Frndly TV Plans: Price, Plans & Everything To Know in Australia


With its three Frndly TV plans, Frndly TV has become popular in Australia due to its outrageously cheap pricing for a handful of entertainment in addition to information channels; but the channel is geo-restricted and you can only watch in Australia with a VPN like ExpressVPN.

The family-oriented streaming service offers a wide range of shows and movies from channels like BabyFirst, Crime & Investigation, A&E, Circle, and more!

Even though the channel is only available to US citizens, you can still enjoy FrndlyTV in Australia using VPNs such as ExpressVPN.

The article below is a comprehensive guide on Frndly TV plans, prices, and everything you need to know in Australia. Don’t miss out!

What are the Frndly TV plans in Australia?


Frndly TV has three price plans for Australia audience.

Price-wise, Frndly TV cost is far more reasonable than what you may anticipate for a live TV streaming service in Australia.

There are three different Frndly TV plans that cost between 10.31 AUD and 16.22 AUD per month. Since there are no long-term agreements, you can cancel Frndly TV subscription in Australia at any moment.

Even though all packages offer the same channels, there are several key variations to keep in mind. The variations include:

  • Video quality
  • Stream limit
  • DVR storage/expiration

See the table below for a detailed explanation of friendly tv plans and prices.

Price 10.31 AUD/Month 13.26 AUD/month
Video quality SD HD HD
Number of screens 1stream 2 streams 4 streams
Cloud DVR storage None Unlimited Unlimited
Recordings expire N/A 3 months 9months

Frndly TV provides access to its forty-plus cable and digital channels in each of its three plans. What makes each bundle distinct are the features accessible with each. Let’s have a look at each Frndly TV plan.

  • Frndly TV basic plan

The Basic plan costs 10.31 AUD a month and only lets you watch video streams in standard definition from each channel.

Unfortunately, this package does not provide access to the cloud DVR storage option. If you need extra features like sharing your screen and recording TV episodes and movies, you will need a different package than what is offered here.

Extra functions are only available in the more expensive Classic and Premium Frndly tv subscriptions.

  • Frndly TV classic plan

The Classic plan has high-definition video quality and allows you to view on two devices simultaneously.

This package is ideal for families with children who wish to watch various programs at any given moment. It costs 13.26 AUD per Month.

Since this plan enables the cloud DVR function of Frndly TV, you can record unlimited content and keep it for at least three months after the original broadcast date of any episode or movie.

  • Frndly TV premium plan

For 16.22 AUD per Month, you can increase the number of Frndly TV-compatible devices to four.

The cloud DVR’s storage period will extend to nine months after the original broadcast date of each episode or movie rather than the standard three months. The Premium plan, like the Classic one, includes HD streaming of the available content.

How do I pay my Frndly TV subscription in Australia?

You can make payments for your Frndly TV subscription in Australia using the following modes:


You can pay for your Frndly TV plans with a cheque in Australia. Here, you send a cheque to the postal address shown for Friendly TV. On the back of the check, write down your account number or customer ID so that the money can be properly credited to your account.

Frndly TV Gift Cards

You may also use a FrndlyTV gift card to pay for your monthly membership in Australia. All you need is to buy a Frndly TV gift card via the company’s official website or any of several other shops.

When you have a gift card, you can either redeem it online or by contacting the customer care number on the back.

Credit or Debit card

Finally, paying for your Frndly tv plan via a bank or credit card is possible. This happens by scheduling automatic payments with your credit card company. It also implies that your credit card will be debited on the due date of your monthly Frndly TV subscription.

With the above-mentioned payment modes, you can comfortably enjoy your streaming on Frndly tv.

NOTE: Frndly TV does not accept prepaid debit cards.[/highlighter]

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What to watch on Frndly TV premium package in Australia?

With a premium Frndly tv plan, you can stream the following channels:


History is a subscription television network in the United States and the flagship channel of A&E Networks, which is a joint venture involving Hearst Communications and the Disney General Entertainment Content division of the Walt Disney Company.

Initially, the channel aired documentaries that covered not just historical topics but also social and scientific topics. On this channel, you can explore shows such as the mountain men, forged in fire, native American heritage and many more.


This is an American basic cable channel owned by Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company. As part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, a division of A&E Networks, it includes content aimed toward women or showcases women in leading positions.

With your premium subscription, you can watch fascinating shows such as married, first sight, and sleeping with a killer DanceMoms, and the list is endless.


BabyFirst is a television station based in the United States that creates and distributes material for infants aged 0 to 3 years old and their parents through mobile devices, the internet, television. BabyFirst targets families with young children. First Media US is the company that owns the channel.

Dove channel

Founded in September 2015, Dove Channel is a digital streaming subscription service sold directly to consumers. Dove Channel has a large selection of family-friendly and Christian-based programs.

Cinedigm and The Dove Foundation collaborated to create the channel. On Dove channel, you’ll find eye-catching shows such as the watcher, beat the devil, beyond tomorrow and many more.


Yes, Frndly TV offers three annual plans that you can get for anywhere between 10.31 AUD and 13.26 AUD.

The Frndly TV plans cost between 10.31 AUD and 16.22 AUD per month.

You can bypass the ad breaks on Frndly TV, by the following approaches:

  • If you own a DVR, you may program it to fast-forward through any advertisements that come on automatically.
  • If you are viewing a program accessible on demand, you will often have the option to fast-forward through the commercial breaks.
  • In addition, there are certain ads that you can fast-forward through by simply pressing your remote control button.

Wrap up

Since Frndly TV offers a risk-free trial, if you are sitting on the fence about signing up, you can check out all of the channels and features with the service’s seven-day free trial on any of its three subscriptions without spending a dime in Australia.

If you want a channel that provides a nice dose of family-friendly shows at Frndly TV prices that won’t break the bank, then you should look into Frndly TV plans in Australia.

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