How to Watch Univision in Australia In 2022? [Easy Guide]


Univision is one of the largest Spanish-language channels. However, it is available in limited countries. If you want to know the answer “how can I watch Univision in Australia in 2022?” then here’s the guide. You can watch Univision in Australia through a powerful VPN like ExpressVPN, which provides you with the US IP address fastest.

Univision has achieved success through tele-novellas. Its top shows like El Dragón: Return of a Warrior, Hoy, and Acorralada have won the hearts of the Spanish-speaking people.

Univision is available in US and many countries in Latin America like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. However, if you wish to watch Univision out of US or Latin America, you will not be able to stream the channel. To unblock Univision in Australia, you will need a high-performance Virtual Private Network app like ExpressVPN.

How can I watch Univision in Australia? [Quick Steps]

Watch Univision in Australia using the following quick steps:

  1. Unblock Univision with a US-based VPN – ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app
  3. Connect to a US server (ExpressVPN’s New York server)
  4. Visit Univision and browse your content
  5. If you face any issues, clear your browser’s cache and cookies & reload the page.

Note: If you do not have a Cable TV subscription, you can watch Univision abroad on a streaming service like Sling TV, DirecTV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV. Continue reading if you want to know more about how to sign up for Univision in Australia without Cable.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Univision in Australia?

Univision is available to viewers in US or Latin American countries. If you try to watch Univision abroad, you’ll get an error message saying you can’t access the content:

“Univision is not available in your region.”


Univision is currently exclusively available to users in the United States, therefore, if you attempt to access the service from outside the country using your local IP address, you will be instantly blocked.

VPN can locate you using your IP address. That’s called geo-blocking, a copyright-related protection measure. But you may trick Univision by using a VPN.

A VPN reroutes geo-location traffic. In simple words, you get a US IP address that allows you to unblock Univision in Australia. It masks your actual IP address with one from a country where the service is actually available, like US. A premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, is highly recommended as it swiftly and easily bypasses geo-restrictions on content.

Using a VPN, you can switch between local and geo-restricted channels without losing either. Live and on-demand videos will stream at full speed.

How to Sign Up for Univision in Australia without Cable?

Univision is not a standalone service; it usually comes clubbed with other streaming services such as fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

In this case, we will show you how to sign up to Sling TV to access Univision content in Australia:

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPNplan and install the app
  2. Select US server (Recommended: NewYork)
  3. Go to the website of Sling TV, Directv, or FuboTV
  4. Create an account: Click “Sign Up” & fill out the form
  5. Pay for the streaming service of your choice using any major credit card, debit card, PayPal, or digital gift card issued in the United States.

Note: Each of the above streaming services has a different set of price options as follows:

  • Sling TV offers 3 pricing Plans
  • Directv offers 6 different pricing plans with a 14-day free trial
  • FuboTV offer 3 pricing plans

You can even have a friend or acquaintance in the US pay with their credit or debit card on your behalf if you do not have a US payment service.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Univision in Australia?

We have tested 50 or more VPNs to find out what is the best Univision VPN; here are the results:

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Univision in Australia

ExpressVPN’s top-notch features and 89.42 Mbps download speed (on a 100 Mbps connection) make it the best VPN for Univision in Australia.


While tested on a 100 Mbps connection, ExpressVPN provided an extremely fast downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps and an uploading speed of 84.64 Mbps.


ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast servers make it simple to bypass fuboTV’s geoblocks. As it has 160 servers located in the United States and approximately 3000 servers located in 90+ countries, you may get HBO max Australia.

Avoid using the Miami server, which is slow.

ExpressVPN’s New York, New Jersey-1, and Washington, DC, come highly recommended servers.

But its customer support can help you if you find any issues in streaming.

ExpressVPN is now available for AU$9.92/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IP and DNS leaks are prevented because its 256-bit encryption allows max security. A no-logs policy is another key feature of ExpressVPN. With this VPN, you may not only watch live Univision TV, but you may also watch Sling TV in Australia.

The MediaStreamer function of ExpressVPN ensures unbroken streaming on devices that aren’t normally VPN-friendly. It also has more complex options like a kill switch, split tunneling, a no-log policy, etc.

ExpressVPN permits connections from up to 5 devices at once. ExpessVPN is compatible with all Android, Apple, Windows, and Linux devices. From phones to computers and TVs, you can access Directv now in Australia anywhere and any time.

2. Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Stream Univision in Australia

To unblock Univision in Australia without breaking the bank, get Surfshark with savings of AU$3.7/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan) if you subscribe to a two years plan.


Our speed test on a 100 Mbps connection revealed that Surfshark could hit up to 88.18 Mbps downloading speed and 80.13 Mbps uploading speed.


