Best Romantic Movies on Netflix in Australia (April 2022)


A good love story tugs at heart and makes one a weeping puddle of emotions. A good romantic movie on your favorite streaming site, a mug of hot chocolate, a box of tissues, and you are set to spend a comfortable evening. We have curated a list of the best romantic movies on Netflix in Australia for you to sift through and choose according to your mood. You can also check these ever-best movies on Netflix Australia. However, most of the romantic movies have been nominated for the best picture winner category.

From rom-com to gut-wrenching tragedies, from adult drama to teen drama, classics to modern-day romance movies, our list contains some of the best romance movies to watch on Netflix in Australia. So, pick your favorite movies from the following list, make your hot cocoa, grab a blanket and prepare to embark on a roller coaster of emotions.

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Let it Snow

Let It Snow

Director: Luke Snellin

Writers: Kay Cannon, Victoria Strouse, and Laura Solon.

Cast: Isabela Merced, Liv Hewson, Joan Cusack, Jacob Batalon, Shameik Moore, Odeya Rush, Kiernan Shipka.

This is a typical old-school romance movie that captures several love stories that bloom when heavy snowfall hits a small midwestern on Christmas Eve and brings a group of high-schoolers together. Many romances and friendships overlap, and they have to decide which to keep and which to let go of. It is a love story to watch when you’re feeling low.

Set It Up

Set it up 

Director: Claire Scanlon

Writer: Katie Silberman

Cast: Taye Diggs, Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, and Lucy Liu

This is an unusual love story of two bosses who are being schemed to fall in love, and the schemers are their assistants who try to make their bosses love each other to get some time off their hectic schedule. Things start getting icky as the assistants, too, start feeling the flames of love. Zoey Deutch has shown amazing acting skills in the movie.

Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe

Director: George C. Wolfe

Writer: Ann Peacock, John Romano

Cast: Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Viola Davis, Christopher Meloni, Scott Glenn

Based on Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name, Nights in Rodanthe tells us a tale of love, redemption, and grief. Two people from different backgrounds meet at Rodanthe (each dealing with their own turbulence in life) and eventually fall in love. Together they seek comfort in each other and help each other in solving their life issues. Although events in their lives cause them to be physically separate, the love they hold for each other heals them and brings them contentment.

Irreplaceable You

Irreplaceable You

Director: Stephanie Laing

Writer: Bess Wohl

Cast: Gugu Mbatha_Raw, Brian Tyree Henry, Michiel Huisman, Steve Coogan, Jacki Weaver, Timothy Simons, Kate McKinnon, Christopher Walken, Tamara Tunie

Irreplaceable you is a story of a happy, soon-to-be-married couple whose lives change when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Abbie and Sam have been together since childhood, and now when separation seems inevitable due to Abbie’s cancer, she embarks on a mission to find Sam, a future partner. In doing so, she goes through a personal journey of self-reflection and realization. The movie is a light rom-com with tear-jerker moments.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

Director: Robert Schwentke

Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin

Cast: Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana, Ron Livingston, Arliss Howard

An accident reveals Henry DeTamble the ability to travel between time. The drawback: He cannot control the timings and destinations of his time travel. Years later, working in a library, Henry meets the love of his life and marries her. But the uncontrolled time travel puts a strain on their relationship. Nevertheless, the couple navigates through the ups and downs of life magnified by spontaneous time traveling. Rachel McAdams has done the career-best performance in this movie.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

Director: P.J Hogan

Writer: Ronald Bass

Cast: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney, Rupert Everett, Philip Bosco

A Julia Robert classic, My best friend’s wedding, can be placed as a top choice in the list of best charming romantic comedy movies on Netflix. Julianne Potter and Michael O’Neal are lifelong childhood friends who made a pact about marrying each other if both are single by the age of 28. Weeks before her 28th birthday Julliane gets invited to Michael’s wedding. Realizing she loves Michael, Julliane sets out to sabotage the wedding, a more complicated task because the bride has made her the Maid of Honor.

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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Director: James Marsh

Writer: Anthony McCarten

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson, Charlie Cox, Simon McBurney, Maxine Peake, David Thewlis

The Theory of Everything is a biographical movie on the life of the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. It is an adaptation from the memoir, Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, written by his wife, Jane Hawking. The movie focuses majorly on his married life, his ALS diagnosis, and its effect on his mobility, marriage, and quality of life.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

Director: David O. Russell

Writer: David O. Russell

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jacki Weaver, Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker, Anupam Kher

Pat Solatano has lost his job, wife and has recently done an eight-month stint in a mental health clinic for bipolar disorder. He now wants to rebuild his life and reconnect with his ex-wife, who has a restraining order against him. However, his life becomes complicated when he meets Tiffany Maxwell, a widow with her own mental health challenges. She offers to help him win his wife back if he does her a little favor. Together they find happiness and contentment in life, albeit in an unorthodox manner.

