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Timeline / 30 Jun, 2015

Top Releases This Week – June 30 2015

The heat is picking up, both literally and figuratively. Hollywood is ready to release Terminator Genisys, taking us down the memory lane. Then we have Magic Mike XXL with a god awful title but with a possibly firm directorial presence thanks to Steven Soderbergh. But more than these movies are two impressive documentaries that are set to release this week. Late ‘Rehab’ star Amy Winehouse goes candid in her new documentary titled Amy, plus we have the real deal on Mexican drug wars in Cartel Land. For me, this is a week of epic documentaries!

Terminator Genisys: The Governator and the Mother of Dragons Combo

I’ll be honest.. I like the action sequences and the entire machismo thing that Terminator does, but I am no fanatic of the Terminator franchise, especially not the ones that followed Judgment Day. Plus time travelling back and revisiting the entire thing feels a little droning. But give me Emilia Clarke as Terminator’s girl to ward and I would definitely go to watch this one with great enthusiasm.  The big budget film with a total cost of $170 million is lined up to be released this Friday and shouldn’t be missed if you really are into murderous robots.

Magic Mike XXL: One For The Open-Minded 

This one is for those who want an outrageous comedy and can bear the thought of (or in some scenarios actually enjoy) or picture scantily clad hunky men showing some skin and dance on poles and also come to terms with the terrible name the movie has. A forerunner to this comedy garnered thumbs up from the TOMATOMETER (80%). Matthew McConaughey won’t grace the movie with his presence this time but the rest of the Kings of Tampa would go about their business as usual. This shamelessly disgraceful no hold barred movie would be liked by those who liked the first movie. The movie releases in cinemas on July 1, 2015.

Amy: A must watch documentary about the late soul singer

Done in by fame, family and a close friend, Amy Winehouse just lost control over everything including herself and eventually lost her life. She was a great singer though with powerful vocals. The documentary ‘Amy’ which talks about all this and more is set to release on July 3. It has got some exclusive stuff where Amy goes candid about her mental health issues. Being a huge fan of the singer, I would definitely watch this one. The documentary has already been surrounded by controversy as Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, has claimed that the documentary misrepresents him (probably because he was portrayed negatively). Here is a clip from the documentary where Amy discusses her mental health problems.

Cartel Land: Breaking Bad In Real Life

This for me is the viewing of the week! I was and I am a huge Breaking Bad fan but I also know it was not real. It gave a glimpse of the lives of drug dealers and it was enthralling but it was just a scripted series. Cartel Land, on the other hand is the real deal, delving in the actual world of Mexico’s drug cartels. This sounds scary as hell. I can only imagine how a real Tuco Salamanca would look like but thanks to this documentary I would know better. More specifically, we would witness two vigilante-cum-chaperone groups battling it out against the brutal Knights Templar Drugs Cartel. I would gladly miss my office (if it comes to that) tt ao witness this beauty which releases on July 3, 2015.

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