A Fan-Based Story: The Terminator (1984)


Written by: Alexander Procaccio

Disclaimer: This piece is submitted by one of our fans. We hope you enjoy it.

This is a take on one of the best sci-fi movies of all time; The Terminator. The Machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight…

Scene 1: Ext. Night Train Yard Chicago IL,

Ball of light appears in the middle of the train yard. The ball of light disappears, and a lean muscular dark skin man appears. He is kneeling on the ground, then he rises and scans the area. He starts to walk towards the city of Chicago.

Scene 2:  Int Police Station

The station is busy with police booking criminals, taking statements, and mug shots. A tall skinny white skin, dark hair cop is bringing a biker thug into the booking area. The biker thug is a large white male with red hair and a beard. He is wearing a sleeveless leather vest with a biker symbol on the back and wearing a red bandanna on his head. The biker picks the lock on his cuffs and then grabs the gun that is in the cop’s holster and takes that cop hostage.

Biker Thug: All of you back off, or I ice this pig!

The Chief is a heavy-set white male with a black beard and brown eyes. He slowly approaches the biker thug.

Chief: Ok, let’s all come down. Put the gun down and let him go.

Biker Thug: I am getting out of here, and if I see one fucki…

Officer Lucy Castro walks ride up behind the Biker thug and grabs his hand that is holding his gun and twists out of his hand at lighting speed and then hit him across the face with her elbow knocking the Biker thug to the floor. The other officers grab the Biker thug and handcuff him once again. He is picked up from the ground and taken away as he is cursing.

Chief: Thanks Castro, but I thought you were off the clock.

Lucy Castro: I am Chief, just heading to my locker.

Scene 3: Cut to the inside of Lucy’s Locker as she opens it:

Just before Lucy starts to grab her clothes, a dispatch officer calls her name.

Dispatch Officer: Hey Castro, we got a call.

Lucy: I am off the clock.

Dispatch Officer: Got a call about a noise complaint from a party at 555 Martin king drive on the

Lucy: On the 3rd Floor?

Dispatch Officer: Yeah, I thought that was your new address. I want you to know; I’ll send someone else.

Lucy slams her locker shut and walks angrily past the Dispatch Officer.

Lucy: No, I’ll take care of it, thanks. Don’t Log it in.

She walks behind the front desk and grabs the car. The office sitting at the front desk pays attention to Lucy. He is watching the NBA.

Lucy continues: I’ll bring the car back soon.

Front Desk Officer: Uhm (meaning yes), the keys to a squad is paying no draft.

We see the officer facing a small portable TV and the blue light from the TV shining on his face. We hear sports anchors announcing news from the NBA draft.

TV: And Michael Jordan is drafted to play for the Chicago Bulls.

Front Desk Officer: Yeah, he won’t last long.

Scene 4: Ext. Police Station Parking Lot

Lucy gets into the squad car and speeds away.

Scene 5: Ext. Men’s Clothing Store

Cut to:

The Terminator walks up to the front of a clothing store for men. You see his reflection on the front window. He scans the suit that the manikin is wearing. After confirming it’s the right size for him, he shatters the glass window to take the suit. (We only see the Terminator make a fist and throw a punch; we hear the window glass break off camera)

Jib Up From Ground

We see men’s dress shoes standing on top of broken glass shards; the camera pans to see black dress pants, white dress shirt, black tie and black suit jacket. We see the Terminator adjusting his cufflinks. He then begins to walk again.

Scene 6: Ext. Hotel Baker

The Terminator walks towards the valet parking lane in front of the Hotel baker, and he sees a 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 pull up. He knocks out the valet parking man behind the booth. He looks through the phone book that is sitting on top of the booth and finds Lucy Castro’s name and address.

With a smile, he walks to the driver’s side of the Chevrolet and opens the door.

Terminator: Welcome to the Hotel Baker! Sir, may I take your keys, please.

