How To Add & Activate The CW On Roku In Australia in 2022?


If you want to know how to add the CW on Roku You are in the right spot to get the answer. The CW app is the most effective way to stream all of The CW Channel’s programs. It provides the most recent seasons of your favorite series and entertainment. You may watch free TV Channels on Roku using The CW app. You may watch the CW wherever you are thanks to the absence of logins or subscriptions with this app.

It works with a wide range of gadgets, including Roku streaming players, Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You may easily add The CW app to your Roku if you use that device.

Some of the best shows and series on CW are Arrow, Containment, Masters of Illusion, My last days, and Supergirl.

Unfortunately, CW is only available in the US, but don’t worry about the thought, how do I watch CW shows on Roku? You can stream CW in Australia through VPN service providers, ExpressVPN is the VPN we particularly advise. If you are facing an issue while connecting to CW VPN, check out our guide on cw not working with a vpn.

How To Add The CW On Roku in Australia? [Easy Guide]

You may easily download this app to your device in Australia since The CW is natively available on the Roku Channel Store.

  • Connect your Roku device to the TV and go to the homepage.
  • Navigate to the Streaming Channels menu item.


Navigate to the Streaming Channels menu item.

  • Select the Search Channels option next.


Select the Search Channels option next.

  • Search for The CW channel using the virtual keyboard, then select it from the suggested results.
  • On the channel description page, click the Add Channel button.


Add the CW app from the store.

  • When The CW channel has been added to your Roku-connected TV, press the OK button.
  • The CW channel will then be launched after choosing the Go to Channel option.
  • You may now browse or select any of your preferred shows from The CW channel and watch them on the TV connected to your Roku device.

How To Screen Mirror The CW To Roku from Australia? [Quick Hacks]

You may screen mirror the CW app from an Android or iOS smartphone to your Roku device due to the device’s built-in mirroring feature. You must first turn on screen mirroring on Roku in order to achieve that. Following are the devices on which you can screen mirror and enjoy CW streaming on Roku:

How To Screen Mirror The CW on Roku from Android Smartphones in Australia?

Following are the steps to screen mirror the CW Roku from Android Smartphone.

  • Get The CW app from the Google Play Store.
  • After that, join the Roku and Android smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The Notification Panel can then be opened simply by sliding your smartphone’s screen from top to bottom.
  • From the Notifications Panel, tap the Cast icon.
  • our Android smartphone is currently looking for nearby devices. Select your Roku device from there.
  • Launch The CW app Roku after that, and your TV connected to a Roku device will display your favorite CW Superhero shows.

How To Screen Mirror The CW on Roku from iOS Smartphones in Australia?

Follow the instructions below to connect your iOS smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as Roku.

  • Download the CW app Roku on your iOS device and launch it.
  • From the control center select screen mirroring option.
  • Choose a Roku device and your iOS device will be screen mirrored on Roku connected TV.
  • On your CW app, select and launch any of your preferred content.

How To Screen Mirror The CW on Roku from PC in Australia?

Following are the steps to screen mirror the CW Roku from a PC, if you live in Australia.

  • Visit The CW’s official website using a PC browser.
  • Pick any of your preferred programs and start them.
  • Next, on your keyboard, press Windows + K. Choose your Roku device from the right pane after that.
  • Return to The CW website now, then mirror your favorite TV channels to a Roku device.

Can You Watch CW Shows On Roku in Australia?

If you are wondering can you watch The CW on Roku in Australia? Then, yes, and Roku is the only place where you can watch new episodes of The CW shows without having to sign in. You’ll never run out of shows to binge, with the following hits on CW:

  • Supergirl
  • Crazy Ex-girlfriend
  • The Originals
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Frequency
  • Masters of Illusions
  • Containment

What Are The Alternative Methods To Watch The CW On Roku in Australia?

Using these alternative streaming options on Roku, you may activate CW Roku without cable.

Hulu With Live TV

With Hulu on Roku, you can watch The CW channel. You must sign in for Hulu Plus Live in order to access the CW channel. The CW channel and 67+ Live TV Channels are then available for viewing. You can also take advantage of on-demand media.

You can even watch your preferred stuff concurrently on two displays. Purchase a subscription to Hulu with Live TV for $69.99/month.


Due to its compatibility with the Roku streaming media player, FuboTV for Roku is a good option for watching CW. With 30 hours of Cloud DVR space, you may enjoy streaming thousands of different types of media. Choose FuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial and costs $69.99 a month.


Watch CW on AT&T TV Now as well. You can also access all of the other content on this channel. You can find a tonne of entertainment here, ranging from series to movies to shows. Take advantage of the streaming by purchasing a $65 monthly subscription.

YouTube TV

One of the best places to watch CW. On this app, you can access both live channels and on-demand material. It offers cloud DVR storage, enabling you to record your preferred material for later viewing. Get YouTube TV for just $64.99/month to stream CW.


The good news is that you can enjoy the CW channel on Roku for free.

Both CW and CW Seed are free and feature a library of interesting shows. The difference between them is that you can view the whole season of 56 shows on CW Seed, but not the ones that are now showing. However, on CW you can watch the recent episodes of CW shows that are now airing, as well as entire seasons of certain older series or any old award shows.

You can enjoy live CW streaming on Roku through one of these streaming sites including FuboTV, Hulu, +LiveTV, DirecTV stream, and YouTube TV.


I hope this article was helpful in answering your question about how to watch CW live on Roku. After activating CW on Roku, you can access its library of interesting material on a variety of devices that support Roku in Australia.

Comment below if you have any other queries, such as how to stop your CW subscription or what to do if it stops working in Australia.

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