How to Watch HBO Max in Australia [October 2021 Updated]

HBO Max In Australia

Yes, you can watch HBO Max in Australia with a VPN. This guide lists the best HBO Max VPNs with video demonstration, to unblock HBO Max in 2021 so you can Watch The Suicide Squad 2021 on HBO Max 

The new yet immensely popular streaming platform, HBO Max is home to HBO shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones. While Australian fans can binge-watch the WarnerMedia HBO content on HBO through Foxtel, they cannot access it directly due to geo-restrictions.

And thankfully, we’ve made a simple guide for you that covers the four simple steps to access HBO Max in Australia in 2021.

HBO Max error message

This streaming service is not available in Australia, so, you’ll require a VPN to watch HBO Max. We know the error message also states that they can detect any VPN, but if your VPN is premium and one of the best, like ExpressVPN, you won’t be blocked by HBO Max.

How to watch HBO Max in Australia (Quick Steps)

Follow these steps to watch HBO Max from Australia via a VPN in 2021:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN 
  2. Open its app and connect to a US server
  3. Visit HBO Max and enter your log-in credentials
  4. Enjoy your favourite movies on HBO Max in Australia!

Watch HBO Max with ExpressVPNNo.1 Recommendation For HBO Max

Similarly, with the power of a VPN, you can switch between various streaming services and break their geo-block barrier at any time. Now, you are wondering “Does TVNZ work in Australia?“. To find out, you have to check out our article.

3 Top VPNs to Watch HBO Max in Australia (Overview)

Many VPNs claim to unblock premium streaming services like HBO Max, Sling TV, Crave TV, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and others. However, only a reliable VPN can perform such unblocking in a consistent manner with HD streaming. So, ScreenBinge tested 50+ VPNs and sorted out the top 3 for you:

  • ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for HBO Max Australia
  • Surfshark – Pocket-friendly VPN to get HBO Max Australia
  • NordVPN – User-friendly VPN to stream HBO Max Australia

With numerous VPNs in the industry, finding the right one is becoming a difficult task with each passing day; luckily, we at ScreenBinge have all the resources to test out multiple VPNs and determine which one is the best to unblock all the primary streaming services without getting detected or exposed.

How to Get HBO Max Subscription in Australia

There is no direct way to register for HBO Max in Australia. However, after exploring several options, we found that Australians can get HBO Max subscriptions via the two following methods, which are:

Subscribe to HBO Max Using HBO Max Gift Card

You can buy an HBO max subscription in Australia via the HBO Max gift cards that are available online on multiple platforms. HBO Max does not specifically have a HBO subscription gift card, but you can utilize the HBO Now gift card that is easily redeemable on HBO Max. You can find the gift card on multiple sites like mygiftcardsupply.comFor the installation process, HBO Max has a complete set of steps that will walk you through the whole process easily. 

Subscribe to HBO Max Using a Friend’s US Account

If you have great friends who let you use their bank accounts and helps you get the HBO Max subscription via their credit cards then that is also a workable solution. They can get the subscription in US on your behalf and you can always pay them later.

Best VPNs for Unblocking HBO Max from Australia in 2021 [Deep Analysis]

1. ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN for HBO Max Australia

ExpressVPN on HBO Max

Amongst the best VPNs in the industry, ExpressVPN is a top-notch contender and worth every penny as it is the fastest. When checked for speed, it gave exceptional speeds on US servers for HBO Max:

Recommended Servers for HBO Max Speed Result Video Quality
New Jersey-1 81.63 Mbps 4K HDR
Washington DC 86.7 Mbps 4K HDR
New York 83.51 Mbps 4K HDR

Not only does it unblocks HBO Max, but it also provides unlimited bandwidth on its connection, so the user does not experience any lag during streaming. 

It has 3000+ servers in over 160 locations, with numerous of them in the US, relieving you off of any worries of finding the right server to stream HBO or any other service like BBC iPlayer in Australia.

Furthermore, it offers 5 simultaneous connections per account and a smashing offer of 12 + 3 months free on their yearly package along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can avail it at a price of AUD8.91/mo

Unblock HBO Max with ExpressVPN$6.67/mo with 12 + 3 Months Free

2. Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to get HBO Max Australia

Surfshark HBO Max

Next in line is Surfshark, the most affordable VPN in the industry currently, with outstanding service for its users. Surfshark’s USP is its unlimited simultaneous connections, and despite the affordable price tag, you will find a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its packages. Sign up now at AUD3.33/mo isn’t it great?

