10 Best Kayo Shows to Watch Right Now [Updated 2022]


For sports fans who cannot take the risk of attending matches at stadiums anymore because of the pandemic, we have dedicated this article to the best shows on Kayo Sports, where they can find everything they wish to know about their favourite games.

If you’re wondering what shows are on kayo, it is a Kayo Sports streaming app where everything and everyone related to the sports universe is uploaded instantly. Whether you’re a cricket fan, you can find a documentary about Babar Azam only a click away.

So get ExpressVPN to access Kayo Sports outside Australia today and scroll through this list of best kayo shows related to sports for some fantastic recommendations!

The Matty Johns Podcast (2019)


Genre: Comedy, Sport, Talk-Show

Director: Matty Johns

Writer: Matty Johns

Cast: Matty Johns, Lebron James, Stephen Curry

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: N/A

What is the latest news in sports worldwide, and where can you listen to it with the assurance that the information is factual and engaging and includes fascinating interviews with celebrities of the sports world?

We had to include the legendary sports critic Matty Johns and his program on our list of best Kayo shows. Featuring interviews with varying celebrities like famous basketball star Stephen Curry, with whom he discusses their background and how their passion for sports began.

The World Sailing Show (2016)


Genre: Research, Sports

Director: N/A

Writer: N/A

Cast: N/A

Runtime: 30m

IMDb Rating: N/A

The World Sailing Show is a monthly close-up look at the racing scene; it is an international competition showcasing the best sailing activity. We travel the globe researching the most significant sailing competitions and speaking with notable figures in the maritime industry.

We also learn about the most recent technological developments in the competitive world. We experience the first AC75 capsize, the countdown to the summer Olympics, compete in the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race or learn how Francis Joyon and the IDEC Sports crew set new sailing records.

The Late Show with Matty Johns (2019)


Genre: Sports, Talk-Show

Director: Adam Hoskins, Matthew Johns

Writer: Matthew Johns, Adam Hoskins

Cast: Matthew Johns, Bryan Fletcher, Hannah Hollis

Runtime: 30m

IMDb Rating: N/A

Sports fans want to keep up with all the happenings behind their favourite games. Here is a television show for them to keep an eye on! Popular podcast host Matthew Johns is back with a television show which shall discuss all the latest news in the sports industry.

This show provides a critical analysis of the game’s progress and winner predictions. The show will also host celebrities like Golfing champion Tiger Woods and discuss with them recent matches and which team has a better chance of claiming the championship trophy.

Big League Wrap (2018)


Genre: Talk-Show, Sports

Director: Adam Hoskins, Mick Ennis

Writer: Adam Hoskins, Mick Ennis

Cast: Mick Ennis, James Hooper, Yvonne Sampson

Runtime: 40m

IMDb Rating: N/A

Baseball fans will love good shows analyzing current games, so we included this one in our list of best Kayo shows. With the NFL game set to begin in California, baseball fans around the country have already set their televisions upright to binge all of their favourite games.

Featuring constant updates on matches by hardcore baseball fans, as well as discussions afterward regarding match highlights and losses, this is an ideal hotspot for any baseball fan! It is one of the best Kayo shows for baseball fans.

#Buddy300 (2019)


Genre: Documentary, Sports

Director: Sarah Jones, Dermott Brerton

Writer: Sarah Jones, Dermott Brereton

Cast: Lance Franklin

Runtime: 1h 20m

IMDb Rating: N/A

In this documentary, two die-hard football fans sit down to explore Lance’s life, starting from his childhood and how his interest in football started after school while he waited for his parents to come home.

They also discuss his career, which began when he turned fifteen, and explore some of his most significant wins and the losses he endured for the last decade as he approaches retirement.

Sunday Night with Matty Johns (2019)


Genre: Sports, Talk-Show

Director: Brett Finch

Writer: Bryan Fletcher, Brett Finch, Matty Johns

Cast: Matty Johns, Bryan Fletcher, Brett Finch

Runtime: 41m

IMDb Rating: N/A

Matty Johns and popular cricket commentator Bryan Fletcher are bringing you this fantastic television show where sports fans can get on all the current news regarding their favourite games and sports celebrities and their recent wins and losses.

Discussions on the front with Fletcher and Johns predicting the leading man of the match, which team needs to improve their training or which sports star is about to rise to their most significant potential yet.

On the Couch (2002)


Genre: Sports, Talk-Show

Director: Gerard Healy

Writer: Gerard Healy, Mike Shehan, Paul Roos

Cast: Gerard Healy, Mike Shehan, Paul Roos

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Hardcore football fans will sit down together every week after the game to discuss match highlights and predictions about which team needs to practice hard to improve their craft and which one is likely to take the trophy home with them.

Hardcore fans who want regular updates on the game and in-depth analysis of their favourite football stars and games should keep a close eye on this show.

NRL 360 (2015)


Genre: Talk-Show, Sports

Director: Ben Ikin, Paul Kent

Writer: Paul Kent, Ben Ikin

Cast: Ben Ikin, Paul Kent, Yvonne Sampson

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: N/A

A nightly sports talk show featured popular sports commentators and podcast hosts who discussed everything currently happening in the sports and game wins and losses.

Fans will have a chance to speak on the show regarding their favourite parts of a match and analyze whether they think a team will win or lose. Watch this Kayo TV show for all the sports-related updates.

AFL 360 (2010)


Genre: Sports

Director: Mark Robinson, Tim Hodges

Writer: David King, Mark Robinson, Gerald Whateley

Cast: David King, Mark Robinson, Gerald Whateley

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

The famous Australian nightly talk show where all the latest updates in the sports world are brought forward and discussed. It is among the best Kayo shows.

Popular sports editors and writers like Mark Robinson and David King bring forward experts, fans and even sports stars as they discuss games like football, cricket or javelin and analyze the rounds to discuss who has a chance of winning or losing.

Center Circle (2022)


Genre: Research, Sports

Director: N/A

Writer: N/A

Cast: N/A

Runtime: 30m

IMDb Rating: N/A

After much popular demand, this show has launched, exclusively run by women and hosted by women panelists and experts, where they discuss all the latest news regarding the women’s basketball team in America and their performances in championships.

Famous sports stars like Amy Parmenter and Emily Mannex are also invited to the show to discuss their recent version, as well as instances like sexism in the sports industry and the prolonging issue of a wage gap between males and females performers.


If you’re a sports fan who feels stuck in the rut because the pandemic has halted your favourite activities, your fun is only a click away. Watch your favourite Kayo shows on the streaming platform with a Kayo free trial and get an account at a reasonable Kayo subscription cost later on.

These Best Kayo shows feature celebrities, experts, and even fans who get a chance to voice their opinion. We have provided you with the list of best shows on Kayo Sports. Watch Kayo Sports, as it is not a platform you would want to turn away from at all! In case you get bored, you can also cancel Kayo Sports anytime.

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