Effie Gray

Effie Gray

Director: Richard Laxton

Writer: Emma Thompson

Cast: Dakota Fanning, Julie Walters, Emma Thompson, David Suchet, James Fox, Derek Jacobi, Claudia Cardinale, Robbie Coltrane, Tom Sturridge, Greg Wise

Based on the real-life marriage story of the English writer John Ruskin with Euphemia Gray and the events leading towards their annulment, Effie Gray is one of the finest romantic movies on Netflix. It becomes very apparent to Effie Gray after her marriage that her husband has no interest in consummating their marriage. John Ruskin’s disinterest in her, along with the oppressive environment of his house, takes a toll on her health. However, she soon finds a friend who pushes her to bring a much-needed change in her life.

8. Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Writer: Grant Nieporte

Cast: Will Smith, Michael Ealy, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Barry Pepper

Seven Pounds is an emotional, romantic drama about a man racked with guilt over an incident from his past. He meticulously researches and finds people who need various organ donations and donates his own organs. The audience will soon discover how and why he intends to donate those organs in a heart-wrenching turn of events.

9. Someone Great

Someone Great

Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Writer: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Cast: Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, Brittany Snow, Peter Vack, Lakeith Stanfield

Jenny is a music journalist who lands her dream job and has to move cities. Unfortunately, her world crumbles as her long-time boyfriend breaks up with her. When her life going through sudden significant changes overwhelms her, she finds herself submerged in depression. Her two best friends enlist themselves to help their friend find herself and mend their own life drama through an epic adventure. Gina Rodriguez has given her best performance when it comes to acting.

10. Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha

Director: Rob Marshall

Writer: Robin Swicord

Cast: Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Watanabe, Koji Yakusho, Kaori Momoi, Youki Kudoh, Gong Li

The novel Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden revolves around a young Japanese girl sold to a geisha house. The film chronicles her life of survival as a servant and later a trained Geisha with immense beauty who eventually finds true love despite the tremendous hardships she faces. The movie is also a social commentary on the Geisha society and the impact of the world war ii era on it.

11. Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza

Director: Donald Petrie

Writer: Amy Holden Jones, Randy Howze, Alfred Uhry, Perry Howze

Cast: Adam Storke, Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor.

An aesthetically pleasing tale, Mystic Pizza is a 1980s perfect rom-com. The movie centers on the three teenage girls, Jojo, Daisy, and Kate, who work in a pizza parlor. The girls, while working as waitresses, realize the complications and dreams of their life. Now, the only thing they want to do is to fulfill their dreams and find love. And yes… when you watch this movie, I would recommend you to get your pizza!

12. Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Director: Will Gluck

Writer: Will Gluck, David A. Newman, Keith Merryman.

Cast: Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins.

Another beautiful rom-com, Friends with benefits, is a tale of 2 lovers: Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake). Jamie is a recruiter based in New York, while Dylan is a Los Angeles art director. Jamie entices him to work in the GQ magazine office in New York. Working together and having similarities, the two become friends much faster. But when they decide to add sex in their relationship, the things – to their surprise – get tuck in more complications.

13. About Time

About Time

Director: Richard Curtis

Writer: Richard Curtis

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Margot Robbie, Billy Nightly.

Though the rom-com is a good combo, guess what can be better? Well, it is probably the combination of fantasy and romance. It is a good watch, right? About Time is a fantastic time-traveling tale about an intriguing man named Tim. Tim has just recently found that all his family men can travel in time and change their lives accordingly. What surprises him is that he too can do the same; he has time-traveling power! Now, without the wastage of further time, he travels time to change his life by winning the woman he loves.

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14. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Director: Ryan Murphy

Writer: Elizabeth Gilbert

Cast: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, James Franco, Richard Jenkins.

In her contented life, Liz used to think that she lives an almost perfect life. She has everything one can wish for: a husband, a home, and a successful career. But her thoughts were short-lived, and her “perfect” life was soon shattered when her husband divorced her. Now to reshape all of her life from scratch and to find her true inner self, she embarks on a journey; rediscovering and reconnecting the world around her. Watch it because this is among the best romantic drama movies on Netflix.

15. Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

Director: Nahnatchka Khan

Writer: Ali Wong, Michael Golamco, Randall Park

Cast: Ali Wong, Randall Park, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Dae Kim

A famous American rom-com, Always be my Maybe, is a story of two childhood lovers who don’t express their feelings to each other for a good 15 years. After this long period, the two, Sasha and Marcus, reconnect. The old sparks are still there, but they try to settle with each other’s different worlds. You won’t regret watching this evenly cheesy and solid movie. You will find romantic elements throughout the picture. Young woman, Ali Wong has done a career-best performance in this picture. You will find everything in this movie including sweeping romance and it is one of the top romantic movies on Netflix. Randall Park has also been nominated for Academy Awards.