With over 3200 servers in 65+ countries with 600 servers in the USA, it is also a good option to stream Univision abroad.

Due to buffering issues, the Boston server is not recommended. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to stream the Univision channel.

We recommend that you use the Atlanta server.

Yet if you face any problem, you can chat with very cooperative customer support and ask them how to get beIN sports Australia.

It has a high level of safety due to its 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and kill switch.

Surfshark is compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Google Android, among others. It works with gaming consoles and streaming media players, including PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi access points.

Surfshark’s main feature is its support for simultaneous streaming over an infinite number of devices with a single account. So you can easily stream CNBC in Australia.

3. NordVPN: Largest Server network to Access Univision Online

If you want to watch Univision from Australia, NordVPN has the most server options. Having over 5400 servers in over 140 countries, including over 1970 servers in over 15 US locations, makes it a solid option. You can contact any of them, but the American ones will be the easiest to reach.


On a base 100Mbps connection, NordVPN can give you an astounding downloading speed of 86.49 Mbps and an adequate uploading speed of 79.42 Mbps.


NordVPN’s New York #9191, San Francisco #5323, Dallas #6148, and Miami #6761 servers come highly recommended.

It has a live chat support feature that resolves your problem within minutes. We don’t recommend connecting to NordVPN’s Buffalo server.

Save 60% on a two-year subscription to NordVPN, bringing your monthly cost down to AU$4.89/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan). It guarantees your money back for 30 days and provides help anytime.

In addition to its already impressive set of security features (DoubleVPN, Onion over VPN, AES-25-Bit encryption), NordVPN also includes Threat Protection, which prevents the installation of any malware on your device and scans your browser for and reports on any invasive trackers it finds while you watch fuboTV in Australia.

It is compatible with major operating systems and streaming platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

NordVPN allows up to six simultaneous connections per account, so your kids can watch Funimation Australia abroad.

What to Watch on Univision in 2022?

Univision produces content in the Spanish language. Its content is based on telenovelas (also called soap operas), sports, news, and kids shows.

What are the most Popular Univision Shows in 2022?

You can watch the following most popular Univision shows in 2022:

  1. Enamorándonos
  2. La familia P. Luche
  3. Al Punto
  4. Jesús
  5. Karen Pirie. Suspect
  6. Amor Eterno
  7. Sin miedo a la verdad
  8. Como dice el dicho
  9. Vecinos
  10. Nosotros los guapos

What are the good Movies on Univision right now?

Here are the some good movies on Univision:

  1. La familia P. Luche
  2. The Best of Times
  3. Primer impacto
  4. Rebelde
  5. Amas de casa desesperadas

What devices are Compatible with Univision?

Univision has excelled in expanding its presence across several platforms. It is available on the following devices:

How can I watch Univision plus on my Android?

To watch Univision Plus on an Android smartphone, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use a trusted VPN, like ExpressVPN, because of how quick it is.
  2. Launch the ExpressVPN app and sign in.
  3. Use a server in the United States (preferably New York).
  4. Now Choose Google Play Store from your device’s Apps menu.
  5. Remove all temporary files and cache.
  6. Now open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  7. Search and download the Univision Plus app from Google Play.
  8. Now just sign in. Hurray! You can now enjoy streaming Univision on your Android.
Get Univision Plus on AndroidOur Top Recommendation

How can I watch Univision plus on my iOS?

To access Univision Plus on your iOS device, just follow these steps:

  1. Get the ExpressVPNapp from Apple’s App Store and install it on your iOS device.
  2. Connect to a server in the United States using your VPN app (preferably New York).
  3. Make a brand-new AppleID using a real US zip code.
  4. When you’re ready, visit the US App Store using your new Apple ID and look for Univision Plus
  5. The app is available for download and installation on iOS devices.
  6. Sign in to Univision Plus and enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your iOS device.

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FAQs – Watch Univision in Australia

You can watch Univision in Europe through a highly reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN and a streaming service like Sling TV that provides Univision TV.

Univision is available in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. However, you can watch it outside these regions using a VPN.

Yes, it is legal to watch Univision with VPN in Australia because using a VPN is not prohibited across the world.

A free VPN can be used to watch Univision in Australia. However, due to speed, privacy, and security issues, you should not use a free VPN.

Wrapping Up!

Spanish audiences are available not only in Latin America but also worldwide. That is why highly popular channels like Univision should be accessible to all of them. If you want to watch Univision in Australia, just get a reliable and fast VPN network like ExpressVPNand start streaming your favorite soap operas, news talk shows, or kids’ content.

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