A heavy-set white man gets out and gives the keys to the Terminator, believing that he is the valet man.

Heavy Man: There you are, my boy.

The man puts a twenty-dollar bill in the front pocket of the Terminator’s suit.

Heavy Man continues: Take good care of her for me.

He pats the Terminator on the arms. The Terminator smiles and nods. The Terminator then gets into the car and speeds away from the hotel.

Scene 7: Cut to Int. Apartment Building

There are a lot of people in the apartment partying, drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Lucy hurls the door open and starts to wave her badge around.

Lucy Castro: Chicago Police! Everyone leaves the building, or I’m arresting you all for possession!

Everyone just stares at her at first; then she starts to yell

Lucy Castro continues: Now!!!

Everyone starts to run out of the apartment. Lucy makes her way to the kitchen, where she sees her little sister Sandy who is in her early 20s, with straight long dark hair, brown eyes, wearing jeans and a long sleeve blouse that shows her cleavage. She is smoking a bong. Sandy starts to cough up smoke when she sees Lucy.

Sandy: Hola Hermana, what up?

Lucy looks at the blond girl standing next to Sandy. She is skinny, white, tall, with blue eyes. She is wearing jeans and a blouse. Lucy tells her

Lucy Castro: You, out, now.

The blond girl takes off.

Lucy Castro continues: Sandy, what the hell are you doing?

Sandy: I thought you were working late tonight and decided to have a few of my friends over.

Lucy: I worked 12 hours wading through scumbags, and the last thing I needed to hear was a dispatch call about a damn party at my address! When are you going to grow up!

Sandy rolls her eyes.

Sandy: Here we go again.

Scene 8: Cut to Ext. Apartment Building

The Terminator pulls up to an apartment building and gets out of the car. He walks up to the door, sees Lucy’s name and apartment number and goes inside. He walks up the stairs and to the apartment door. He rings the doorbell.

Scene 9: Cut to INT. APARTMENT

The doorbell rings. Lucy hangs her head.

Lucy walks to the front door and finds the Terminator standing in front of the apartment door.

Cut to:

Lucy opens the front door.

It’s an Uno pizza delivery boy. Short Hispanic guy, with an Uno’s pizza hat on his head.


Pizza Guy: Got a Deep Dish for Sandy.

Sandy rushes to the door.

Sandy: That’s mine!

She gives him cash and closes the doors.

When the front door opens, the Terminator sees Willam, Lucy’s ex-boyfriend. He is a skinny white male, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. His eyes look red and glossy. Smoke from marijuana seeping into the hallway from the apartment.

William: Can I help you, man?

Terminator: Is Lucy Castro here?

William: No, who are you, her lawyer or something?

Terminator: Do you know where she is? It’s very important that I see her.

Willam breathes in a joint and blows it in the Terminator’s face.

Cut to:

William: Look, man, I don’t know where she is. Me and that bitch broke up a month ago, and she doesn’t live here anymore. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to get back to more important things.

As William is about to close the door, the Terminator stops him and asks

Terminator: Are you William Jones?

William: Yeah, so what?

The Terminator pushes the door open and breaks the little metal chain lock. William backs away from the Terminator.

William continues: You better back the fuck off, man! What do you want?!

William grabs a baseball bat from the wall and swings it at the Terminator’s head. The Terminator grabs the bat in mid-swing and crushes it with his bare hand. He then grabs William by the collar and pulls him towards him.

Terminator: Where is Lucy Castro?

William: I don’t fucking know, man!

The Terminator throws William to the wall creating an impact on the wall.

Scene 10: Int. Apartment Kitchen

Lucy: You need to stop with all this partying shit and get your act together, Sandy.

Sandy: Me? You’re the one who moved in with me after your piece of shit boyfriend cheated on you. And did I complain or object? No!

Sandy continues: So I think you owe me a little more gratitude and less attitude.

