How to Get Disney Plus on Apple TV Outside Australia

Wondering how to get Disney Plus on Apple TV in Australia? Below I will provide steps to get Disney+ on Apple TV 4th generation and later models from Australia with the help of a VPN. Also, steps to get Disney Plus Australia on Apple TV 3rd generation and older model. So without any further ado, let’s dive in:

If you are tired of using HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer on iPhone to satisfy your binge craving, then Disney+ could be your next favourite streaming service.

But here is the bummer! As of now, Disney+ is only available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, and Puerto Rico. And those who are from India and desperately want to watch Disney+ Hotstar in Australia, then this blog is for them, as they can get their favourite Indian varients

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This means you can watch shows and movies like The Mandalorian, The Simpsons, Star Wars series, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic on Disney+ only if you are residing in any of these countries as the service is geo-blocked in other parts of the world. You will come across a similar error code 73, but we know how to get through it.

But don’t worry, with the help of a VPN, now you can watch Disney Plus on Apple TV from Australia or outside Australia easily. Here is how you can do it:

Easy Steps: How to Set up VPN to Get Disney Plus on Apple TV in Australia

Smart DNS feature is the only way to set up a VPN on devices that do not support VPN directly, such as Apple TV to watch Disney+ in Australia. Therefore, to use a VPN with Apple TV, first, you need to activate smart DNS feature. Here is how you can do it:

Steps to Activate VPN’s Smart DNS

  1. First, subscribe to ExpressVPN as it is the best Disney+ VPN in 2022.
  2. Now go to > login to your account.
  3. After login, the account settings page will appear on your screen > Scroll down to the bottom of this page until you find the “Activate Smart DNS” option. Surfshark's Smart DNS home page
  4. Now click on the red “Activate” button and wait for the process. Make sure that you are not connected to the VPN server because smart DNS must be activated for your real IP address.Surfshark's Activate button screenshot
  5. After the process is complete, click the “Activate” button again to verify the activation of smart DNS.Verify your IP address screenshot
  6. After almost 30 seconds, your DNS addresses will appear on the screen. You will also get the email verification about smart DNS activation and DNS addresses.Smart DNS activated screenshot
  7. Now its time to set up on your Apple TV device so you can watch Disney+ in an unsupported country.

Setup VPN on Apple TV

  1. First, launch your Apple TV device and head to “Settings.Apple TV -Settings- Screenshot
  2. Now select the “Network” option > If your Apple TV is on Wi-Fi, click on the “Wi-Fi” option, as shown in the image below.Apple TV Screenshot 3
  3. Now click on the network that is connected with your Apple TV > then select “Configure DNS” option > then select “Manual.Apple TV Screenshot 5Apple TV Screenshot 6
  4. Here you need to enter the “DNS address” that you get when you activate the smart DNS option (add 0 in front if needed).Apple TV Screenshot 7
  5. Congratulations, VPN setup is complete on your Apple TV, and now its time to get Disney+.

Get Disney Plus on Apple TV from Australia in 2022

Since you are now connected to Smart DNS, now you can download and watch Disney+ on your Apple TV device. But first, you need to change your App Store region to Australiaa. For this click on this link and then follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. On your Apple TV, go to App Store and search for the Disney Plus app and download it.
  2. Once the app is installed, head to the Apple TV home screen and open the Disney Plus app.
  3. Now sign-in to your account and start watching your favorite TV show and movie on Disney+ from Australia

Note: These steps are for those users who have Apple TV 4th gen and later models. And keep this thing in mind that VPN does not let you watch Disney Plus service for free. 

How to Get Disney Plus on Older Apple TVs in Australia?

Unfortunately, if you own an Apple TV 3rd generation or an older model, there is no direct way to get the Disney Plus app. But there is a workaround. For this, you need an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. Here is how you can get and watch Disney+ on older Apple TV device in Australia:

  1. First, download and subscribe to a VPN on your iOS device (I highly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Now open the VPN app and sign-in with your username and password.
  3. Connect to the USA server from the list (ExpressVPN’s recommend servers: New Jersey-1, New York, and Washington DC One).
  4. Now open the Disney+ app and log in to your account and select your favorite content.
  5. Now use AirPlay to cast the content from your iOS device to the Apple TV.

This is how you can get Disney+ on Apple TV 3rd generation and older models.

Why Will You Need a VPN to Stream Disney+ on Apple TV Outside Australia

In simple language, the internet you are using has your local IP address. And to follow the set of content distribution policies, Disney+ uses an IP tracking technology that bans users if they try to access the service from a location where the service is not available.

So when you try to stream Disney Plus from outside of supported countries, based on your local IP address, it immediately blocks your access.

But when you use a VPN tool, it hides your local IP address and changes it with an IP address where the Disney+ service is available such as Australia. This will trick the IP tracking system that you are residing in Australia and thus allow you to access Disney+ on your Apple TV Outside Australia. And it will also let you stream threenow in Australia on your Apple TV.

But not all VPNs work with Disney Plus to watch on Apple TV. This is why I tested several VPN services and list down the best Disney Plus VPNs to watch on Apple TV in an unsupported country:

Best Disney Plus VPNs to Watch on Apple TV Outside Australia

1. ExpressVPN-Fastest and Reliable VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

Like Surfshark, this provider also offers a smart DNS feature known as MediaStreamer to watch Disney+ on Apple TV in an unsupported country. According to ScreenBinge testing, this provider successfully unblocks Disney+ to stream on Apple TV from anywhere outside Australia. And if you are okay to pay a little extra, then this provider is the best VPN for you. But in case you don’t like the service, you can ask for a full refund as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more details, check my best VPN for Disney Plus guide.

2. Surfshark-Best Disney Plus VPN to Watch on Apple TV from Anywhere Outside Australia

Surfshark is the best VPN to watch your favorite streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, HBO on Apple TV from anywhere around the world. According to ScreenBinge testing, this provider smart DNS successfully unblocks Disney+ on Apple TV outside Australia. And it is risk-free to use this service as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I Use Free VPN to Get Disney Plus on Apple TV Outside Australia?

No. This is because not a single Free VPN service offers smart DNS features to connect with devices that do not support VPN directly, such as Apple TV. Thus, there is no way to watch Disney+ on Apple TV Outside Australia by using a free VPN.  This is why I always recommend using reliable and premium VPN services to watch your favorite geo-block content from anywhere, such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

What Can I Watch on Disney+ on Apple TV Outside Australia?

There is a massive list of shows that you can watch on Disney+ outside Australia. But if you don’t know where to start, the following is the list of best Disney+ TV shows and movies to watch in 2022:

  •  The Mandalorian
  • The Simpsons
  • Playdate with Destiny
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  • Encore
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Avatar
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Captain Marvel
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Avengers: The End Game
  • Thor Ragnarok
  • Black Panther
  • Miracle on Street 34th
  • The Rocketeer
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Frozen

Final Thoughts

That’s all folks! With one of the recommended VPNs above, now you can get Disney on Apple TV from outside Australia around the world to watch the baby Yoda series aka The Mandalorian, and a large list of Disney classics, and live your life to the fullest.

However, if you still having issues regarding set up a VPN on Apple TV to watch Disney+, you can ask me by mentioning your comment below. Happy Binging!

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