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Timeline / 21 Apr, 2015

Two Awesome Remakes Of The Superman Vs Batman Trailer

The recent Batman vs Superman trailer made its way into the wild in blurry, handy-cam quality and still managed to generate serious buzz and fanfare… Forcing Warner Bros.’ hand to release the trailer officially.

And just a few days in, we are already seeing some amazing spoofs and takes on the trailer. First up is Lego Batman vs Superman (Which I think Phil Lord and Chris Miller should totally do!) :

While this is cool and all, the real star of the show is this retro version of Batman vs Superman pitting Christopher Reeve against Adam West in a showdown YOU WISH you could see next Summer. But alas… We have to settle for Henry Cavil and Batfleck.

Be sure to check out our compilation of terrible movie posters pitted against the Batman Vs Superman IMAX posters here.

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