Lucy: I am not trying to control your life, but I’m your big sister and a cop, and I can’t just let you keep acting like a Chola and…

Lucy stops mid-sentence because she starts to feel nauseous.

Sandy: You feeling ok, Hermana?

Lucy straightens up.

Lucy: Yeah, I’m fine just ate something…

Lucy stops mid-sentence again, and then she rushes to the bathroom and throws up in the toilet. Sandy Follows her.

Scene 11: INT. William’s Apartment

William tries crawling away from the Terminator, but he puts his foot on top of William’s hand and starts to crush it slowly. Bones start to break. William screams. The Terminator starts to speak.

Terminator: I’ll ask again, Where is Lucy Castro?

William (Whimpering) I swear to God, I don’t know!!

The Terminator pushes his foot harder on William’s hand. William starts to scream again.

Scene 12: INT. Sandy Bathroom Door

Lucy is hovering over the toilet after throwing up.

Sandy: That doesn’t sound like food poison to me.

Sandy continues: I’ve been around enough of my friends to know that this is morning sickness, girl.

Lucy walks to the bathroom doorway.

Lucy: No way, I just had my period back in…

Lucy stops to think and then replies back.

O shit!

Sandy: Over a month ago?

Lucy continues: Yeah.

Sandy: Here, pee on this.

Sandy hands her a pregnancy test. Lucy takes it and goes back to the bathroom. She shuts the door behind her.

Sandy continues: You’re welcome!

Scene 12: INT. William’s Apartment

The Terminator lifts William up to his knees.

William (Whimpering): I heard a rumour she moved in with someone on the south side!

Telephone is ringing in the background.

Scene 13: Cut to INT. Sandy’s Kitchen

Lucy is calling William on a corded phone in Sandy’s kitchen. She stares at the positive pregnancy test as she listens to the ringtone on the other end. Sandy starts to speak in the background.

Sandy: Why are you calling that dip shit?

Lucy: He needs to know Sandy! Being the father and all. Lucy whispers to herself.

Lucy Castro continues: I can’t believe this.

Scene 14: Cut To Int. William’s Apartment

William: I swear that’s all I know! Please just let me go now!

Terminator: No, you have been targeted for Termination.

William O God, no, Please!!!

William’s answering machine starts to play, Lucy’s voice comes through the speaker.

Lucy: Will, it’s Lucy. If you are there, pick up. I need to talk to you; it’s really important.

The Terminator turns his head around and stares at the answering machine. He then quickly snaps William’s neck and heads towards the phone. He picks up the phone and starts to imitate William’s voice.

Terminator: Lucy, it’s William, hi sorry about that. How are you?

Lucy is taken aback by the questions and answers suspiciously.

Lucy: I’m fine, Will, thanks for asking. Look, can you come over to my sister’s house? I need to tell you something, and I don’t want to do it over the phone.

Terminator: Of course, I’ll come over right away. What’s your address?

Lucy gives Sandy’s Address to the Terminator.

Lucy: Look, Will, I know we have had our…

She hears the phone click off on the other end. She stares at the phone in her hand before hanging it up.

Sandy: What’s up?

Lucy: Nothing, Will just sounded strange on the phone.

Sandy: Probably high again.

Lucy: No, it’s almost like I was talking to someone else.

Terminator speeds away from William’s apartment building. We see from his point of view that his HUD displays a map of Chicago and calculates the best route to get to Sandy’s apartment and the time it will take to arrive there. It says the top speed is 20 minutes. He speeds away from the apartment.

Scene 15: Cut To Int. Sandy Bathroom Door

Lucy splashes cold water on her face and then stares at herself in the mirror.

Lucy: For old time sake, he said, a good way to end our relationship. I can’t believe I fell for his bullshit!

Lucy hears the apartment front door burst open and Sandy screaming.

Sandy: Get the fuck out, Dude!

He grabs Sandy from the neck and lifts her up.

Terminator: Where is Lucy Castro?

Lucy comes out of the door away with her revolver and cocks it.

