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Coming Soon, Timeline / 14 May, 2015

The Not so Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is like the odd, geeky, and awkward kid in high school that has been cast out from the popular kids group, that being the Marvel Superheroes in this case. This latest installment is a reboot of the original franchise and from the looks of the latest trailer, signs are worrying.

When the first trailer hit the big screen few months back, there were many critics hitting hard at the new movie. After watching the latest trailer, I would rather agree with their views instead of defending the movie.

A Mutilated Origin Story

fantastic four

For starters, the original storyline has been completely changed as the creators have twisted the plot on how each member of Fantastic Four gets their superpowers.

If they had stayed true to the original comics, the fantastic four members travel in out space on a mission and are exposed to cosmic rays. In this latest reboot, the members are shown as young scientist – almost too young for their roles (a band of super intelligent teenage college dropouts) led by Reed Richards.

In the trailer we see Dr. Storm (father of Sue Storm) talking about cracking inter-dimensional travel. They have developed a machine that allows them to travel through dimensions and arrive at an alternate universe. It is there that things go astray and they are exposed to the radiation which inadvertently give them their powers.

The trailer then takes a step towards Doom is Coming but there is little so see how the arch nemesis of Fantastic Four comes to being in this trailer. All we can see is that he is on this alternate universe and is coming for the destruction of the plant Earth.

fantastic four mcu

Not Superheroes

This little quote from MTV’s interview with Josh Trank explains the (horribly misguided) new direction of the film.

First the TL;DR for emphasis:

  • No superheroes.
  • They are not called The Fantastic Four at any time in the movie. 
  • They are treating the superpowers as disabilities. 
  • No costumes, either. 

Josh’s vision is very clear and he knows exactly what he wants, and he gives us room to adapt and to play. That’s what I kind of think sets us apart, is that this is going to be grounded and unconventional.

It’s not your typical superhero film, you know, we aren’t looking at this as like, being superheroes. We’re more or less a bunch of kids that had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards – try to be as normal as we can. – MTV

So basically, their idea of grounded and unconventional is to basically replicate the same old superhero trope of superheroes struggling with their powers and spending lots and lots of screentime bitching about it instead of doing anything entertaining. Real original…

Speaking of original…

It’s Blatantly Unoriginal

Somehow the producers of the movie have managed to take 4 awesome superhero icons and make a movie based on them seem like a cheap ripoff mashup of low-level Hollywood calibre. The film is trying to be grounded and grim with a tone akin to Chris Nolan’s Interstellar because it made a boatload of money and some of the producers thought “We need to pluck at the same strings!” with big dollar signs in their eyes. Subtle evidence follows:

fantastic 4



No Marvel, No MCU!

fantastic four marvel

The second point that needs consideration is that the movie is not being distributed by Marvel and its 20th Century Fox that has taken up the mantel for this film. This adds another dispute and one that plays down the movie considerably that the movie won’t be in sync with Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

This potentially plays down any idea that we could have Fantastic Four crossovers with other MCU superheroes. So if you were planning to see the Fantastic Four to team up with The Avengers to save the world then you would have to look elsewhere.

The Black Human Torch

Now the elephant in the room, a ‘Black Human Torch’.

Purists wish they could have stuck with the comic books and casted someone that could capture the way they imagined the character all these years.  Dr. Franklin Storm is black (played by Reg E. Cathey) but both his siblings are interracial. His daughter, Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara) is white while the human torch is black. So they had to stitch together another excuse to justify the casting choice, that being that Sue is an adopted child.
They would have been better off casting Reed Richards as a black guy instead.


AMWorks got me this job!

  Dr. Franklin Storm is black (played by Reg E. Cathey) but both his siblings are interracial. His daughter, Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara) is white while the human torch is black. It does make you think, have they twisted and changed the entire storyline from the comic books?

Parting Cynicism

This new reboot seems to have deviated from the comic book story line so much that you might just want to hate-watch this reboot. Don’t get me wrong… The trailer did get me a little excited. Only time will tell how the new movie turns out and if it really does do justice to the comic books.

Will keeping adding more as the story unfolds about Fantastic Four. Do leave us your comments and what do you think about this latest reboot.

