TalkTalk TV (Blinkbox) Packages: Deals And Prices in Australia


Have you been wondering what TV packages you get with TalkTalk in Australia? For starters, the TalkTalk TV packages include TalkTalk TV and broadband packages, TalkTalk TV and Fibre Broadband, and UltraFibreOptic + TV.

The cost of the packages ranges between GB£29.95 (AUD 53.79) and GB£53.00 (AUD 95.19) for monthly packages. Depending on your package you can enjoy 70 Freeview TalkTalk TV channels, including 15 HD channels. You can enjoy several movies and TV shows like The Joker, Abominable, and The Lion King.

However, you can’t get TalkTalk TV in geo-restricted regions, you need a premium VPN to do so. We recommend ExpressVPN to unblock TalkTalk TV in Australia due to its efficiency and high encryption feature.

What different TalkTalk TV Packages are there in Australia in 2022?


TalkTalk TV has 3 base plans.

Listing the 2022 TalkTalk TV packages:

TalkTalk Bundles Average speed ( Mb) TV channels offered Setup Costs      Monthly Contract Average monthly cost (GB£)
Fast TalkTalk broadband + TV 11 88 GB£9.95 (AUD 17.87 ) 24 GB£ 29.95  (AUD 53.79)
Fiber 65 + TV 77 88 GB£0.00 (AUD 0 ) 24 GB£ 31.00 (AUD 55.68)
Fiber 105 + TV 152 88 GB£0.00 (AUD 0) 24 GB£ 34.95 (AUD 62.77)
Fiber 35 + TV 38 88 GB£0.00 (AUD 0) 24 GB£ 30.00 (AUD 53.88)
Fibre 900 + TalkTalk TV 944 GB£0.00 (AUD 0) 18 GB£ 53.00 (AUD 95.19)
Fibre 35 + TalkTalk TV & Netflix 38 85 GB£0.00 (AUD 0) 18 GB£ 37.95 (AUD 68.16)
Fibre 65 + TalkTalk TV & Netflix 67 85 GB£0.00 (AUD 0) 18 GB£ 38.95 (AUD 69.96)

Note: The quoted average speed is analyzed upon 50% of consumers downloading at peak times (8 pm to 10 pm). Numerous technical and environmental factors might influence the speed. It might be slower than what is mentioned above. So, before making a purchase, verify the predicted speed.

Let us overview each of the packages separately:

1. Fast Broadband + TV

This package provides unlimited monthly downloading, with an average downloading speed of 100Mbps and an uploading speed of 1Mbps. Enjoy more than 80 Freeview channels for just GB£29.95 (AUD 53.79)/month. Order via call or web and enjoy a 30 day TalkTalk TV connection guarantee.

2. Fibre 35 + TV

Enjoy 80+ Freeview channels (15 in HD) for just GB£30.00 (AUD 53.88)/month. This package provides unlimited monthly downloading, with an average downloading speed of 38Mbps and an uploading speed of 9Mbps. Order via call or web and enjoy a 30-day great connection guarantee.

3. Fibre 65 + TV

Enjoy 80+ Freeview channels (15 in HD) with 30 extra entertainment channels for just GB£31.00 (AUD 55.68)/month. This package provides an average downloading speed of 67Mbps and an uploading speed of 17Mbps. Order via call or web and enjoy guaranteed 30 days of great connection.

4. Fibre 150 + TV

Pause and rewind Live TV with an average speed of 152Mbps for GB£34.95 (AUD 62.77)/month. This deal feature 88 TV channels providing flexible payment ways. Visit the web page or call now to avail of 24 monthly contracts with GB£0.00 (AUD 0) setup cost.

5. Full Fibre 900 + TalkTalk TV

Get excess to 85 channels (15 HD) with an average speed of 288Mbps for just GB£43.00(AUD 77.23)/month. Call or visit the web page to avail of 18 monthly contracts with GB£0.00 (AUD 0)upfront cost.

What can I get from TalkTalk TV Packages & Deals in Australia?

You can get two TalkTalk broadband and TV deals, the Standard and the TV Plus box.

  • The Standard Box:

It is a fully integrated user-friendly YouView box with 80 free-to-air channels (for up to 7 days). It also has a free TV2Go app that lets you watch on-demand TV – and some live channels on your mobile. You can enjoy live TV with 30 minutes of pause and rewind features.

  • The TV Plus box:

It is a superior YouView box containing everything the standard TV bundle has, along with some extra features. To enjoy 180 hours of live TV recording, subscribe to Entertainment TV boosts or TalkTalk TV Select.

The Boosts of TalkTalk TV packages and broadband deals, allow you to choose on-demand services or extra channels. Every Boost package includes entertainment, sports, kids’, and movie channels.

Enjoy a per-month contract that can be expanded or decreased at any time. If your connection is lost a TalkTalk TV error code yvm102 will appear, repeat the setup process in order to re-establish the connection.

FAQs – TalkTalk TV Packages in Australia

Yes, it is available. Additionally, you can add your Netflix membership to the TalkTalk TV account. It will reduce the number of bills you have to pay, making it simple to keep track of your expenses.

No, it’s not free. Customers of TalkTalk broadband can purchase TalkTalk TV for an additional few pounds per month. With the ability to add on paid streaming subscription services, TalkTalk offers TV and broadband bundles.

It offers over 70 standard Freeview channels like BBC, Channel 5, Channel 4, ITV, among other news and sports channels.

No, it’s not free. To enjoy TalkTalk Netflix, you must subscribe to their monthly packages ranging from GB£32.95 (AUD 59.18) – GB£33.95 (AUD 60.98) with perfect speed and fast browsing. It is available for both new and existing customers of Netflix. You can explore it on multiple devices and enjoy award-winning series like Squid Game and The crown.

Yes, it offers both free and subscription-based streaming TV channels. TalkTalk TV promises to give its UK consumers flexible home entertainment options with a variety of streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Wrapping it up!

TalkTalk isn’t a stand-alone TV content provider, like Virgin Media. It partnered with Now TV to offer more content through a series of paid passes. In order to avail of it, you need to add it to an existing fiber broadband internet or TalkTalk broadband deal.

If you change your mind and are willing to know how to cancel TalkTalk TV, call TalkTalk at 0345 172 0088 to cancel within 20 days of your order.

The TalkTalk TV packages offer 70 Free Standard and HD TV Channels, with a series of paid passes, including entertainment, kids, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema. For users outside UK,  ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN to enjoy TalkTalk TV in Australia!

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