Lucy: Let her go now!!

The Terminator turns his head and scans Lucy’s badge, and lets go of Sandy.

Lucy continues: Sandy run now!!

Sandy runs out the front door. The Terminator starts to walk towards Lucy.

Lucy continues: Put your hands on your head and lay on the ground! Now!

Terminator: I can not do that. You are targeted for Termination.

Lucy: Last warning, stop!

The Terminator continues towards her. She fires her gun multiple times, and he falls backward onto the floor. Lucy starts to reload her revolver, and she sees the Terminator starting to get back up.

Lucy continues: Mierda!

Lucy runs into her room and locks the door. The Terminator follows her and breaks the door open with his foot. He turns his head and sees her out the window onto the fire escape. He then kicks a thin long tin can, and he recognizes it has a flash-bang grenade. It goes off.

Lucy rushes to her squad car, where Sandy is waiting for her inside. The squad car looks as if it was broken into. Lucy reaches the car.

Lucy continues: What the hell happened to my car?

Sandy: These damn kids were looting it, and I yelled out “police,” so they all took off.

Lucy reaches for her radio. It’s gone.

Sandy continues: Including your walkie-talkie and CB radio.

Lucy: We need to get the hell out of here and fast!

Lucy starts the engine and takes off with Sandy.

Sandy: Who was the guy? Why was he after you? Did you kill him?

Lucy: I don’t know Sandy; no, I didn’t kill him. Shot the guy a dozen times, and he got back up like it was nothing.

Scene 16: Cut To Int. Apartment Bedroom

The Terminator is resetting his optics and hears the squad car peeling away. He sticks his head out the window long enough for him to see Lucy in the car and the license plate number.

The Terminator walks to his car, and just as he is about to get in, a white male Thug with a dark hoodie comes up from behind the Terminator and points his gun at the back of his head.

Thug: Watch, wallet, now!

The Terminator turns around slowly and stares at the mugger. Then he stares at the gun.

Terminator: That is a 50 calibre desert eagle.

Thug: Damn right and the safety is off, so hurry up before my finger slips.

The Terminator snatches the gun at lighting speed. The mugger steps back with

Thug continues: Or you can keep the gun, bro!

The mugger then turns around and starts to run.

The Terminator clocks the gun back and puts it in his waist. He then gets in his car and takes off.

Scene 17: Cut To Salsa Night Club

Lucy and Sandy are walking through a crowd of people dancing on the dance floor.

Sandy: So now what’s the plan, Lucy?

Lucy: We call for backup and wait here. This should be the safest place for us.

Sandy: Not really sounding confident there.

Lucy: Cut me a break. I’ve never been hunted before. I thought you said this place had a payphone?

Sandy: It’s in the back. Trust me; I’ve been here enough to know.

Lucy shakes her head at her sister’s response.

Scene 18: Cut To Ext. Road

The Terminator scans for the squad car and finds it. He pulls up next to it and sees no one inside of it. He scans the area and sees people going into the nightclub.

He parks the car and gets out. He walks to the entryway and is stopped at the front door by the Bouncer.

Bouncer: You on the list, pal?

The Terminator scans the Bouncer: Determines his threat level to be zero, and answers his questions.

Terminator: No I am not.

Bouncer: Well, you can’t get in tonight without an invite—a private party.

The Terminator brings up three actions on his HUD screen for him to choose from. The first one is to Terminate the Bouncer, and The second one is to push his way through. The third is to bribe him. The Terminator chooses the bribe option. With a smile, he reaches into his suit jacket front pocket and pulls out the 20 dollar bill that was given to him earlier and put it on the Bouncer’s clipboard.

Terminator: I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

The Bound stares at the Terminator and says.

Bouncer: Enjoy the party, sir.

He then lifts up the rope and moves aside.

Terminator: Thank you.

The Terminator enters the club.

Lucy reaches the payphone and picks up the receiver but no dial tone. She looks down and sees the phone cord pulled from the payphone.