16. The tourist

The tourist

Director: Florian Henckel

Writer: Jérôme Salle

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell.

Romance with sex scenes is a perfect combo. As the name suggests, the movie revolves around a tourist (Frank) who visits Italy after a recent heartbreak to deal with it. But soon faces an alluring woman, Elise, and finds himself in a dangerous situation. Will he be able to get out of the web of the danger he sewed himself? It’s a sweet story film about young love from a young woman.

17. Killers


Director: Robert Siodmak

Writer: Ernest Hemingway

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Catherine O’Hara, Katheryn Winnick

If you question your browser about what can be some of the best loving movies to watch on Netflix, you will always find Killers. It is undoubtedly worth watching. The Killers movie centers around Jen, who is living a happy life with her husband, but that all comes to an end when she realizes that her husband lied to her about his job; he is a spy. Now she must learn the dodge-the-bullet play to help save her husband, who has been a target and can be killed anytime.

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18. The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds

Director: Michael Showalter

Writer: Martin Gero, Aaron Abrams, Brendan Gall

Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Issa Rae, Anna Camp, Paul Sparks

It is more of a thrilling and action movie, a faultless movie for those who love action and thrill with a little touch of romance. So… Watch it now because, if I am not mistaken, this movie gives you all you want in one pack in 1 hour 27 minutes! Yes, it is short but also probably the best. Okay, I won’t talk anymore; go watch it.

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19. The incredible Jessica James

The incredible Jessica James

Director: James C. Strouse

Writer: James C. Strouse

Cast: Jessica Williams, Chris O’Dowd, LaKeith Stanfield, Noël Wells

The Incredible Jessica James is a movie all about Jessica, a playwright in New York City. But after her break-up, she comes face-to-face with Boone, who too was going through a split-up. The two have now befriended each other. And now are…. Wait! Why should I tell you, find it out yourself? But yes, I must tell you that this quirky, witty, and dramatic movie with a slight touch of romance can’t be out of the count of the best romance movies on Netflix. Jessica Williams has perfectly nailed her character.

20. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Director: Mike Newell

Writer: Annie Barrows , Mary Ann Shaffer

Cast: Lily James, Michiel Huisman, Jessica Brown Findlay, Matthew Goode

Based on a historical and fictional novel by Anny Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a 1946 tale that talks about a woman compelled to visit the German-occupied island Guernsey. Little dramatic and romantic, this movie has quite a big name as a movie, right? But believe me, it is the perfect one you want to watch right now; after all, it is among the best romance movies on Netflix.

21. Dance of the Forty One

Dance of the Forty One

Director: David Pablos

Writer: Monika Revilla

Cast: Alfonso Herrera, Emiliano Zurita, Mitzo Mabel Carina, Rodrigo Virago

Another historical tale, Dance of the 41 , is a true story of Ignacio de la Torre (Alfonso Herrera). It traces an illegal police raid taking place in a private house in Mexico City. The suspense-packed movie further shows how the government tries to hide the incident. The media, however, wants it to be published and is very keen. The movie is in Spanish, yet you can still enjoy it with subtitles.

22. All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places

Director: Brett Haley

Writer: Jennifer Niven

Cast: Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Felix Mallard

Can’t find the best romantic Christmas movies on Netflix? You don’t have to. This doesn’t mean that All the bright places is a Christmas rom-com, but it is something even better! This romantic teen movie is a mind-blowingly beautiful tale of two lovers who completely change each other’s lives.

23. To all the boys I’ve loved before

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Director: Susan Johnson

Writer: Jenny Han

Cast: Lana Condor, Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart.

A movie called all the boys is the best love story and one of the romantic movies on Netflix. Haven’t you watched the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix? No problem! Here is something for you. To all the boys I’ve loved before is one of the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix. A young teenage girl, Lara Jean, had crushes on many boys at her high school. She never expressed her feelings and wrote scads of letters but never sent them to her crushes. Maybe she was afraid of being caught or being embarrassed. Unfortunately, her sister was soon aware of it. But, wait, if you don’t want to ruin your suspense, go and check it out and if you are looking for romantic movies on Netflix then you must watch all the boys. However, a movie name all the boys is the sweet love story of a teenager.

24. A little chaos

A little chaos

Director: Alan Rickman

Writer: Alan Rickman, Allison Deegan, Jeremy Brock.

Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet.

