How Much Is Amazon Prime: And Is It Worth The Cost


Amazon Prime has become a household name in the tech industry and e-commerce business, shedding several benefits on its subscribers, including free shipping, online streaming, unlimited reading, and much more. Tempted by its perks? You must be thinking how much does Amazon Prime cost?

How much is Amazon Prime? A subscription to Amazon Prime costs as low as US$7.49/month with an Amazon Prime Student account. However, if you don’t qualify for that offer, a normal membership will cost you US$14.99/month or US$139/year.

Online streaming buffs must keep in mind that Amazon Prime video is geo-restricted and can only be accessed through a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. In case your Amazon Prime VPN is not working, you can try changing the servers or switching to a premium VPN. With this you can have access to different prime locations.

Or if you are a streaming junkie, you can get a standalone Prime Video subscription for US$8.99/month. As per a study published on Statista, over 76.6 million families own an Amazon Prime account.

Besides its e-commerce-related benefits, the tech giant also runs an online streaming platform loaded with a huge content library, including a number of classics and latest flicks, along with super hit shows.

Amazon Prime movies catalog includes Encounter, Deep Water, All the Old Knives, Lucy and Desi, and several other titles. Moreover, Night Sky, The Office (Superfan Episodes), and Outer Range are some of the latest Amazon Prime shows that you can watch right now.

Owning an Amazon Prime subscription might seem like a luxury, or occasionally an out-and-out necessity, but the question is, does it make sense to add an extra monthly expense? Let’s find out how much is Amazon Prime and what advantages it brings.

How Much is Amazon Prime and What Different Plans Does it Offers?


Choose your package wisely as per your need!

Although the subscription cost of Amazon Prime was increased in March 2022 from US$119/year to US$139/year for all subscribers, it still remains worthy of spending your money. There are different subscription plans offered by Amazon on a monthly and yearly basis that we will discuss separately.

Furthermore, you can benefit from an Amazon Prime free trial of 30 days before paying for a long-term commitment. Also, it’s super easy to cancel Amazon Prime subscription at any point in time.

Amazon Prime Monthly Membership

If you are looking to get a monthly subscription to spread out the expenses, an Amazon Prime monthly subscription is the best option. Amazon Prime monthly cost US$14.99/month. That will make it around US$180/year, considerably more than the yearly plan.

Moreover, if you are eligible to receive government assistance, a Prime subscription will be available at a discounted price of US$6.99/month.

You can access the complete content library of Amazon Prime to watch your favorite shows, films, and several popular channels. Other perks include fast shipping & delivery, music streaming, reading, free games, and discounts.

Amazon Prime Annualy Membership

The annual membership of Amazon Prime costs US$139/year. It is a perfect option for those who want to pay upfront to avoid the hassle of paying on a monthly basis. Another benefit of getting the annual plan is that it saves you almost US$40 per year as compared to the monthly subscription.

You will get unlimited access to Prime Video, including the latest TV shows, films, and documentaries.  Prime Video channels, online music streaming, Amazon Kids+, priority shipping & delivery, and discount vouchers will also be provided.

Amazon Prime Student Membership


Amazon Prime student package comes with a 6-month free trial.

Students with an authenticated school/college email address can avail a discounted Amazon Prime cost for US$69/year (or US$7.49/month). The good thing about the Amazon Prime student package is that you will get a free trial of six months before you actually start paying.

You can watch all sorts of Prime Video content, including TV shows, movies, docu-series, and educational material. Fast shipping, discount vouchers, food delivery, music streaming, and other perks come standard.

Amazon Prime Video Subscription

If you love streaming and want to get an Amazon Prime Video membership only. Amazon Prime cost US$8.99/month. It will only give you access to unlimited streaming of Amazon’s TV shows and films.

Surprisingly it offers the least perks and if you do some math, it is the most expensive subscription plan, costing you almost US$108/year.

What are Amazon Prime Membershi Cost and Benefits?


Sign up for Amazon Prime and enjoy all the benefits.

There’s no denying that Amazon Prime offers great value for money to its subscribers. The e-commerce and streaming giant delivers a string of benefits. Here is a sneak peek at Amazon Prime membership benefits:

Unlimited TV and Movie Streaming

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to thousands of films, documentaries, and TV shows on Prime Video. It also offers channels like HBO, NBC, and Showtime that you subscribe to as an add-on at an additional cost.

Unlimited Music Streaming

Prime subscription also opens a gateway to more than 2 million soundtracks without any ads through Amazon Music. Moreover, Prime subscribers can also avail of a discounted membership to “Amazon Music Unlimited.

Free Unlimited Photo Storage

A Prime account provides you with 5 GB of photo and video cloud storage on Amazon Photos. The app will automatically backup your media and you can access it on any device remotely with an internet connection.

Free Games

Prime Gaming access is also included through a Prime account that gives you access to several free PC games as well as in-game content. A monthly subscription to the Twitch channel is also included.

Unlimited Reading

You can get free access to more than a thousand magazines, comics, and books. The reading material is available on all Fire tablets and Kindle, as well as the Kindle app on iOS and Android devices.

Food Discounts

Amazon Prime subscribers can avail of an additional 10% discount on all entitled sale items available at Whole Foods Market, online, and in stores.

Prime Day deals and Prime Early Access

Amazon Prime subscribers are offered exclusive annual Prime day discount deals on Prime Day events. Users also get the privilege to scan through Lightning Deals for the rest of the year with a 30-minute early window before the deals are revealed to non-Prime users.

Amazon Family

All Prime subscribers are also offered Amazon Family discounts, deals, and family-oriented coupons.


An Amazon Prime membership brings you several benefits, including free delivery (same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery options), unlimited video streaming, shopping discounts, unlimited reading, and several other perks.

The Amazon Prime cost for seniors is as low as US$6.99/month if they are enlisted in qualifying government aid programs like SNAP, TANF, SSI, Medicaid, and others.

The cheapest way to get Amazon Prime is through government assistance programs that will make the subscription cost US$6.99/month, however, proof of assistance is required for that. Another comparatively cheaper way to avail Amazon Prime subscription cost is by availing of the Prime Student membership which costs US$7.49/month.

Wrapping it up!

Now you have an idea of how much is Amazon Prime and what perks you can get. Amazon Prime has undoubtedly surpassed its competitors in service delivery, perks, and overall customer satisfaction.

The article thoroughly explains the Amazon Prime Membership cost details; we’re sure you’re all set to get the subscription. The service offers some of the best content and you shouldn’t miss out on that!


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