Lucy: Great!

A hand reaches out and grabs Lucy’s shoulder. Lucy grabs the hand and twirls underneath the shoulder, and twists the arm. The person grunts in pain and says.

Officer Dimarco, Let go! I’m a cop!

Lucy: Prove it!

Officer Dimarco: I’m Officer Dimarco with the 114th precinct! I’m undercover!

She hesitates but lets his hand go. Dimarco stands up and rubs his hand.

Officer Dimarco: Mind telling me what the hell you’re doing in this club? You are going to blow my sting.

Lucy: Look, my sister and I were attacked earlier, and we are hiding out here hoping to call for backup. Do you have your radio?

Officer Dimarco: No, like I said, I’m undercover, strictly surveillance and having a big ass radio on me would be pretty obvious. Where’s yours?

Lucy: Stolen.

Officer Dimarco: Look, I’m sorry for your situation, but if I miss this deal going down tonight, it’s my ass on the line, so best of luck to you.

Lucy: Who are you looking for?

Office Dimarco hesitates to tell her but does anyway: Papa Oso

Lucy: The crime boss?

Officer Dimarco: Yeah, my intel says he is meeting with a buyer tonight to move some guns on the black market.

Lucy: Yeah, my precinct got some dirt on him too. Ok, we’ll stay out of sight… Where’s Sandy?

Lucy looks around and doesn’t see her. She hears Officer Dimarco curse and turns to him.

Lucy continues: What is it?

Officer Dimarco: Papa Oso is not here; instead, he sent one of his goons, but it looks like he is too busy talking to that gold digger.

Lucy looks in the direction of where Officer Dimarco is looking and sees Sandy talking to the goon that works for Papa Oso.

Lucy: Of course!

Lucy rushes to her sister with Officer Dimarco scarcely and quickly following behind her. As she reaches her sister, the goon spots Lucy approaching and runs off in the other direction. Sandy looks confused and turns around to see Lucy behind her.

Sandy: You couldn’t have waited just a few more minutes?

Lucy: I told you to keep a low profile not to try and hook up with a gang member!

Sandy: Low profile? Girl, you’re the one dressed all in blue with that intimidating look on your face. And Pablo is not a gang member; he is an entrepreneur.

Lucy: You know that guy?

Lucy has a frustrating look on her face.

Officer Dimarco grabs Lucy’s shoulder and turns her to face him.

Officer Dimarco: Good going, because of you, I lost my lead to the buyer. 6 months wasted.

Lucy: Look, I’m sorry for that but believe me, my problems are more pressing.

Sandy stares into the crowd and sees the Terminator. Her face turns stone-cold, and she begins to try and get Lucy’s attention.

Officer Dimarco: Look, whatever your problem is that involves you or your sister’s boyfriends has nothing to do with me!

The Terminator spots Lucy and begins to walk towards her. Sandy is still trying to get Lucy’s attention more aggressively now.

Lucy: I only wish it was that simple you. Dick!

Sandy: Lucy! He’s here!

Lucy faces Sandy.

Sandy continues: That psycho is here!

Lucy and Officer Dimarco face the crowd and see the Terminator shove people out of his way and pull out his gun. Lucy and Officer Dimarco draw their guns and start to open fire on the Terminator, and he fires back. The crowd around them starts to scream and runs in panic.

The bullets are hitting the Terminator, but he is not affected by it and keeps firing. Lucy, Sandy, and Officer Dimarco take cover behind a table that is laying on its side. The Terminator is then tackled by 3 huge Bouncers.

Officer Dimarco starts to talk to Lucy.

Officer Dimarco: We don’t have much time before these guys are taken out, and he turns his attention back to us.

Lucy: Aim for the head!

Officer Dimarco: Copy that!

