How To Watch Hockey One 2022 Outside Australia

The eagerly awaited Sultana Bran Hockey One League will commence on Thursday, September 29, with the Adelaide Fire travelling west to face the Perth Thundersticks on Saturday, October 1. All the action would be played on Kayo Sports live in Australia, so figure out how to watch Hockey One 2022 outside Australia.

The season is slated to begin with a bang, as early-round matchups include marquee opponents. The second season will also consist of seven rounds, with each team playing the other once. Each round will be played on the same days to familiarize fans with the schedule. After seven rounds, the four best teams will advance to the finals.

Kayo Sports is an Australian sport streaming network. Due to content distribution rights, it is geo-restricted and only available in Australia. So, using a VPN is necessary to watch Kayo from outside of Australia. Here’s how:

Watch Hockey One 2022 Outside Australia – Quick Steps

To access Kayo Sports and watch Hockey One 2022 outside Australia, follow these steps:

  1. Install and subscribe to a VPN service (ExpressVPN is recommended).
  2. Sign in to your selected device’s app.
  3. Connect to a server located in Australia.
  4. Visit Kayosports and enjoy watching Hockey One 2022 Outside Australia.

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Where to watch Hockey One 2022 outside Australia?

The Season 2 fans will be able to watch every match of Sultana Bran Hockey One on Kayo Sports. Some selected matches will also be available on Fox Sports. However, due to the platform’s geo-restriction policies, fans will need to subscribe to a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

What is the Schedule of Hockey One 2022?

Following is the complete schedule for Hockey One 2022:

Date Time Team Team
Round 1
29 September 2022 6:30 PM Hockey Club Melbourne VS NSW Pride
30 September 2022 6:30 PM Tassie Tigers VS Brisbane Blaze
01 October 2022 5:30 PM Perth Thundersticks VS Adelaide Fire
Round 2
6 October 2022 5:30 PM Brisbane Blaze VS Canberra Chill
7 October 2022 6:30 PM Hockey Club Melbourne VS Perth Thundersticks
8 October 2022 7:30 PM Adelaide Fire VS Tassie Tigers
Round 3
13 October 2022 6:30 PM Canberra Chill VS Hockey Club Melbourne
14 October 2022 6:00 PM Adelaide Fire VS NSW Pride
15 October 2022 4:30 PM Perth Thundersticks VS Brisbane Blaze
Round 4
20 October 2022 6:30 PM Tassie Tigers VS Canberra Chill
21 October 2022 6:30 PM NSW Pride VS Perth Thundersticks
22 October 2022 6:30 PM Brisbane Blaze VS Hockey Club Melbourne
Round 5
27 October 2022 6:30 PM Canberra Chill VS Adelaide Fire
28 October 2022 6:30 PM NSW Pride VS Brisbane Blaze
29 October 2022 4:30 PM Perth Thundersticks VS Tassie Tigers
Round 6
3 November 2022 6:00 PM Adelaide Fire VS Hockey Club Melbourne
4 November 2022 6:30 PM Tassie Tigers VS NSW Pride
5 November 2022 3:30 PM Canberra Chill VS Perth Thundersticks
Round 7
10 November 2022 6:30 PM Hockey Club Melbourne VS Tassie Tigers
11 November 2022 5:30 PM Brisbane Blaze VS Adelaide Fire
12 November 2022 3:30 PM NSW Pride VS Canberra Chill

After the seven rounds, the top four teams will advance to the finals series.

When Hockey One 2022 is happening?

Hockey one 2022 is scheduled from 29 September 2022 to 12 November 2022. The final series would begin after the completion of seven rounds played on the dates mentioned above. Four winning teams would advance to the final series.

Which teams are taking part in Hockey One?

Following are the seven teams taking part in Hockey One:

Adelaide Fire
Brisbane Blaze
Canberra Chill
Hockey Club Melbourne
NSW Pride
Perth Thundersticks
Tassie Tigers

There are both men’s and women’s teams by the same names.

What are the Features of the Sultana Bran Hockey One League 2022?

