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Timeline / 10 Jun, 2015

The ScreenBinge App Is Now Live


The Screenbinge App Is Now Available

We are delighted to announce the birth of our very first Android mobile & tablet app. ScreenBinge will now feature on the mobile desktop of every one of our beloved movie fans around the world. After the success of our website and blog, we proudly release the dazzling Android app to the Google Play Store.


download screenbinge google play

The App currently under pilot testing phase is free to download from the Google Play Store. The credit for the state of the art app goes to our team of die-hard movie & TV fans, and an absolutely entertainment crazy development team.


You can browse all TV and movie suggestions in the ScreenBinge app and filter them by an extensive genre breakdown or you can just scroll through the default suggestions to catch up on currently trending movies and shows. The app can also suggest newly announced movies and TV shows of which ScreenBinge will notify you upon its theatrical/TV release date via the default Google calendar app.

The integration with Google Calendar allows you easily keep track of movie and TV show release dates. The highlight of the ScreenBinge app is their brilliant Discover feature that allows you to browse through hundreds of titles and TV shows. Based on your choices the app routinely suggests new titles.

If the silly top 100 lists on IMDB and MetaCritic have begun to bore you (since they never change) head over to ScreenBinge or simply download our all-star Android app from Google Play today!

Note that the app is currently in beta and there’s a few kinks to iron out, which is why we have opened the gates to our humble forum to gather feedback from the app’s users. So sound off over there once you’ve downloaded the app.

download screenbinge google play

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