It bypasses almost any geo-restriction that comes its way and lets you stream HBO Max with ease in Australia.

Surfshark has 3200+ servers in over 64 countries, with hundreds of them allocated to the US only and that’s not it; you can even use this VPN to stream Harry Potter on Netflix and watch HBO Max on Smart TV with Chromecast as well.

Unblock HBO Max with Surfshark$2.49/month for 2-year plan

3. NordVPN: User-friendly VPN to stream HBO Max Australia

NordVPN for HBO Max

NordVPN is a great VPN for HBO Max in Australia, owing to its simple user interface and its power to get past any blocking filters that come in your way of smoothly streaming HBO Max. It has a server bank of 5600+ in 60+ countries and 1500+ in the US alone. 

Moreover, it allows 6 simultaneous connections per account and a robust set of security protocols to keep you secure while on an HBO Max Australia binge spree. With its vast server network, you can also stream various foreign streaming services such as Disney+, Amazon, Hotstar, Sony Liv, and can even watch Vudu in Australia.

It offers an excellent price package and a 30-day money-back guarantee along with it. If you need a VPN for streaming purposes then just avail it at a price of AUD4.41/mo (VPN Awareness Month - 2 year plan at 72% off + 3 months FREE)

Unblock HBO Max with NordVPN$4.13/month for 2-year plan

Why do you need a VPN to get HBO Max in Australia?

HBO Max is unfortunately inaccessible in the Australian region because of the geo-restrictions on the content from the content owners. Therefore, you will require a VPN to unblock HBO Max in Australia since it can bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming HBO giant.

Moreover, a VPN ensures your online activities are secure and concealed, so no one can steal your personal or business data.

Will HBO Max come to Australia?

The provider does not have any official plans to launch its service in the coming days or months in Australia due to its contract terms with Foxtel. However, in 2020, HBO registered copyrights for HBO Max in Australia. Therefore, it is vouching for its official availability in Australia in the future.

On the other side, HBO and Foxtel have years of business relations. Also, the Australian media giant has been one of HBO’s oldest distribution partners. Through this 2020 deal, Foxtel’s rights of hosting and distributing HBO Max content were extended. Not just that, Foxtel also got the rights to air HBO Max content on its other digital platforms like Foxtel Now, Foxtel IQ, and Binge.

In simpler terms, Foxtel is now the home for HBO Max in Australia. Binge watchers looking for a way to watch HBO Max content in Australia can use Foxtel services to stream movies and TV shows.

What content does HBO Max have?

Warner Media has more than 45,000 hours of senior programming. However, it will only be released to a curated collection of 10,000 hours of programming on HBO Max after the launch.

In addition, another $4 billion will be invested in AT&T-owned Time Warner and, in turn, WarnerMedia service in a bid for the 2024 streaming depth.

We’re already starting to see the benefits of these investments, which we will discuss in more detail below. Further, HBO’s server-side content, the network has been introduced in several deals with third-party vendors.

This includes movies from Warner Bros., a New Line, and TV programs from Sesame Street, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and Looney Tunes.

In this way, you will have access to HBO content in Australia, Friends, Doctor Who, South Park, Big Bang Theory, Nancy Drew, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Rick and Morty with the HBO Max service.

However, in Australia, only the HBO content is 100% is displayed on the Binge and Foxtel. The non-HBO-content must be offered separately, and it is possible that it will show a pop-up on other famous streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, and Stan.

How much is HBO Max in Australia?

HBO Max is one of the most demanded services that can be availed at a price of  AUD 19.67/monthIn parallel, as you are staying in Australia, you will be subscribing to a VPN as well, so you can add that cost to it.

Is HBO Max on Foxtel?

The entire HBO Max isn’t on Foxtel, however, Foxtel has a certain amount of HBO content available on Channel 114 (known as ‘Fox Showcase) in Australia. Remember, though, that this depends on the movie or show you choose to watch.

Apart from this, if you are a fan of comedy shows then Comedy Channel on Foxtel will be your binging destination in Australia. If you are an avid binger, consider getting both Fox Showcase and the Comedy Channel in the Foxtel Plus bundle.

Is HBO Max on Binge? How to Watch HBO on Binge in Australia?

You can find a limited HBO content library on Binge in Australia. Binge is available in Australia, which means that you will be easily able to get it in that region. But a limited library is available for HBO only, you will not be able to get HBO Max original content, for that you must use a VPN for accessing HBO Max official website.