Following are the features of Sultana Bran Hockey One League 2022:

1. The men’s and women’s seasons will be contested in seven rounds for 42 matches, followed by the Finals Series.
2. All games will be double headers with a women’s and a men’s contest.
3. Each round will be played on regular match days (Thursday nights, Friday nights, and Saturdays).
4. The season begins on Thursday, September 29th, with the first match between HC Melbourne and NSW Pride.
5. The rematch of the Women’s Grand Final between Brisbane Blaze and HC Melbourne will play place in Round 4 on Saturday, October 22.
6. The Men’s Grand Final rematch between NSW Pride and Brisbane Blaze will occur in Round 5 on Friday, October 28.
7. On Saturday, November 12, the NSW Pride and Canberra Chill will play a round 7 doubleheader at McGlynn Sports Complex in Parkes, NSW.

How can I buy Hockey One 2022 tickets?

Season 2 tickets will be available in advance through Hockey One ticketing partner, “Ticketek.”  Tickets would also be available at the gate for games that have not sold out in advance. It is anticipated that many games will sell out before the game day, and fans are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance online, preferably.

How do I become a member?

You can visit the homepage of your favourite team for the link to the membership portal and any further information that is required. Becoming a member is a terrific way to show your support and get your hands on some excellent souvenirs and tickets to all your home games. Fortunately, signing up for membership is also very simple.

What are the Rules and Resolution for the Hockey One 2022?

Following are the rules for Hockey One 2022:

Teams are limited to 15 players, including goalkeepers, in total.
When a field goal or penalty stroke is scored during field play, the same player will automatically have a one-on-one shootout with the goalkeeper for the chance to score an extra goal.
Five match points will be awarded for a victory, and two match points will be awarded to each team if the score is tied at the end of regulation.

The winner of a subsequent shootout will be awarded one point. The losing team in a game decided in regulation time receives no points.

How much does the average Hockey One player make?

The average salary for an NHL player is $2.69 million (AUD2.7 million) per year as of the 2019/2020 season. Players’ salaries are based on their experience in the game. This salary can also vary depending on the teams and individual players.

Why Express VPN is the Best VPN to Watch Hockey One 2022 Outside Australia?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Hockey One 2022 outside Australia and anywhere else. This VPN has more than 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, including three servers in Australia. These servers are in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Read on to know more about ExpressVPN’s features:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Hockey One 2022 Outside Australia:

As a result, you can watch your favourite hockey game live online and stream it later on your various devices at any time. ExpressVPN is also very fast for streaming in HD quality without buffering or latency.

During testing, a fast speed of 88 Mbps was achieved on a 100 Mbps base connection, which was more than adequate for streaming HD channels. You can use ExpressVPN to get around geo-restrictions on other streaming platforms besides Kayo Sports. From abroad, you can access Stan Sports, Tenplay, Foxtel, Hulu, Netflix, and other services.

ExpressVPN also has a Smart DNS feature called “ExpressVPN MediaStreamer,” which allows you to unblock streaming platforms like NBC on devices that don’t support VPNs natively, such as Smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, and routers. It also supports 5 concurrent connections.

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You may also watch ALPG Tour, American Arena League, West Australian Football League, and Australian National Water Polo League Outside Australia through the servers in Australia

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Teams select their players by incorporating a player draft system perceived from another national sporting competition, the AFL.

The Sultana Bran Hockey One League is a joint venture between Hockey Australia and any Hockey State or Territory Association that fields a squad for the competition.

You can become a member of your favourite team and get match tickets to support them in the stadium during every match.

Hockey One
  • Date : 2022-09-19 till 2022-09-12
  • Location : Australia, Perth Hockey Stadium Hayman Road Bentley, AU, AU
  • Event Name : Hockeyone
  • Event Platform : Kayo Sports


The regular season of Hockey One consists of a total of 50 games, including the playoffs and the championship games. The Sultana Bran Hockey One League is brought to the communities surrounding each team’s home rink three times this season in the form of doubleheader matches featuring both the men’s and women’s teams.

If you are not in Australia to watch these games live from any stadium, you can install ExpressVPN, the best VPN to watch Hockey One 2022 outside Australia, on Kayo Sports.

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