How to Watch First Kill on Netflix Outside Australia


If you’re wondering why First Kill and other movies aren’t streaming in some countries, the answer is simple. Movies like books and songs fall under copyright laws and royalties. Each country has its own rules.

Usually, that isn’t a problem. However, when you book that holiday abroad, you become intimately aware that you will miss your long-anticipated show.

So how can you surpass this block and still have an option on how to watch First Kill (2022) on Netflix outside Australia? Its anticipated season release is on schedule in Australia for June 10, 2022.

VPNs cross that hurdle. We’ll take you through the steps to access your favorite shows regardless of your location. Even if First Kill isn’t available in those countries. But you can watch it through Netflix from anywhere.

About First Kill on Netflix Outside Australia

The hype behind First Kill isn’t surprising. Written by New York Times best-selling author (V.E.) Victoria Schwab, the short story had readers salivating.

The gist of the story isn’t complicated. Girl meets girl. Only one happens to be a vampire, and the other is, you guessed it, a vampire hunter. Schwab created this tense teenage angst story and added another powerful twist. It’s a lesbian love story.

Apparently, vampires never die.

What’s a VPN? VPN means virtual private network. It’s a vital shield to protect your connection and privacy. A VPN creates an encrypted pathway for your data and cloaks your IP address so you can access public Wi-Fi forums.

Easy Steps: How to Watch First Kill (2022) on Netflix Outside Australia

Now that you know what VPN is, you’ll need to acquire one to watch First Kill on your trip.

Here are the easy steps:

  1. Choose a reputable VPN app like ExpressVPN. This VPN app provider has fast servers and excels in performance. Follow the online prompts.
  2. When prompted, download the VPN app to whatever device you plan on using.
  3. Supply your username and passcode to login into your VPN app.
  4. Connect to a band server (Australian source)
  5. Open your Netflix account, follow the redirect to the American movie library and select the movie and watch First Kill (2022) on Netflix Outside Australia.

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What To Expect from First Kill?

Don’t confuse the new release of First Kill with the 2017 thriller starring Bruce Willis. You’ll be disappointed because it’s not the vampire version of First Kill. For reference, watch this video trailer for First Kill.

What Is First Kill Based on?

Audiences have been fascinated by vampires since before Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Le Fanu’s 1872 novel, Carmilla, was also a gothic lesbian novel.

Schwab saw an opportunity. She took beloved vampires and made them into teenage girls. Teenage girls are also ferocious readers.

Current literature trends focus on underrepresented voices from minority groups like the LGBTQ community. The storyline is classic.

Shy vampire child Juliette struggles to fit into her community and even her family. Along comes a newcomer, enter Calliope. (Shakespeare’s connection to both names noted.)

In a right of passage, Juliette is supposed to take a life. It’s what vampires do. But the moment Juliette meets Calliope; a sexual awareness fires the engines of puberty.

Calliope, however, is from a lineage of vampire killers. Her calling in life is to slay monsters like Juliette. The tension is catastrophic and causes turbulence among the two rival families.

Will First Kill Be Released on Netflix in 2022?

The anticipated release of the series’ First Kill is June 10, 2022, in Australia. There is no need to book in advance if you have your ExpressVPN app to travel with you.

What Is the Plot of First Kill?

It’s best to watch these multilayered plots from the edge of your seat.

Vampires live by an ancient code. Juliette has matured into a young female vampire, and her duty now rests on making her first kill. Juliette doesn’t take killing lightly. When Calliope, the perfect victim, materializes, Juliette needs to impress her family elders.

There’s a slight problem with her choice. Calliope has an ace up her sleeve and is a menace to vampires like Juliette. Calliope belongs to an ancient hierarchy of vampire slayers. Both families have a thirst for blood, but Juliette and Calliope quickly discover a better option for killing. They’d rather explore their prowess with their tongues and kisses than family lore.

Where Can I Watch First Kill?