The Terminator push’s one Bouncer across the room. Punches the other in the chest and shoots the other one in the head. As soon as he turns back towards the direction of Lucy, Lucy and Officer Dimarco stand up, each one firing one shot to the Terminator’s head. One bullet hits the Terminator’s forehead, flinging it backwards.

In Slow-Motion

The bullet bounces off the Terminator’s forehead and slowly falls to the ground.

The Terminator takes a step back but then lifts his head back forward, and we see a small gash on his cheek from the bullet that Office Dimarco shot. Underneath the wound, you see exposed metal. Officer Dimarco and Lucy both look shocked. Officer Dimarco turns to Lucy and says

Officer Dimarco continues: I’ll distract him. Get out of here. Now!

Before Lucy can say anything to protest, Officer Dimarco grabs the spotlight next to him and shines it on the Terminator’s face, blinding him. He also begins to shoot at the Terminator again. The Terminator covers his face with his arm and shoots at Officer Dimarco, hitting him in the chest and shoulder.

Officer Dimarco goes down. The Terminator walks up to Officer Dimarco and, seeing that he is still breathing, shoots him 3 more times till he is dead. He turns back to where Lucy and Sandy were hiding and sees that they are gone. He hears a door close and rushes to it. He busts through an exit door leading to the back alley and out to the streets. He sees the squad car driving away with Lucy and Sandy in it. He fires a couple of rounds into the car but misses Lucy. He keeps firing till the gun is out of ammo. They escape. He then drops the gun on the ground and calmly walks back to his car, and drives away.

Scene 19. Cut To: Int. Squad Car

Sandy turns away from the rear window and says to Lucy

Sandy: I think we lost him.

Lucy: Yeah, for now.

Sandy: Ok, Lucy, no more fucking around. Let’s go straight to the precinct so we can be surrounded by hundreds of cops.

Lucy:  Sandy, I said no, we can’t go to my precinct.

Sandy:  Did you not see what just happened back there! He just killed 3 huge Bouncers like they were nothing. That guy is a freakin robot!

Lucy:  I know, that’s why I can’t go to the precinct because that means more cops are going to die protecting us.

With a sigh of grief, she adds

Lucy continues: Like Dimarco did.

Sandy turns to stare out the window and says.

Sandy:  Ok, so what do we do then?

Lucy:  We still need help, just going to have been from the wrong people.

Lucy pauses before asking Sandy.

Lucy Castro continues: Do you know where Pablo lives?

Sandy: Yeah, wwhhhyyy?

Scene 20: Cut To Ext. Small House: Close Up On Finger Ringing Doorbell.

Sandy rings the doorbell, and Pablo answers. He sees Sandy and smiles at her.

Pablo: Hey baby, good to see you again. 2 times in one night. It must be my lucky day.

He then turns his head and sees Lucys a few feet away from Sandy. He says.

Pablo: O hell no!

Pablo continues:

Before attempting to close the door, Sandy stops him from closing it.

Sandy: Pablo listen, I can explain.

Pablo: Explain?! Girl, why the hell are you with the cop?!

Sandy: She’s my sister.

Pablo: O great, even better!

He turns to face Lucy.

Pablo continues: Look, She told me she was 21! Nothing happened! I did not touch her! I’m not her baby daddy! Good night and Goodbye!

Sandy: Pablo, we need your help.

Pablo: Help? What help? Wait, wait, wait, hold up. You talking about that shit that went down at the club after I bailed.

Sandy nods.

Pablo continues: No, no, can’t do. Sorry. I don’t know what the hell happened there tonight, and I don’t want to know. So adiós.

Lucy: We know you work for Papa Oso.

Pablo Papa, who? Look, cop lady, the only Papa I have ever known is Papa John’s Pizza, so if you please just get off my property before I call the cops to…

Lucy: Pablo, we are being hunted, and Papa Oso is the only person that can keep me, Sandy and; she pauses to touch her stomach, my baby safe.

Pablo stares at Lucy.

Lucy: Please, I wouldn’t be asking unless this was life or death.

