How to Watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu


Where can I watch Secrets of Hillsong documentary? You can watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu. However, because of geo-restriction, you must use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN for streaming The Secret of Hillsong Australia.

The popularity of the Hillsong documentary made us search queries like The Secrets of Hillsong where to watch. You can watch the series on Hulu. However, becuase of the geo-restriction, you will need a VPN to access Hulu in Australia.

You can also get a Hulu free trial to watch The Secrets of Hillsong online free. Read on as we have discussed how to use a premium VPN for The Secrets of Hillsong documentary streaming in Australia.

How to watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu in 2023? [5 Quick Steps]

Watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu using a VPN with these five quick steps:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN optimized for streaming (Recommended: ExpressVPN for an HD-quality stream).
  • Download the VPN app on your streaming device.
  • Launch the VPN and connect to a US server (Recommended: New York server).
  • Go to Hulu and sign in.
  • Watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu!

Note: The methods to pay for Hulu are very convenient and user-friendly, and watching The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary Australia is just a click away. Also, Hulu price are pocket-friendly, giving you access to a complete content library. 

Where can I Watch Secrets of Hillsong Documentary in Australia?

You can stream the Hillsong documentary on Hulu in Australia. Hulu, exclusively available in the US. If you are in any other country, you will need to use ExpressVPN for The Secrets of Hillsong watch online.

Stop searching for quires like how can I watch the Secrets of Hillsong in Australia? Watch Hulu with ExpressVPN by getting your subscription now. Keep reading to find out how to watch The Secrets of Hillsong episode 1 for free.

Where can I Watch The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary for Free in Australia?

You can use Hulu’s 30-day free trial to watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu free online without paying a dime. The Hulu free trial is available for new subscribers and eligible returning customers.

You will also need the best VPN for Hulu to access Hulu in Australia so you can watch The Secrets of Hillsong documentary Australia without any interruptions. After the free trial, you can easily cancel Hulu Subscription.

When can I watch Secrets of Hillsong on Hulu?

The Secrets of Hillsong release date on Hulu was May 20, 2023. The four-part docuseries had its FX premiere on May 19, 2023, and was made available for streaming on Hulu the following day. It traces the ascent and decline of the contentious megachurch Hillsong.

What is Plot of The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary?

The Secrets of Hillsong is a four-part docuseries about the contentious Australian Christian megachurch known as Hillsong and its history of concealing misdeeds to protect itself. It is based on the investigative research of Vanity Fair writers Alex French and Dan Adler.

Hillsong is charged with money laundering and prejudice. Several people who left Hillsong reveal their stories of trauma, homophobia, racial minorities, abuse, labor, and financial exploitation, all contributing to the church’s toxic culture.

Through talks with victims, former leaders, and experts, this four-part investigative docuseries conveys the most comprehensive study to date of an institution in disaster.

Who are in the Cast of The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary?

Here are Hillsong documentary Hulu cast and crew:

Cast/Crew Role
David Collins Executive Producer
Joel Chiodi Executive Producer
Alex French Executive Producer
Sarah Amos Executive Producer
Michael Williams Executive Producer
Rob Eric Executive Producer
Dan Adler Executive Producer
Agnes Chu As self
Tanya Levin As self
Ashley Jones As self
David Cowdrey As self
Mary Jones As self
David Shoebridge As self
Josh Canfield As self
Geoff Bullock As self
Janice Lagata As self
Carl Lentz As self
Laura Lentz As self

How many Episodes is The Secrets of Hillsong?

A remarkable four-part docuseries titled “The Secrets of Hillsong” examines the church’s gleaming structure and takes it apart piece by piece. The Secrets of Hillsong exceeds the standard length for docuseries by at least one episode.

Find more details on The Secrets of Hillsong documentary episodes below:

Episode No. Episode Summary
Hillsong documentary episode 1 A young pastor, Carl Lentz, arrived in New York in 2015 to represent Hillsong, which is an Australian megachurch; as allegations broke out, Lentz was sacked from his position and disappeared; now, over two years later, he speaks out.
Hillsong documentary episode 2 Carl and Laura Lentz provide a window into the inner workings of Hillsong, discussing the pressures of growing the church’s membership and the response of church officials when they saw Carl as a threat.
Hillsong documentary episode 3 Reporters from around the world have uncovered how Hillsong’s founder, Frank Houston, established a culture of silence within the church through the use of non-disclosure agreements as well as hush money.
Hillsong documentary episode 4 Not long after Carl Lentz was kicked out of Hillsong, claims of Brian Houston’s own misbehavior surfaced, and he was expelled from the church along with formal charges of covering up his father’s misdeeds.

Is there a Trailer of The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary?

Yes, there is a The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary trailer. Watch The Secrets of Hillsong documentary Australia trailer below:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu?

The buffer-free streaming with no server disconnections makes ExpressVPN as best VPN to watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu. ExpressVPN servers are optimized for streaming the best movies on Hulu in Australia. Read on to know more.

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The Secrets of Hillsong

What other Latest Content can I Stream besides The Secrets of Hillsong Documentary in Australia on Hulu?

Hulu currently streams a range of the latest shows, movies, and events. Here is what’s new on Hulu:


Director Stacey Lee and Alex French, a Vanity Fair reporter who broke the story that served as the basis for this documentary, are both present to discuss this new documentary series.

Executive producers of The Secrets of Hillsong include David Collins, Joel Chiodi, Michael Williams, Rob Eric, Agnes Chu, Dan Adler, Sarah Amos and Alex French.

Hillsong has been charged with accusations of both bias and financial impropriety. The series delves into numerous claims of wrongdoing against the church, such as instances of discrimination towards members of the congregation who are from racial minorities.

Examining one of the most prosperous megachurches in America as well as the investigative reporting that resulted in the firing of two well-known pastors.

The Vanity Fair-produced documentary “The Secrets of Hillsong” features a few unnecessary beats where different reporters are interviewed and say things like, “And then we realized there was more to the story.” But those shortcomings may also be used to highlight its positive aspects, such as how the series works best when the atonement and accountability feel personal.

The most significant revelations from the new documentary series “Secrets of Hillsong” is Lentz claims that drug addiction and childhood sexual abuse drove him to his lowest point. Lentz accepts responsibility for the incident that resulted in his dismissal.

Wrap Up

Where can I watch Hillsong documentary in Australia? You need a VPN to watch The Secrets of Hillsong in Australia on Hulu due to geo-blocks imposed. A premium VPN will employ the Hulu location trick and allow you to watch the docuseries on Hulu.

If you want to know about the scandals linked to the Hillson megachurch, get your ExpressVPN subscription today. We recommend ExpressVPN for an uninterrupted Hillsong documentary Hulu streaming experience with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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