First Kill is a Netflix series. The first season opens in Australia on June 10, 2022. Make sure you have your ExpressVPN app loaded.

What Is the Total Episode Count?

Season 1 of First Kill has eight episodes. Each episode is 60 minutes long. No word on Season 2.

Who Are the Cast Members of First Kill?

Imani Lewis of ‘The Equalizer’ series fame plays Calliope Burns, a monster slayer.
Sarah Catherine Hook, model, influencer, and actor in ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ fame, plays the lead vampire heroine, Juliette Fairmont.
Elizabeth Mitchell rose to fame in the series LOST. She plays Juliette’s vampire mom.
Jason R. Moore portrays Jack Burns, a legendary monster slayer.
Aubin Wise is Calliope’s monster-slaying mother, Atlanta.

What Date Is First Kill Coming Out?

Put it on your calendar. Episode 1 Season 1 of First Kill is on schedule to entertain the crowd on June 10, 2022.

Is First Kill a Worth-Watching Movie?

If you’re a teen or a parent of a teen, this is a must-watch. If you happen to enjoy Schwab’s novels, this will entertain.

What Are the Best VPNs to Watch First Kill on Netflix Outside Australia?

Bring the best VPN app if you plan to travel outside of Australia when First Kill launches.

Choose ExpressVPN to watch First Kill on Netflix outside Australia. ExpressVPN app makes traveling easy. Clients rely on top performance from Trusted Server Technology on their dedicated devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Kodi, Apple, Roku, FireTV, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi Routers, MacOs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

With the ExpressVPN app, you can watch First Kill hassle-free on your device anywhere.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPNs to Watch First Kill on Netflix Outside Australia

ExpressVPN AU

ExpressVPN surfs a vast network of servers in almost 94+ countries over 3000+ servers. Because ExpressVPN has more than 30 Australian-based servers, it bypasses geo-blocks on the Netflix network.

Count on ExpressVPN to excel and provide 84.64 Mbps upload speed. The app backs up the service with 89.42Mbps on 100Mbps connections of download speed.


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The app also unlocks other media platforms content like Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix, Tennis Birmingham Classic 2022 on BBC iPlayer, The Janes on HBO Max, and more.

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Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Watch First Kill on Netflix Outside Australia

Surfshark AU

Surfshark is a bargain VPN subscription plan. For AU$3.67/mo (US$2.49/mo) (81% Off on 2 Years Plan), you can watch First Kill anywhere. It has a wide range of 3200+ servers in over 65+ countries.

Subscribers can mitigate geo-blocks and access Netflix, Discovery Plus, etc.


Surfshark provides downloading speed of 88.14 Mbps and 83.72 Mbps uploading. The low-cost app has next-gen features and works with Windows, Apple TV, Kodi, and Roku. A great source to watch other hits like Post Mortem.

NordVPN: Largest Network To Watch First Kill on Netflix Outside USA


NordVPN is another excellent resource for streaming great Netflix content while out of the country. NordVPn has a massive and secure network. You can binge First Kill without any glitches.

NordVPN provides over 5310+ servers in~ 59+ countries. You can stream First Kill and access Starz, HBO Max, Paramount, Disney+, and Prime Video wherever your vacay takes you.


VPN offers subscribers a 100Mbps connection. Consistent download speeds of 86.49 Mbps and uploads of 79.42 for an affordable subscription fee of AU$4.85/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan).

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Levi does not appear in the first season of First Kill.

First Kill is based on a book of the same title by Victoria Schwab.

First Kill airs on June 10th, 2022.

First Kill is about a teenage vampire who must make her first kill. Her chosen target turns out to be the new girl in town, who comes from a long line of vampire hunters. The two must fight their growing feelings for each other to join the ranks of their esteemed families.


Just in time for Pride, First Kill is a story of two young women who fall in love despite the odds against them. If you’re outside the United States and want to watch First Kill on Netflix outside Australia, you’ll need a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN to get the best speeds and to unblock other streaming sites.

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