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Timeline / 27 Jul, 2015

Revisiting The Top 5 Spookiest X-Files Moments

Now that the cult classic X-Files is making a comeback, fans are finding it rather tough to be patient and are itching to see their favorite duo of Mulder and Scully in action. With each passing day we get to hear teasing news related to the series which makes it even more irresistible to wait it out.

First it was the nostalgic sixteen seconds teaser that Fox released.

Now we know that Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and Robbie Amell (The Flash) would also be part of the show that returns on January 6, 2016.

x files return lauren ambrose

And after the news of Cancer Man’s return, we now have The Lone Gunmen officially announcing their comeback. It is still to be seen whether they faked their deaths or whether they would appear in flashbacks but whatever the case maybe, these nerds would definitely provide the show the much needed geeky humor.

Anyway, January 2016, the time when the new X-Files series launches, is a long way away so we thought of going down the memory lane and revisiting some of the spookiest, scariest, and creepiest episodes of the show we all love.


x files creepy moments

Eugene Victor Tooms is one name that X-Files fanatics can’t forget. The guy gave me chills and I was very happy to see him in the psych ward at the end of season one’s third episode. However, with his super-contortion abilities he squeezed passed through the psychic facility (“Tooms”, Episode 23, Season 1) and continued with his killing ways. That guy made me wary of my home’s chimney and bathroom vent!


x files creepy moments 2

This is one of the best X-Files episodes that aired and fans must agree. It might be an inspiration from a true story or based on John W. Campbell’s novella Who Goes There? but it sure as hell made you cover your ears from anything creeping  near them. There wasn’t any monster in it exactly but the episode collectively was able to make a person’s hair stand on end. This episode is from the first season and the events that unfolded in it were crucial in developing that initial trust between Mulder and Sculley.


x files creepy moments 3

The episode named “Badla”, (from the 8th season), featured a legless grimy beggar from India. With his wheelie board creating the squeaky sound, the victims could almost sense their deaths just by hearing that eerie noise. Once the Beggar Man gave the chilling looks to his chosen prey half of them probably died of heart attacks.  He wouldn’t even let the fat guy relax in the washroom!!


x files creepy moments 4

Frankly speaking Sanguinarium (episode six of season four) scared the bejesus out of me. The episode was sickening and the entire doctor-gone-psycho feel was taken to a whole new level. The surgery scenes were creepy to the core while Doctor Franklyn, under possession of some demonic entity, continued with his mad facial destruction surgeries.


x files creepy moments 5

This is the only episode (season four) from the entire series I haven’t watched again, partly because the storyline was extremely bizarre (first X-Files episode to receive viewer discretion warning for graphic content) and mainly because of the scariest living creatures called “The Peacock Brothers”. The Peacock Brothers can be called the ugliest creatures to feature in the series and are the complete opposite of the beautiful Peacock bird. Their unattractiveness was equally complemented by a disgusting story based on inbreeding. The worst part of the episode was that one of the brothers escaped to live another day.

With the renewal of The X-Files, it has also been confirmed now that a sequel to the Home episode would be made. TV was a bit veiled in 90s and if “Home” was an audacious episode of that era then surely the new episode titled Home Again would be much bolder.  With the return of characters like the Cigarette Smoking Man and The Lone Gunmen, who were presumed to be dead, the return of Eugene Victor Tooms and the Beggar Man from the dead would also make things very exciting, at least for those who had trouble sleeping after viewing their respective episodes.

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