Pablo dramatically shakes his head and sighs.

Pablo: Ok, Fine! I’ll take you, but Papa Oso hates cops! What makes you think he won’t kill you on the spot!

Lucy: I have something to bargain for when I see him.

Pablo grabs his jacket, locks his front door and starts to walk with Sandy and Lucy to the squad car. As he is walking, he says to them.

Pablo: Papa Oso is already pissed at me for bailing out at the club to meet with the new buyer, and now when he sees me bringing a cop to his front door. Dude, probably going to kill me.

Scene 21: Cut To Int. Warehouse – Close Up On Knees Hitting The Ground

Lucy, Sandy and Pablo are all on their knees with their hands crossed over their heads. 6 to 8 tall black and Hispanic men, wearing jeans, muscle tees, or baseball jerseys, have guns drawn on them. A heavy, dark-skinned man stands in front of our protagonist. It’s a crime boss Papa Oso.

Papa Oso: So what do we have here? Hm, a cop, a Hoochie,

Sandy’s face expresses shock and anger at Papa Oso’s comment.

Papa Oso continues: And the snitch.

Pablo starts to speak in his defence.

Pablo: Papa Oso! I ain’t no snitch!

Papa Oso: Shut your mouth, boy! First, you blew off the deal at the club, and now you bring a cop to my place of business! All this smells like a setup! So why in the hell should I believe a damn word you are saying?!

Lucy:  Because if this were a setup, the SWAT would have taken this place by now, and you would be in handcuffs.

Papa Oso turns to stare at Lucy and walks to her.

Papa Oso: Is that right, baby blue?

He grabs her chin with his thumb and finger.

Lucy: Yes, and why in the hell would I just walk up to this shit hole without backup. Now let go of my chin before you lose the ability to use that hand ever again.

Papa Oso chuckles and lets go of her chin. He left.

Papa Oso: So why are you here then, baby blue?

Lucy: Protection.

Papa Oso: Ha! Protection? Why would one of Chicago’s finest need protection?

Lucy: Let’s just say someone more dangerous than you is after me and my sister, and we need all the firepower you have to stop him.

Papa Oso: Not buying it.

Pablo: Papa Oso, if I may?

Papa Oso nodes.

Pablo continues: The word is that this guy took on 3 of the Bouncers at the club without breaking a sweat. Like this dude just bulldozer his way through them!

Lucy:  He also killed a cop in cold blood.

Papa Oso pauses to think. Then begins to speak again.

Papa Oso: My services are not for free. Especially my protection. What do you have to offer me, baby blue?

Lucy: Six weeks ago. A Dozen dead bodies were found in the middle of the road in Humboldt Park. Gangs were involved.

Papa Oso: What’s your point?

Lucy: There are eyewitnesses and physical evidence that connects you to the murders. If that gets sent to the D.A., you’ll get the chair.

Papa Oso: So what you are saying is if I help you, you’ll make sure that physical evidence won’t see that light of day?

Lucy pauses before answering him.

Lucy: Yes (soft whisper)

Papa Oso: I can’t hear you, baby blue.

Lucy: I said Yes! It’ll be gone.

Papa Oso: Then we have a deal.

Papa Oso raises his hand, and everyone lowers their guns. Lucy, Sandy and Pablo lower their hands from their heads.

Scene 22: Cut To Int. Warehouse

All of Papa Oso’s gang members are unpacking boxes of kitchenware and knives. Hidden in them are drugs and weapons. Lucy sees his operation.

Lucy: So this is how you are smuggling in your drugs and weapons into the city.

Papa Oso: I guess seeing some of my operations won’t hurt, seeing that we are business partners now.

Sandy pauses to look at a crate full of incendiary grenades. Lucy turns around and insinuates Sandy to keep up with her. Sandy rushes to her.

Papa Oso continues: So now that you have the firepower, how do you plan on finding this guy?

