Dannii Minogue Reveals the Secret of Youthful Skin Despite Having Rosacea At Age 50!

Despite hitting 50, Danni Minogue has such nice skin that even girls in their twenties would go bonkers over! Minogue still looks youthful and full of energy. The secret? Well, she has finally revealed it.

First of all, Minogue made it clear that growing old is a privilege, this comes in from her past experience of going through her sister Kylie getting cancer. This was a very sensitive stage in her life and the family did not know whether Kylie would survive or not.

“Growing old is a privilege. I realized that after going through Kylie being sick and not knowing if we were going to lose her.”

Secondly revealing the secret behind her youthful skin, she told she left Botox in 2010. Minogue said that it all depends on the genes as well. Her grandmother Millie Jones, turned 102 this year and she too has great skin!

Danni Minogue stated, “My dad has really good skin, too. It’s obviously down to the boring things that we know are good for you – sleep, exercise, drinking water.”

Even though she has severe rosacea, the singer revealed that she has had to ramp up her facial and laser treatments. She explained, “I have terrible rosacea so I have laser treatment for it. It makes the skin so smooth and glowing and it helps with collagen [stimulation].”

As mentioned earlier in the article, Minogue also described how the diagnosis of her sis Kylie’s breast cancer, played a major role in changing her perception about aging. Instead, she says, she now appreciates the gift that life and health are.

The previous month, Minogue’s longtime hair and make-up artist Michael Brennan, revealed even more about her beauty and skincare routine. He told Daily Mail Australia, “It’s a really nice thing to see that people are saying Dannii looks that good and fresh. We work hard on keeping her skin looking really good. She follows a really good skin regime, which is really important”

He told, that Minogue, frequently cleanses her skin really well and uses moisturizers, has regular facials and looks after herself pretty well, even takes care of her diet.

Brennan also shared the trick which results in healthy and glowing skin, he revealed that using an ultra-cyclical cleanser and then using an eye mask before applying make-up totally changes the game.

He added, “It’s all about keeping the skin hydrated and glowing because the cameras and the lights suck the energy out of the skin; you have to keep it looking fresh.”

He has worked with Minogue for over a decade for countless projects, tours and photoshoots and she is more than happy with his work, in fact, he is her go-to hair and make-up artist. Brennan is very skilled and even understands how the camera works and what the results would be, so he does his job accordingly.

He mentioned, “The trick is knowing how Dannii is going to be lit [on camera] and where the lights are coming from and work accordingly with that. I don’t use anything that’s too reflective. I mean, I do around the eyes. Dannii loves a bit of glitter, she is the disco queen! You know, we always laugh about it saying that when she sweats, she sweats glitter.”

Brennan is one of the most skilled make-up artists in the industry, his clients include A-lister celebrities such as Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Delta Goodrem, Rose Byrne, Jessica Gomes, Megan Irwin Blake and Rita Ora, just to name a few.



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