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How The Robots In Interstellar Were Done By A Puppeteer

March 27, 2015  |  by Screen Binge

First off, to those who are just finding this out… Yes, the robots in¬†Interstellar are, for the most part, practical effects and not CGI (save for a few select sequences). An impressive feat considering the fact that they had to build specialized equipment for the puppeteer literally behind the machine in order to operate it.


Arnold And Zombies: Maggie

March 26, 2015  |  by Screen Binge

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in a zombie flick that appears to be more than its premise entails.


Bruce Campbell Is Ronald Reagan In Fargo Season 2

March 26, 2015  |  by Screen Binge

Bruce Campbell joins the all-star cast of the hit TV series as it returns for a second season.


Absurd Science in Hollywood Movies

March 25, 2015  |  by Screen Binge

Hollywood always finds a way… To Push Science beyond the boundaries of sense and logic.


Silicon Valley Season 2 Trailer: Nerd War

March 25, 2015  |  by Screen Binge

New trailer for the HBO comedy Silicon Valley’s 2nd season raises the stakes and breaks mean-jerk-time records!


Why I Am Ready To Give Up On ‘Gotham’

March 25, 2015  |  by Aazim A.

Dear Gotham, Where do I start? You had so much to promise but you shot my hopes and dreams in front of eyes in a dark alley, leaving me to wilt and spiral into a never-ending season of trauma. It started off by lighting a tiny spark among Batman fans. A bold show about Batman but