How to Watch We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia


Are you thrilled and fully aware that your everlasting cherished book the Baltimore Sun is finally transitioning into its miniseries We Own This City in America? If you want to watch the miniseries, here’s how to watch We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia!

We Own This City released on Monday, 25th of April at 9 pm on HBO Max, it centers on the true story of corruption that occurred in the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

In 2015, there was an uproar of insurgences and riots which erupted across the city as citizens demanded justice for Freddie Gray, a twenty-five-year-old Black man who deceased under dubious circumstances while in police custody.

This mini-series will consist of 5 episodes

1. “Part One” – April 25, 2022
2. “Part Two” – May 2, 2022
3. “Part Three” – May 9, 2022
4. “Part Four” – May 16, 2022
5. “Part Five” – May 23, 2022
6. “Part Six” – May 30, 2022
7. “Part One” – April 25, 2022
8. “Part Two” – May 2, 2022

If you are a devoted admirer of We Own This City and you don’t reside in the United States, you must be pondering over How to stream We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia.

Unfamiliar with all the details relating to how to stream it online, its large group of actors, including its release date, etc.? Don’t worry, you have landed on the right piece of article because it will be available on HBO Max to stream and we’ll cover your concerns top to bottom.

Quick Steps: Watch We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia

Want to enjoy the evergreen miniseries without any hurdles and disruptions even if located in Australia? With the help of a quality VPN service, you can stream We Own This City effortlessly. Just simply follow these easy and quick steps

  1. Download a VPN (preferably ExpressVPN because it’s highly optimized).
  2. Look through its subscription plans and purchase one.
  3. Connect to any of the servers in USA.
  4. Go to the HBO Max Website and log in using your credentials.
  5. Find We Own This City from the search bar and cherish your streaming.

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We Own This City Trailer

This miniseries gives us a powerful reminder that there is a very delicate line that separates the Hero and the Villain. Here is the mind-boggling, breathtaking, and spectacular trailer of We Own This City.

Best VPNs to watch We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia

There are hundreds of VPNs available in the market that secure your data, benefit you with buffer-free streaming and block malicious content, some are free but some require a premium subscription.

So these are some common questions that come to mind when picking up a VPN for online streaming. Here is a list of the best VPNs that we’ve compiled for you.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia

ExpressVPN: Best and Fastest VPN to Unblock HBO Max outside the USA

ExpressVPN is one of the finest VPNs in the contemporary world, it offers the most advanced and high encryption service with the utmost browsing speed. It’s available for every vital device such as Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, Xbox, etc.

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia


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NordVPN: Largest Servers Network VPN to We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia

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Watch HBO Max with NordVPNLargest Server Network

Why do You need a VPN to Stream We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia?

As HBO Max is a US-based geo-restricted online streaming service you will not be able to access the content it provides in Australia. Certain websites and companies are constrained due to the publisher’s security principles, copyright laws, licensing agreements, and privacy protocols. Such content publishers impose regional restrictions which are geo-blocked automatically for the streaming platform.

Although HBO Max is not obtainable in many countries when there’s a will there is a way. You can easily stream We Own This City in Australia with the help of a VPN because it shields your identity and location.

With a premium VPN, you can also enjoy Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils on BBC iPlayer in Australia.

Introduction of We Own This City

We Own This City is based on a non-fiction book whose author is Justin Fenton. It revolves around the true story of corruption that occurred in the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

In 2015, there was an uproar of insurgences and riots which erupted across the city as citizens demanded justice for Freddie Gray, a twenty-five-year-old Black man who deceased under dubious circumstances while in police custody.

The Gun Trace Task Force cops were extremely corrupted and this department was headed by Wayne Jenkins. Although, Jenkins was given the responsibility of fixing the city’s drug and gun disasters he decided to abuse it instead.

The cops were highly praised for getting weapons, drugs, and criminals off the streets at tremendously high levels. Most of their success came by violating civil rights which they concealed later on with resourceful paperwork.

As a repercussion, civilians faced uncountable criminal convictions, the death of an innocent citizen, and the shadowy death of one cop who was shot in the head, killed just a day before he was scheduled to appear against the unit.

The former Baltimore police officers committed these awful lot of crimes thinking that they wouldn’t get caught and that the targeted suspected criminals would not have any influence even if they reported their corruption to superiors of the Police Department.

The cast of We Own This City

Jon Bernthal as Sgt. Wayne Jenkins
Wunmi Mosaku as Nicole Steele
Jamie Hector as Sean M. Suiter
McKinley Belcher III as Momodu “G Money” Gondo
Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jemell Rayam
Josh Charles as Daniel Hersl
Dagmara Domińczyk as Erika Jensen
Rob Brown as Maurice Ward
Don Harvey as John Sieracki
David Corenswet as David McDougall

Is it possible to watch We Own This City Online?

Unfortunately, We Own This City would not be available on any online streaming app other than HBO Max. However, it will be directly aired on traditional cable networks and if you don’t have access to a cable network you will be able to watch it easily on live TV streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV.

HBO Max Supported Devices – [HD Streaming]

  • Android TV – Android OS 5 and above
  • Amazon Fire TV – Fire OS 5.3.6 and above
  • Apple TV 4K – latest TVOS software
  • Apple TV HD – latest TVOS software
  • Spectrum World Box
  • Cox Contour 2
  • Contour Stream Player
  • Roku streaming device – Roku OS 9.3 and above
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Samsung TV – 2016 models and above
  • Xbox One


No, you can not have the facility of watching We Own This City on HBO Max in Australia without a VPN, Don’t you worry fulfill and enjoy every content that HBO Max offers with the help of a capable and competent VPN.

Yes HBO Max can detect VPNs if you are not a premium subscriber and using a free VPN, your VPN might be leaking your real IP address. In that case, HBO Max will identify it and block you from streaming its massive category of content. To avoid this situation, subscribe to one of the VPNs listed above it will surely provide you with a service that hides and protect your data.

We Own This City has a total of 6 episodes with the first one released on the 25th of April and the others weekly.

Wrap Up

There must be a surge of excitement, enthusiasm, and eagerness ever since you have heard your favorite book is finally getting its mini-series and it’s about to hit the small screen. We Own This City consists of a plot that will get you hooked to your screens until you’ve not ended it.

We’re sure living in a region where geo-restricted websites like HBO Max are not accessible is very challenging but you are lucky that you have stumbled upon the right article that will enable you to have all the information on how to watch We Own This City on HBO Max with ExpressVPN.

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