1994)

Kids from nineties might still remember this movie starring the teenage Katherine Heigl. The plot maybe odd where a young girl (Heigl) goes on a vacation with her dad (Gerard Depardieu) and tries to impress a prospective boyfriend (Dalton James) by calling her father her lover but the movie is definitely is entertaining and funny.

My Father the Hero is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

Nicole in pursuit of impressing the local Bahaman boy almost ends up sending her dad to prison. The entire father-daughter relation gets a funny outlook and is thus worth watching.

Movie Fact: This was Katherine Heigl’s first role as a lead actor.

Welcome To Me

Now this is one of the most recent arrivals on Netflix and probably one of the most underrated movies too. Kirsten Wiig stars in this movie as Alice Kileg, someone with a personality disorder who needs psychiatric care.

Welcome to Me is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

If you want to watch what happens when a lonely and unstable Kirsten Wiig get her hands on millions of dollars then you would love to watch this movie. The story might sound like that of A Face in the Crowd (as Wiig buys her own talk show) but Wiig brings gives a contemporary touch to the movie which looks original and refreshing.

Movie Fact: Fans of movies by Marvel would also get to see a slew of actors in the movie who have previously acted for the superheroes franchise.


It won’t be that Oscar winner you’ve come across but it definitely is extremely enjoyable with good humor coming in time after time with all the nerd-love-thing Jesse Eisenberg so flawless does. Plus Kristen Stewart somehow acted nicely enough as the “it girl”.

Adventureland is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

The movie catches the late 80s feel it tries to create and seems to be believable with its coming of age theme.

Movie Fact: There is an actual theme park called Adventureland in Iowa, USA.


The undervalued movie is based on the true story of Bernie Triede (played by Jack Black) and probably only wants to imply humor on numerous occasions but judging from its rather serious nature on, it was amazing to see the move still creating funny moment here and there.

Bernie is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

Jack Black truly embraces the character and is well supported by the likes of Shirley Maclaine (Marjorie Nungent) and Matthew McConaughey (Danny Buck) in making it a complete dark comedy.

Movie Fact: Real life convicted murderer Bernie Triede was released from prison in 2014 on condition that he would live at the garage apartment of one of the movie directors.

In a World…

Lake Bell gives an all-rounder’s performance (director, producer, and actor) in this movie where she stars as a voice coach called Carol. The movie gives a great view of the often overlooked and undervalued voice-over artists.

In a World is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

Lake Bell looks much assured as Carol and in the male dominated world of voice-over artists. It is not total comedy, but thanks to well written script the semi-satirical outlook is good enough to provide quirky humor.

Movie Fact: It becomes all the more good considering the entire movie was shot in only 20 days!

The Double

If there could ever be an Oscar for the geeky weird sociopath of the year then Jesse Eisenberg would win it each year. Jesse Eisenberg plays Simon James and James Simon, two coworkers who have strikingly common looks but have opposite personalities.

The Double is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

The movie has the resemblance of a theatre performance and allows Eisenberg to show his acting chops.

Movie Fact: In 1996, John Travolta was to feature in a movie based on the same novel as The Double but the movie never materialized.

The Ref

The Ref is Kevin Spacey’s lesser known work. How can a story about a cat burglar (Denis Leary) ending up as a marriage counselor to a couple (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) he intended to burgle not sound hilarious?

The Ref is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

This was supposed to be a Christmas holiday movie, but that is only secondary to the plot. The counseling by the burglar gives a great boost to the movie from the comedic point of view.

Movie Fact: To prove my point that this movie is underrated I’d like to mention that it was one of the movies from EW’s 2012 list of 50 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen.

Sherlock Jr. (1928)

Compared to other movies of those times, this movie is still appreciated today but certainly not on the level it deserves. Sherlock Jr. stars comic great Buster Keaton. This silent masterpiece of a comedy film is about a movie projectionist (Keaton) who desires to become a debonair while his love-interest gets lured by his rival.

Sherlock Jr is one of the most underrated Netflix Comedies

Some of you young folks might not probably know this but Buster Keaton was a great competitor to Charlie Chaplin in the silent movie genre of the early 20th century. It is a must watch because it puts special effects to great use and is probably the funniest thing you haven’t seen.

Movie Fact: Buster Keaton, while shooting one of the scenes, broke his neck but still completed it with same vigor. How about doubling the fun and watching these Netflix movies via Apple TV?

If you want to stream any of these Netflix movies on TV in HD then Apple TV is the best you’ve got. Apple TV connects with the HDMI port of your TV set and then, using the internet connection, you get the option to stream in HD.


Apple TV is a streaming box that allows you to watch 1080p HD videos, movies, music from iTunes, and access different channels such as Netflix, Hulu & Amazon. Just plug-in and convert your Hd TV into a Smart TV.


People from certain geographical, though, can’t access Netflix via Apple TV. Have no fear because there are a couple of ways to overcome this. These two options are available on the internet to a common internet user and can be accessed all over the world through a variety of sources.

Option 1: VPN for Apple TV

With a VPN, your internet IP changes and replaces it with an IP which can access Netflix. For instance, if you are in Sri Lanka and want to get a US IP to access Netflix then the use of VPN would help you do that. The recommended VPNs by VPN experts are IPVanish, HideMyAss, Express VPN, PureVPN and Strong VPN. Your data becomes secure with the use of VPN but it may also reduce the internet speed.

You can setup a VPN service on your Mac or Windows PC/ laptop and then establish a connection with your Apple TV using Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. After that you may share your VPN connection from your PC and access all apps or websites on your Apple TV.

The second method involves the setting up of the VPN service on the flash router and then using the encrypted VPN internet connection on your Apple TV. However, it is worthy to mention that routers supported by your VPN service may differ and that you need to check your providers support webpage.

Option 2: Smart DNS for Apple TV

Using a Smart DNS won’t change your IP but it would reroute your data traffic through a proxy server, giving you access to Netflix. Smart DNS won’t suck-up your internet speed. On the flipside it isn’t the safest option as far as data security is concerned. UnoTelly, Unblock-US, Smart DNS Proxy Service, ibDNS, and Iron Socket are some of the options you can choose from.

In case of Smart DNS, you may set it up directly on your Apple TV. Take the following steps to setup Smart DNS on your Apple TV:

1. Enter ‘Settings’ in your Apple TV and click on ‘General’.
2. Next select ‘Network’ under general settings.
3. Click ‘Wi-Fi’ for wireless connection or ‘Ethernet’ for wired connection (if you select Wi-Fi, enter the login details if prompted to do so).
4. Choose ‘Configure DNS’ and change it to ‘Manual’ from ‘Automatic.’
5. Enter the ‘Primary DNS’ & ‘Secondary DNS’ settings provided by your provider and choose ‘Done’.
6. Verify the numbers you entered on the ‘Network’ screen and then go back a menu and ‘Restart’ your Apple TV.
7. Now go to ‘Settings’ then ‘General’ and select ‘iTune Store’.
8. Enter ‘Location’ and set it to ‘United States’.
9. Go back to your main screen and click ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Sleep Now’.
10. Simply disconnect the power cable from Apple TV and wait ten seconds before reconnecting. Now you are good to go!

Apple TV is a device used worldwide for cord cutting. You would have a much enjoyable time watching the movies mentioned by converting your HD TV into a Smart TV.

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