Are you looking for a masterpiece movie? Yeah, then you are in the right place. A little chaos , directed by Alan Rickman, is one of the top romance movies on Netflix. The story successfully grabs the audience’s attention as it starts with a girl, a talented landscape designer, who came to the garden of King Louis XIV, Versailles palace. There, she falls in love with a guy who is also a designer. Don’t waste time thinking about which movie to watch. Grab popcorn in one hand and remote in the other and relax. Now, you are watching something that you won’t regret, for sure.

25. The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth

Director: Vince Marcello

Writer: Beth Reekles

Cast: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Taylor Zakhar Perez

Now, here is a movie that you are probably going to love. The kissing booth is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix. A girl from high school signs to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival. The real suspense begins when she comes to know that she has a crush on her senior. Joey doesn’t want to lose her friends too. Ahem! Don’t spoil your suspense now. It’s worth checking out. It is one of the best romantic movies ever.

26. Holding the man

Holding the man

Director: Neil Armfield

Writer: Tommy Murphy, Timothy Conigrave

Cast: Ryan Ko, Craig Stott, Guy Pearce.

It’s a 2015 Australian movie with many twists and thrills. Jealousy, temptation, loss, and discrimination play a major role in separating Tim and John. When you love someone so much but don’t get the same value from the person you expect, that hurts, and you break, lose, and regret it. Wait, don’t get emotional right now. Keep your emotions for the movie. What are you waiting for? But before you watch, keep a handful of tissues ready.

27. Howards end

Howards end

Director: James Ivory

Writer: E. M. Forster

Cast: James Ivory, D. H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad.

If E.M Forster decides to write something, then the expectations are sky-high. What happens when two beautiful ladies fall in love with the same person. It’s more dangerous when they are sisters. Helen fell in love with Paul Wilcox, but he rejected her. But Paul was more interested in her sister Margaret. If you don’t want to waste your time searching for the top romance movies on Netflix, then jump right into this.

28. Loving


Director: Jeff Nichols

Writer: Jeff Nichols

Cast: Michael Shannon, Jacob Lofland, Ruth Negga.

Do you want to spend the boring extra 2 hours? Your 2 hours will go by in 20 minutes, and you won’t even know. Loving is a real story based on an interracial couple. The couples Richard Loving and Mildred Loving are thrown out of their state home in Virginia. The arrested couple approach the supreme court for justice to get back to their home.

29. Hampstead


Director: Joel Hopkins

Writer: Nick Mason

Cast: Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson, James Norton.

Emily is an American widow who lives in the posh area, Hamstead. But now, she is unable to carry the burden of rent. On the other hand, Donald is an Irish loner who wants nothing but peaceful life. This is the stage where both found each other, and Emily got attracted to him.

30. Ophelia


Director: Claire McCarthy

Writer: William Shakespeare, Semi Chellas

Cast:  Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts, George Mackay.

Ophelia, a motherless young teenage girl, was brought to the Elsinore Castle by Queen Gertrude. When she grew up, she got the affection of young Prince Hamlet. The kingdom was on the brink of war. These two young people were lost to each other when the Prince lost his father, who was murdered. With its slight suspense and exciting plot, this is counted among the best romance movies on Netflix. Believe me; you won’t regret watching it. It is one of the evergreen romantic movies of all time.

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Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage story

Comedy, Drama, Romance

IMDB: 7.9

Director: Noah Baumbach

Stars: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Julia Greer

Starring Adam Driver and others on Marriage Story. The movie Marriage Story revolves around a cruel family. Their lives have turned like a cat and mouse game but she’s passionate to save her marriage life. It is a sweet story movie.  A detailed retrospect of what goes into a brutal divorce and how most families struggle to keep their family intact while uncoupling themselves from years of togetherness, shared moments, and countless mixed memories. Marriage Story is one of the emotional movies on Netflix movies when it comes to the separation of the family. The role of Adam Diver has been admired in mainstream media.

I’m No Longer Here (2019)

I am no longer here


IMDB: 7.3

Director: Fernando Frias

Stars: Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino, Xueming Angelina Chen, Sophia Metcalf

The movie follows a small Mexican street gang, “Los Terkos,” who loves listening to slowed-down cumbia music and attending dance parties. However, when their leader Ulises Samperio protects one of his gang members and gets involved in a cartel misunderstanding, he is forced to move to New York City. He tries to adjust to the new surroundings, but soon he learns about the threat to his gang and the whole Kolombia pop culture; he is bent on returning home. It is one of the top romantic movies on Netflix.


When you have Netflix, a steady mood, and a movie set up, all you need is to find the best romantic movies on Netflix in Australia, and you are good to go. But how to know what’s the best? Don’t panic; this is what we tell you after finding some of the must-watch movies for you. This long list carries the best romantic movies to watch on Netflix, and we are quite affirmative that you will definitely get some great movies out of it. So what are you waiting for start your romance movies streaming now?

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