How to Watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia

Watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia

Treat yourself to some entertainment shows by learning how to watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia. The American reality TV show is back for a third season to continue serving good vibes and entertainment on November 25, 2022, only on HBO Max.

With the current licensing policies, streamers with IP addresses not belonging to the USA are blocked from watching or streaming any content of HBO Max in Australia. That is because HBO Max is currently only available in the US territories.

But the good news is you can still watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia. You just need to unblock HBO Max in Australia, and you can do that with a VPN’s help.

Easy Steps – Watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia

To watch the third season of the We’re Here show, you must follow the steps below and make sure not to miss any of them.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (A VPN provider reliable for streaming.)
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to one of ExpressVPN’s US servers.
  4. Open your HBO Max website, search for the TV series We’re Here, and stream it on the app comfortably in Australia.

Where Can I Watch the We’re Here Season 3?

On HBO Max. You can exclusively watch We’re Here Season 3 on its original network, HBO and HBO Max. If you are new to this series, you may also want to watch We’re Here Season 2, and We’re Here Season 1 Episode 1 to get an idea of what Season 3 will bring.

What date is We’re Here Season 3 Coming Out?

We’re Here Season 3 release date is set for November 25, 2022, on HBO Max. The third season’s release date is over one year since the We’re Here Season 2 release date (October 11, 2021). With that, avid viewers are more excited about what the new season will deliver.

What is We’re Here Season 3 About?

The overall plot of the American reality TV show We’re Here Season 3 is all about delivering entertainment. This TV series features Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara. The three drag queens travel around the US and recruit small-town residents to take part in one-night-only drag shows.

Who are in We’re Here Season 3 Cast?

The We’re Here Season 3 casting includes the three drag queens listed below and the small-town residents they recruit as they travel across the US.

Real Name Better Known As
Christopher D. Caldwell Bob the Drag Queen
Eureka Eureka O’Hara
Chantize Darius Jeremy Pierce Shangela

What Awards did We’re Here Win?

The entire TV series We’re Here franchise has won multiple prestigious awards. In 2022, the TV series won two Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2021, the TV series was able to secure the GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Reality Program.

How Many Episodes are in We’re Here Season 3?

The TV series We’re Here Season 3 will reportedly have six episodes. The first one will air on November 25, 2022, and an episode will be released every recurring week until its final episode on December 30, 2022. As of writing, there are no confirmed dates for the We’re Here Season 4 release date.

Is We’re Here getting a Season 3?

Yes, it is. We’re Here is set to premiere its third season on November 25, 2022. Before the season premieres, you may want to consider watching its past episodes, such as We’re Here Season 2 Episode 3, to get an idea of how the show runs.

How Many Seasons of We’re Here Season 3 are there?

As of writing, there are three confirmed seasons of the TV series We’re Here. The first season premiered on April 23, 2020, the second on October 11, 2021, and the third on November 25, 2022. There is no news on whether or not there will be a We’re Here Season 4.

Is there a Trailer of We’re Here Season 3?

If you want to get a glimpse of the third season, you may watch the We’re Here Season 3 trailer on HBO’s official Youtube account. The trailer teases the new adventure of the three drag queens as they travel across the US to recruit drag show participants. The trailer also showed the participants’ backgrounds, where they came from, and what made them join the show.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia?

There can be a number of reasons ExpressVPN is the best at what it does. But specifically in the space of streaming, it lets streamers have a stable connection while streaming their favorite geo-blocked content wherever they want to.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia


As you use ExpressVPN to watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia, you are treated to a whole new level of VPN experience. ExpressVPN has impressed millions of users already and is the best when it comes to this matter.

You need to connect to one of ExpressVPN’s US servers if you want to unblock HBO Max and watch the TV series We’re Here Season 3 in Australia. You may choose your preferred server from the list of servers that ExpressVPN has as you use it.

ExpressVPN does not just impress you with its servers but also with its features and services. Those include ISP Throttling, Split Tunneling, Threat Manager, Unlimited Server Switches, Multiple Connections, and MediaStreamer.

You can take advantage of the MediaStreamer feature that ExpressVPN has if you have a device that does not support VPNs. By using MediaStreamer, you can allow your device to connect to ExpressVPN regardless.

It is best to take advantage and subscribe to ExpressVPN’s current 12+3 deal exclusive to the 12-month plan. This deal treats you to 15 months of a subscription while only paying for 12 months. Each month costs AU$9.37/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan).

You may also choose the other plans if you prefer. Either way, all ExpressVPN plans are money-back guaranteed.

ExpressVPN lets you watch geo-restricted content from streaming platforms like Netflix and Paramount+, Peacock TV, etc.

Because you have unfettered access, the online content of your choice, such as the Welcome to ChippendalesL Word: Generation Q Season 3, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, and Ziwe Season 2, is now very easy for you to access.

We’re Here Season 3


No, it is not. We’re Here Season 3 premieres on November 25, 2022.

Some of We’re Here Season 3 filming locations are Granbury, Brevard County, Florida; Sussex, New Jersey; St. George, Utah; and Jackson, Mississippi.

Peter LoGreco is the director, and one of the executive producers for We’re Here Season 3.

Wrap Up

Another season of We’re Here is set to bring entertainment to your screens. With that, don’t miss out on the chance to watch We’re Here Season 3 in Australia. Now that ExpressVPN can assist you in watching it without any restrictions, there are no other reasons for you to miss out on the premiere date of this TV series.

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