How to get HBO in Australia on Stan

Stan is a native Australian service and is easily available in that region as well. But like Binge, not all of HBO Max content is available on the streaming service. You can still enjoy a few HBO favourites on Stan, but to devour the ultimate goodness of the HBO Max content and originals you will require an HBO Max VPN like ExpressVPN, Surfshark or NordVPN.

HBO Max Free Trial in Australia?

HBO Max offers a 30-day free trial to its users, so watching HBO Max for your favourite movies and shows at a cost of $0.00 for a whole month is truly amazing.

However, you will need a reliable VPN connection to change your region to America.

HBO GO vs. HBO NOW vs. HBO Max – What is the difference?

HBO Now and HBO GO do not exist more as these are discarded by HBO itself. However, HBO Now platform has been repositioned as “HBO”.

In parallel, the provider removed the “HBO Go” app from the app stores back in July 2020. However, HBO subscribers can use their credentials to access HBO Max app.

In the past, with cable TV subscriptions, you can enjoy both HBO Go and HBO Now. However, HBO has launched HBO Max, a new streaming service with all of the HBO Now and HBO Go content.

It also contains content from a variety of famous content producers like Crunchyroll, Cartoon Network, DC Adult Swim, and many others.

So, instead of getting an HBO Now subscription, you can use an HBO Max subscription because it has all of HBO’s content on a single platform.

What devices work with HBO Max?

HBO Max does not impose a limit to stream from a particular device to watch HBO shows and movies. The platform provides full control to stream from all famous market devices like Amazon Fire TV & tablets, Android phone/tablets, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad,iPod, Macbook, Google Chromecast, Gaming consoles, Roku, and others.

How to watch HBO Max on Apple TV?

Just like in the case of Smart TVExpressVPN doesn’t offer a default Apple TV application. So Apple TV’s VPN configuration also consists of two methods:

  1. Setting up ExpressVPN on Router
  2.  Or setting up MediaStream (ExpressVPN’s Smart DNS) service directly on the Apple TV.

For more detailed information, check out this support article on Setting up MediaStreamer on Apple TVsby ExpressVPN itself

How to watch HBO Max on PC?

Consider applying the below instructions to access HBO Max in Australia on your PC:

  1. Connect to ExpressVPN‘s US servers.
  2. Open Chrome or any other internet browser.
  3. Visit the HBO Max official page.
  4. Log in with your credentials.
  5. Enjoy watching HBO Max on your PC.

Best TV Shows on HBO Max

HBO Max offers hundreds of quality TV shows for watching; however, the following are a few best TV shows titles for spending quality time with the screen.

  1. The Nevers
  2. The Other Two
  3. Mare of Easttown
  4. C.B. Strike
  5. Doom Patrol
  6. Ghosts
  7. Scenes From a Marriage
  8. The Outsider
  9. The Undoing
  10. Stargirl
  11. Miracle Workers
  12. Hacks

Stream The Suicide Squad 2021 on HBO Max


James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is streaming on HBO Max exclusively, but for 29 DAYS ONLY! The anticipated standalone sequel of Suicide Squad franchise also included Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn. The high rated movie stars none other than, Margot Robbie, John Cena, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Sylvester Stallone, Jai Courtney, and Peter Capaldi. Use ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Max Outside USA and stream The Suicide Squad before its departure from HBO Max.

Best Movies on HBO Max

HBO Max has a good range of movies that satisfy various kinds of moods and interests. Here is a list of a few best movies on HBO Max for you,

  1. Malignant
  2. Cry Macho
  3. The Little Things
  4. Euphoria
  5. Greenland
  6. News of the World
  7. The Witches
  8. The Hunt
  9. The King of Staten Island
  10. Freaky
  11. All My Life
  12. Tenet


Although it is officialy not available in Australia, still you can access HBO Max in Australia via VPN. Just connect to a US server of a reliable VPN and stream HBO content on HBO Max from Australia

You can watch numerous titles of HBO Max on Netflix, but the service is not available on Netflix at all, not even in the form of an add-on.

HBO Max is available in Australia for a price plan of 20.48 AUD/month.

To stream HBO Max content on your home TV in Australia; apply the following steps.
1. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC to your TV using an HDMI cable.
2. Launch HBO Max on your device and start enjoying on TV.

Wrapping it up!

We told you, getting HBO Max in Australia is not a challenging task at all. You just need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN that can bypass even the strongest geo-restrictions that come their way.

If you happen to run into an issue, feel free to comment below, and team ScreenBinge will get back to you soon. 

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