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  • Emme

    ALL comic book movies are cash grabs. And pleasing hardcore comic book nerds like yourself, isn’t a movie studio’s top priority. If Fox didn’t feel like they could make a successful Fantastic Four movie, then they’d give the rights back to Marvel. NOT just intentionally pour more money down the drain. LOL

    • Caleb Jones

      Advertising marketing and production cost totals 200 million..they made a total of 60 million globally..They are throwing money away lol.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Wha? Who wrote this?
    A Mutilated Origin Story: The origin story is taken from the alternate “Ultimate Fantastic Four” comics, in which the characters got their powers from being transported into the Negative Zone. Looks like a lot of this may be based on that comic, like how Sue appears to be a scientist instead of just Reed’s girlfriend, and how Franklin Storm works in the think tank/school thingy Reed and Sue are members of. The origin was changed in the Ultimate Comics because it wasn’t seen as realistic that four people could just break into NASA and steal a rocket, like they did in FF #1. Marvel borrows ideas from the more modern “Ultimate Comics” line all the time, like Black Nick Fury, Non-Funny Hawkeye, Hawkeyes (thankfully not dead) family, etc.

    Not Superheroes: Oh come on, it’s an ORIGIN story. Why would they call themselves the Fantastic Four? Why would they have suits? Why WOULDN”T they treat their issues as disabilities? If you wake up tomorrow and your limbs are rubbery, your first thought would probably not be, “Wow….what will my code name be?” but “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?!?!?!” Besides, at least for the Thing, his powers have always been treated as a disability, and it has ALWAYS upset Reed that it happened.

    It’s Blatantly Unoriginal: Wait….how does that go again? It’s a rip off of Interstellar? Didn’t production on this movie wrap before Interstellar even came out in theaters? I mean, maybe they stole the poster idea, but they didn’t base the tone of the movie off of Interstellar. I think you can blame that on the director/producers’/screenwriters’ visions.And wouldn’t the producers, if they were trying to cash in on a movie, emulate the tone of the wildly successful Marvel movies? Looks to me like this IS pretty original for a superhero movie – you don’t see many with a grounded, scientific tone.

    No Marvel, No MCU!: *shrugs* People still watch the X-Men movies, and there’s no crossover.

    The Black Human Torch: *sigh* I understand people think it’s an unnecessary diversion from the film. But if people would abandon their fanboy frothing and subconscious racism, they might realize that there is a huge message in the way the casting has affected the story (if it was that way around) that is COMPLETELY in sync with the Fantastic Four.

    The Fantastic Four has always been about FAMILY. That is the most important theme in the book. Of the four, only two people are related by blood, three people are related by marriage, and the fourth wheel is anything but. Ben is like a brother to Reed, and his kids call him uncle just like they call Johnny uncle. The point is, family is what you make it, not necessarily how you were born. Having four characters in this movie who are literally not related by blood, but related by relationship and circumstance really undergirds the whole message. I have an adopted sister, although I really never think of her that way. She’s my sister. We grew up together, fought together, laughed together, cried together. I actually have a half-sister that I never even think about, because we’ve never really met or lived together. I don’t’ have much of an interest, and have never had much of an interest in seeing her, and if you ask me how many sisters I have, I always say one. Relationship is thicker than blood. That’s the whole message of the Fantastic Four.

    Parting Cynicism: Hate watch? Why would you pay money to watch something you’ve already predisposed that you won’t like? Why even rent it on video and waste your time? There are plenty of movies coming out where if you don’t like this movie (in advance), you won’t have to watch it.

    • Aazii

      Come on now, the story has been mutilated to a great extent. Yes they have shown the origin story to Fantastic Four but that doesn’t mean that you go all Wolverine on the original storyline’s ass. It shows disrespect to Stan Lee’s work and what he portrayed the F4 to be.

      There isn’t any MCU connection to this film, which is a drowback. The crossovers is what makes these comic book movies interesting. X-Men and the F4 have very detailed and exciting crossovers in the comics; taking that away makes this latest instalment hanging dry in the air or fish out of water (out of sorts really).

      Yes Fantastic Four has been about family but it seems like they are forcing the issue of racial diversity in this film. Nothing against the blacks and Michael B. Jordan (i really liked his performance in Chronicle), this does look like a forceful move for proving that Hollywood doesn’t undermine the minorities. I for one will avoid this movie and might not even spend a single dime in watching this flick – probably wait till it comes on TV.

