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Timeline / 09 Jun, 2015

The Internet Reacts To Stannis Baratheon’s BBQ Party

It’s safe to say that Stannis Baratheon probably broke all records of losing the highest number of fans per minute after last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. All those who were walking around with Stannis the Mannis tattoos are probably feeling really silly right now.

You also know you’re really messed up when Selyse Frikkin Baratheon turns out to be a better parent than you.

The show also seemed to not be content with just having two evil bastards on screen in the form of Ramsay and The Night King, so they felt this necessary to remind the audiences that there’s no shortage of assholes in Westeros.

Ramsay will have to butcher his entire family, re-marry, make a new family, and butcher them all over again to even come close to Stannis BBQing the hell out of his own daughter. Speaking of which…

But lets be fair, internet… It’s not like you couldn’t have seen Stannis doing such a thing a mile away already, considering his track record.

The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale airs next Sunday on HBO. Stay tuned for inevitable internet explosions.

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  • Ameer Abbas

    seriously there are people who raped kids and butchered guests at wedding … You think Stannis is evil? no one likes the man but this is the build-up to his end … see you next monday peeps