How to Watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia


Hart to Heart is returning for its second season on Peacock, bringing excitement to Kevin Hart fans. So you must be all excited to watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia. But there is a bummer!

Peacock TV runs only in the US due to licensing legalities, you’ll struggle to watch this show in Australia. Luckily by subscribing to ExpressVPN’s outstanding service, not only you can get Peacock unblocked in Australia but also you’ll be able to effortlessly watch all its content.

So what are you waiting for? Get connected to US server and watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia.

Easy Steps – Watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia

Peacock is unavailable in Australia. But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great shows on the platforms. 

To unlock Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia, all you must do is:

  1. Get a VPN subscription. We recommend subscribing to ExpressVPN
  2. Download the app to your preferred device from the ExpressVPN site, Play Store, or App Store.
  3. After installing the app, log in with your credentials.
  4. Open the Peacock TV app, browse and find Hart to Heart, and get your flawless stream rolling!

Where can I see Hart to Heart in Australia?

Peacock TV is the most suitable choice to watch Hart to Heart episodes. That’s because Hart to Heart is a Peacock TV original series, and you’ll get bonus content for the show on the platform. So purchase Peacock TV and ExpressVPN subscriptions and enjoy the show’s upcoming season from anywhere.

What is the Release Date of Hart to Heart Season 2?

The release date for Hart to Heart Season 2 is the 14th of July. In season 2 of Hart to Heart, episode 1 will feature comedian Pete Davidson, a veteran of the hit show Saturday Night Live. Season 2 will include plenty of other superstar celebs in the Hart to Heart cast, with Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Mark Wahlberg, and Mike Tyson all making appearances.

What is Hart to Heart Season 2 about?

Hart to Heart Season 2 is an interview show with celebrities opening up in honest conversations about their careers and lives. While the show has a casual flow (the discussion takes place over some wine), the stars also discuss their hardships on the road to success. So, the show’s essence is to inspire fans while keeping them entertained (the norm with Mr. Hart in the mix).

Who is the Host of Hart to Heart Season 2?

The host of Hart to Heart Season 2 is none other than the prolific comedian Kevin Hart. The standup comedy star, who has also worked in multiple blockbuster movies, is never too far from screens. His movie career includes titles such as Think Like A Man and Jumanji.

Is Hart to Heart free on Peacock in Australia?

Hart to heart is only available on Peacock’s premium subscription, and unfortunately, you can not watch it with Peacock’s free trial. To access the show, you can get an ad-supported subscription or one that’s ad-free (called Peacock Premium Plus). Once you have the Peacock TV subscription, new Peacock shows are added to the platform at no extra cost. The same process goes for Peacock Movies.

What channel is Hart to Heart on?

While Hart to Heart will not be on a cable TV channel, you can stream the show on Peacock TV. By subscribing to Peacock TV, you can stream the series filled with upfront and honest celebrity interviews on any device. And with the addition of an ExpressVPN subscription, you’ll also be able to view the show in Australian borders.

Is Hart to Heart on any streaming service?

Yes, Hart to Heart is on the over-the-top streaming service Peacock TV. Fans can watch season 1 of the show already on the platform, and season 2 will be released on July 14. For Hart to Heart, Netflix doesn’t own streaming rights.

Is there a trailer of Hart to Heart?

The trailer for Hart to Heart Season 2 is out, available on the official Peacock YouTube channel. Short clips show parts of Kevin Hart interviewing different celebrity guests. Two sides of the show are revealed in the trailer, one filled with laughs and the other getting down to real talk about how the guests became stars and the struggles they faced.

How many episodes are in Hart to Heart With Kevin Hart?

A total of 11 Hart to Heart episodes will be available for streaming in season 2 of the show hosted by Kevin Hart. Season 1 also had the same episode count, ending with Jay Leno as the final guest. The lineup for season 2 is just as exciting, so fans have much to look forward to.

Where is Kevin Hart, Hart to Heart filmed?

Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart is filmed in LA Castle Studios in the city of Burbank in California. The location has been active since 2008. Many TV series, game shows, movies, and press junkets have been filmed there in the past.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VP to Watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia

Hart to Heart will be a fun, riveting inside look at the lives and careers of top modern celebrities.

With licensing legalities banning non-US viewership, you can still get the show on your devices anywhere with ExpressVPN, the VPN service relied on by millions of people globally for access to their favorite streams.

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia

ExpressVPN is by a landslide the best VPN service to watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia. The service owns upwards of 3000 servers spread across 150+ locations and 90+ countries.peacock-expressvpn

What this enormous server network means for you is the constant availability of high-speed servers at your fingertips. Usually, servers located in New Jersey and NYC offer top speeds.

 And you get to enjoy this incredible speed on pretty much any device with five possible simultaneous connections. The speed you get is also partially in your own control.

That’s because ExpressVPN’s Split Tunneling gives you the opportunity to decide which apps you’d like to use via VPN and which with regular internet. 

In addition, with its Threat Manager, the service ensures your data is always protected and never tracked, eliminating the constant barrage of ads related to the sites or streams you use.

One unique aspect of using ExpressVPN is its MediaStreamer tool. Even in a situation where your device by default blocks VPN usage, MediaStreamer DNS gives you access to streaming services. The service’s app is simple and intuitive to use, with customer service always there to troubleshoot issues.

Beyond Peacock TV, ExpressVPN also unlocks various US streams, e.g., Netflix US, HBO Max, ESPN+ Australia, Vudu Australia, Eurosport Australia, Disney+, and Fox TV streaming in Australia.

The great thing is you get all these game-changing benefits at a low annual subscription price of 9.65AUD or $6.67 per month (including three free months). And this high-value deal is coupled with a no-risk money-back guarantee for a full 30 days.

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You can subscribe to Peacock TV in Australia and watch season 2 of Kevin Hart’s new show Hart to Heart, full episodes released from July 14 onwards.

Eight Hart to Hart movies were made, created by Sidney Sheldon.

Those movies have nothing to do with the interview show Hart to Heart, though, except sounding the same.

The last episode of Hart to Heart (season 1, episode 11) featured Jay Leno, who talked about his time in Hollywood and his long, successful career with “The Tonight Show”.

Wrap Up

Hart to Heart Season 2 should be a fantastic extension of the up-close and personal interactions offered by Season 1. Even if geo-restrictions prevent your access to the show, ExpressVPN will free it up for your viewing pleasure. ExpressVPN has everything the best VPN service globally should: exceptional speed, unbeatable security, flexible device use, and top-tier customer service.

So get your ExpressVPN subscription before July 14 to watch Hart to Heart Season 2 on Peacock TV in Australia.

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