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Coming Soon, Timeline / 20 Apr, 2015

Superman Vs Batman Posters Are Not Terrible

With all the buzz surrounding it recently, you’d think DC’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice  was coming out this year instead of 2016. Shortly following last week’s kick-ass trailer for the movie, DC/Warner have released the first official posters for the movie… We need to have some words about them:


First off, lets get this right out of the way… This already looks miles ahead of the disaster that was the first Avengers’ official poster. I mean seriously…

Age of Ultron: Starring the midget-sized trio of Jeremy Renner, Sam Jackson and Scarlett Johansson

The above poster even puts this abysmal Furious 7 poster to shame… Despite that GIANT PAUL WALKER and all…

Props to the graphics designer who made Michelle Rodriguez look like Paul Walker’s preteen daughter there. And lastly, just compare the thickness of The Rock’s arms to Michelle’s. I’ll just lay it to rest right there because this topic is DEAD now.

Adding further insult to the injury… Which will become a hemorrhage after this tidbit: That abortion of a poster that Age of Ultron ended with was the result of a Twitter vote between two official posters’ selection.

Here’s the option that the masses turned down in the voting:

Think about that for a second. Twidiots… Rejected THAT poster… For the shitty one above…

That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness…
In light of these #Photoshopdisasters, we think that WB/DC did a pretty good job with Bats vs Supes. Although it might be a bit too minimalistic to be labeled “official” per se, but it’s just a teaser for now and a good one at that.
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres May 2016.

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