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Coming Soon, Timeline / 15 May, 2015

Weekly Trailer Bash – New Super Girl Rom Com and more

Welcome to our weekly trailer round up with some interesting banter headed your way. This week we saw the unveiling of two TV series trailers namely Super Girl and Limitless, both shows are CBS exclusives.

First, let’s have a look at the new Super Girl

Completely Turned Off

Ahem… yeah I thought so… too although the concept is great, the actress is a decent fit for the role and CBS have tried to reboot the entire Super Girl universe I can see the network dropping the series completely after the first season.

Super Girl

Monotonous … Monotonous and more Monotonous

The creators of Arrow and Flash proudly present the same series with a girl in it. Even the introduction narrated by Kara in the trailer is the same as The Flash & Arrow series. I mean how long are you going you use the same line to begin TV series you make. It began with the Arrow “My name is Oliver Queen” oh hi Arrow, then “My Name is Barry Allen” ok nice to meet you Flash, and now THE SAME BLOODY LINE “My Name is Kara Zor-El” aaaaaaahhhhhh! Someone shoot me.

Who Are All These People

For those of us wondering what’s going on, Super Girl aka Kara Danver is SuperMan’s blood cousin. She was sent to earth just like Superman in a Kryptonian ship and was later adopted by the Danver family. Although Supergirl has no sister in the comic books, CBS have planted one to guide “Kara Zor-El” through her PMS days.

Chyler Leigh plays Alexandra Danver Supergirl’s foster sister

Chyler Leigh plays Alexandra Danver Supergirl’s foster sister

The Heroine

Supergirl played by Melissa Benoist is shown working as the secretary of a ruthless media mogul played by Golden Globe award-winner Calista Flockheart. The show also features Jimmy Olson (who wants to be called James Olson now), yes the photographer from Superman. James Olson is played by Mehcad Brooks, who will be hopefully casted as *Steel if the show survives long enough (*the African Superman with the metal armor aka John Henry).

the African Superman with the metal armor aka John Henry

With the pilot episode set to air soon we will hope for a good start to the series. With some hopeless acting performances I can’t really see the show making past one season though. The bigger issue is the demographics, since Supergirl target’s a very niche segment of an already smaller comic universe demographic.

one video sum up

What I did notice is that the creators have tried to make Kara the same repulsive nerd like Clark Kent, which is not going to play out. Kara is much of an extrovert and she does not want to be the creep with glasses. We see that in the trailer as she turns 24 she discovers the peak superhuman strength, the laser vision, the levitation and other Kryptonian powers plus she doesn’t want to hide her powers.

Hate on the Super Girl Show

Supergirl is seen completely exposed when saving a crashing plane that is also carrying her sister. Now what I really don’t understand is in an age where people are recognized through facial recognition from hundreds of miles away, no one could identify a girl living in their city working for a famous news agency.

Super Girl is a little ridiculous

She is standing being lighted by helicopters like a bloody Christmas tree, a girl snaps her picture with a phone yet they don’t know who this is. The next day news feature is “Who is this girl?” you have her on camera you bloody moron go check the footage she works in your office.

I really love Ms. Benoist in her Supergirl costume though, which is a rip-off from the new Man of Steel movie. If everything on the show is going to be either a copy from the Smallville script or a complete rip-off from Man of Steel, then good luck CBS. I mean you are running a romantic action comedy series, what in the f*****g hell is wrong with you. I don’t bloody care if she likes boys or girls or hamsters, I want to see s**t like crashing meteors and a Superman appearance by any chance?

Super Girl makes DC Comic in Rom Com

The selection of a good arch-nemesis is also going to be a serious issue for the creator of the show. Here is the confusing fact there are too many alternate versions of the Supergirl character. Most of antagonists in the comic books are demons, witches and sorcerers so I’m not sure if this is really going to fit in the buildup to the show.

The coolest thing is the final 10 seconds of the trailer where we get the good news that Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman knows his cousin is on earth, he even sends her a blossoming present. So let’s hope Superman saves this show by blessing it with a few appearances.


Bradley Cooper goes Limitless… for the long run

Our next trailer of the week is something that immediately caught my attention, have a look

It’s the revival of one of the coolest movie concepts as a TV Show. Limitless will star Jake McDorman as the latest user of the NZT pill. Bradley Cooper will play Eddie Mora the man who embraced the NZT pill and managed to remove all negative buffs from the drug. In his periodical appearances during the series he will guide Brian (McDorman) on his way to taking the next upgrade in neural-evolution.

What we can see from the show is a lot of action, including some deadly mystery murders with Eddie Mora talking to Brian warning him if the secret gets out he will die, “painfully”. Then we have everyone from the FBI to the United Nations hunting down NZT users.

NZT Limitless Cop Show

The show will look to highlight not just the power of NZT but also what side effects the drug unleashes on its host. While we saw the intelligence of a NZT user in the movie we will see a more agile, athletic and adventurous protagonist in the TV series as the trailer clearly points out.

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