HBO Max Price in Australia: How much does it cost?


HBO Max is one of the most popular choices of OTT platforms to subscribe to. The Warner-Bros-owned streaming service is beloved by fans residing in certain US and European regions. HBO Max has over 70+ million paying subscribers globally, with more subscribers on the way ever since its global expansion in the European regions.

However, the service is geo-restricted and only available in US. Well if you are not in US, you can still watch HBO Max in Australia with the help of a VPN.

HBO Max used to offer free trials and discounts, but they’ve removed such offerings. But even so, its price is understandable, considering the epic award-winning content library it possesses. how much is HBO max, you ask? In this guide, we’ll talk about HBO Max price in Australia, followed by ways to gain access to it.

HBO Max Price in Australia [Your Quick Guide]:

HBO Max has changed the subscription tiers multiple times, but now it is much more satisfactory and comes in two options:

  • A basic ad-supported plan worth AU $14.62 (USA $9.99)/month or AU $146.35 (USA $99.99)/year. 
  • Premium ad-free plan worth AU $21.94 (USA $14.99)/month or AU $219.53 (USA $149.99)/year. 

Both these offers include the best of HBO Max’s content, be it HBO Originals, or DC Classics. Warner Bros productions, Studio Ghibli, or Adult Swim. Also, you can use one account on three devices simultaneously. With the premium options, you get ad-free, super HD content to stream, and more DVR space. 

It is worthwhile to mention that HBO Max’s content changes from region to region. Because of its licensing agreements with the production houses, some of its content is unavailable in certain regions.

If you want to gain access to HBO Max’s content, the best way to do this is by getting a Virtual Private Network like ExpressVPN. Nevertheless, the HBO Max price in Australia is worth your money.

HBO Max Deals and Free Trial Availability in Australia

As exciting as HBO Max is, there are currently not any HBO Max deals or discounts. However, there is a 20% fixed discount on HBO Max’s annual plans which are priced at AU $146.35 (USA $99.99)/year and AU $219.53 (USA $149.99)/year respectively.

If you use a service provider like Cricket Wireless to sign up on HBO Max, you get a free ‘with ads’ version of HBO Max.

Now, if you’re wondering how much is HBO Max’s free-trial period? The answer is, that there isn’t. The trial was discontinued in December 2020. But, in HBO Max’s current expansion to new territories, they do offer an initial 7-days trial.

HBO Max is making strives in new regions like Greece, Latvia, Turkey, Estonia, etc. And yes, anyone with an HBO or HBO Now subscription gets an HBO Max account free of cost, provided they are registered with an eligible service provider. You can cancel HBO Max anytime by following the procedures on the website.

What Shows and Movies are on HBO Max in Australia?

HBO Max is home to award-winning shows like The Sopranos, Westworld, Game of Thrones, The Wire, etc. Because of HBO Max’s proud partnership with various production houses, we get to see diversified choices of titles in different genres. Their originals like Peacemaker, The Flight Attendant, and Raised by Wolves are worth mentioning.

If you want to watch some of the top shows and movies, the HBO Max price in Australia is worth it.

In 2021, HBO Max became the home of every Warner Bros movie on the day it was released in theatres. In 2022, they decided to extend the “same day” period till after the feature has had its theatre run.

For instance, Matt Reeve’s The Batman starring Robert Pattinson was released on 4th March 2022 and will be coming to HBO Max in April.

Other than Max’s Original programming, it offers TV series from channels like Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, Rooster Teeth, Looney Tunes, and more.

It also has exclusive rights to stream the critically acclaimed features of Studio Ghibli, the creatives behind Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and Princess Monokeke.

HBO Max Price in Australia- FAQs

Are you curious about the monthly cost of HBO Max in Australia? it’s AU$14.62/month (USA$9.99/month) (ad-supported) and AU$21.94/month (USA$14.99/month) (ad-free). But the cheaper ways of getting HBO Max is through different service providers like Hulu, AT&T, DirecTV, HBO Now, and Cricket Wireless.

HBO Max comes as an add-on on Hulu. So, if you’re wondering how much is HBO Max on Hulu? Then, the add-on is worth AU$21.94/month (USA$14.99/month). It also supports a 7-day free trial, something that you don’t get in a direct purchase.


HBO Max is truly a must-have streaming service since its content library is getting great new features daily. In this article, you’ll be clear on HBO Max price in Australia and what are your existing options. If you use a service provider, you get a trial and discounts as well. Happy streaming!

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