      • LogicalLeopard

        The story hasn’t been mutilated much further than the Ultimate FF comic “mutilated” it. The only difference appears to be the race of Johnny Storm and adopted Sue. It’s not disrespectful of Stan Lee’s work and what he portrayed the FF to be. He portrayed them to be a family. I’m guessing the same thing will happen here. Twists and changes in the comic book world are not disrespectful to the creators, because they happen ALL THE TIME. The FF has gone through various lineup changes, but that wasn’t disrespectful to Lee, was it?

        There’s no MCU connection, yes, but I don’t know if that’s a huge draw to anyone but comic book fans. Most moviegoers just want to go and see a huge spectacle. They’re rebooting the FF, why would they do a crossover in the first movie? Let it stand on it’s own, and if it does well, then maybe they’ll do a crossover in the next one.
        The “forcing the issue of racial diversity” issue is as tired and lame as the day it was created. First of all, it’s dumb: Black people aren’t going to see movies unless they have black people in them? Black people never read the Fantastic Four? I’m black, and at one point, it was my favorite comic. Hollywood is trying to prove that it doesn’t undermine minorities? There are plenty of ways to do that WITHOUT risking the ire of racist fans, like they’re apparently doing now. Didn’t one of the last movies have a black Alicia in it? Or hey, they could have just NOT greenlighted the Fantastic Four and continued with a more racially diverse property, like X-Men. Or changed the lineup later, as the comics did.
        Also, it’s disingenuous. If they DID shoehorn a minority or a woman into a movie, people act like that is such an affront to art that they won’t watch it. But they conveniently ignore the fact that men are routinely inserted as the lead character in television shows and movies. In action movies, the lead is going to normally be male, and that male is normally going to be white. It appeals to their largest demographic of moviegoers. But the same people who are opposed to shoehorning a black person in for the sake of “diversity” aren’t opposed to shoehorning a white male in for the sake of “ratings.”
        And people only tend to complain if the change in character involves anything other than a white male. Why were there no complaints about that essential change in Wolverine’s character? Y’know, the fact that he’s not short? Not by a LONG shot. Wolverine is like, what, 5’3? 5’4? But they get an actor who is at least six foot, and maybe a bit over, to play him. That’s the whole reason for his NAME. A short, fierce creature. But nobody complains about the casting there, even though Wolverine’s height is MORE integral to his character than the Human Torch’s race. Concerning the comics, people complained up and down that Sam Wilson was taking over as Captain America for a while. That was especially ironic, considering that Captain America is not a person, but a symbol for the country, and in this country, you’re supposed to be able to achieve anything, so long as you earn it. Sam Wilson has been fighting by Cap’s side for what, four decades of comics at least? But when he steps in for cap, it’s suddenly “affirmative action.” Yet, NOBODY was saying similar things when Bucky stepped in a few years back. No “affirmative action” for handicapped people was discussed. It’s fine when Eric Masterson subs for Thor. Or an alien. But let a woman do it, and everyone loses their minds. My favorite situation is Battlestar Galactica. People were saying, “What? Starbuck is a WOMAN? I can’t watch this. Didn’t hear any, “What? Colonel Tigh is WHITE instead of BLACK? or What? Boomer is an Asian Woman instead of a Black Man? I can’t watch this! But if they stayed and respected the artistic vision of the show, they realized that it was one of the best science fiction shows to air in recent memory. People get all bent out of shape when the leads are no longer white and male, point blank.

        • SlingShot

          What us fans hate is the fact that the writers aren’t creative. Why change the race or gender of a character? Why can’t they write a new one? Why do they have to piss people off by changing the race/gender of a well established character? And now they have changed the story and made doom a hacker. Doom is not some petty thief he is so much more. Changing his story is doing injustice to his character.

          We love FF from the comics, but Sony has been mutilating the Marvel franchise for quite some time now and its about time they stop.

          • LogicalLeopard

            Writers are plenty creative. New characters are being created all the time. But when you look at movies or television adaptions of comic books, you have to realize that it’s never going to be the same. So you either climb on board, or don’t, and continue to read the comics. I don’t know why Fox has taken all of the dumb liberties they have with the X-Men, but I still watch them. Maybe not at the theater any more, but still, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Its a “What If” tale, basically. Appreciate it for what it is.

  • ameer abbas Raza

    If the reboot can be done like batman begins it will be awesome …. Its nice to see deviation from MCU we want to see an unleashed F4 movie no holds barred but the black human touch … Hmmmmmmmm…