Lucy: Do worry, he’ll come to us, and I have an idea how to make that happen.

Scene 23: Ext. Street

The Terminator is scanning the area when he sees shots of flares in the sky and follows it. When he reaches the location, he sees Lucy’s squad car on fire with the words “This way Ass Hole” spray-painted on it, along with an arrow pointing to the warehouse. The Terminator drives in the direction of the warehouse.

Scene 24: Int. Warehouse

Lucy is loading her AK-47 gun with ammo as Sandy is staring at her.

Lucy: When the shooting starts, you stay with me. If we are lucky, Papa Oso and the others will have killed it before it even gets in the building.

Sandy: How do you do it? How are you never scared in situations like this?

Lucy: I’m always scared when I’m on the beat, but I push through it because I have to. People rely on me, but tonight I’m terrified not just for us but…

Lucy puts her hand over her stomach and starts to whipper. Sandy grabs her hand.

Sandy: Lucy, you are the bravest person I know and the toughest too. You have gotten us this far, and you’ll get us out of this alive. Your baby is so lucky to have a mother like you.

Sandy caresses Lucy’s face with one hand.

Sandy continues: And of course, having an amazing Tia like me.

Lucy laughs and hugs Sandy tightly.

Papa Oso Flunky, Papa Oso! Someone just pulled up.

Lucy and Papa Oso move to the window from the 2nd floor and see a red sports car pulling up to the warehouse entrance. They see the Terminator step out of the car and stare at the entrance before making his way to enter in.

Papa Oso: This is the guy? A brother in a suit has been the big bad you’ve been running from? Ha, this should be easy.

Papa Oso clicks his walkie talkie.

Papa Oso continues: Just as we planned, boys, as soon as he is in the lobby, you gun his ass down quick. Understood?

Papa Oso Flunky 2: Copy

Papa Oso turns to Lucy.

Papa Oso: As soon as this is done, I expect you to hold your part of the deal.

Lucy: Yeah

They turn back to the window to see the Terminator enter the building. A few seconds of silence, then sounds of gunshots from automatic rifles. We see a muzzle flash from the windows.

Soon we hear screaming and yelling from the lobby. Papa Oso looks panicky and calls from the walkie-talkie.

Papa Oso: Miguel! What the fuck is going on?! Miguel! MIGUEL!

Miguel: We hit him with everything we got! It’s not fucking human! It’s a Fucking Machine!

We hear the voice on the other end of the mic scream before cutting out.

Papa Ose clicks the receiver on the radio.

Papa Oso: Everyone! Grab your hardware and head to the lobby! I want this motherfucker’s head!

Papa Oso turns to Lucy, his face twisted in anger.

Papa Oso continues: What did you not tell me?!

Lucy:  This thing is some kind of machine.

Papa Oso: I know that now! Why didn’t you tell me?

Lucy: Would you have believed me?

Papa Oso stares at her for a moment before answering.

Papa Oso: No, I wouldn’t have. Why does it want you dead?

Lucy: I don’t know. Are you going to turn us over?

Papa Oso: No, this thing took out my men; it’s personal now. You and I still have a business to finish.

He grabs his gun and leaves the room to join his men to fight the Terminator.

Scene 25: Cut To Pov Hud

The Terminator scans the room, full of dead bodies he killed. He sees an automatic gun on the floor and picks it up. He checks for ammo in the gun and cocks it. He hears men approaching from behind him.


He turns around and fires on the approaching men—Papa Oso ducks behind a wall. More men come to the other way and fire at the Terminator; he turns around and fires back at him. Papa Oso starts to fire at the Terminator as well.

Lucy cocks her gun and grabs Sandy’s arm.

Lucy: Sandy, listen to me, we have to get out here now. Stay close to me and take cover when I tell you to.

Sandy nods, and they take off. As they are moving through the warehouse, the gunfire has stopped. Lucy looks around the corner of a room before going in. They lean against the wall to take a breath.

Sandy whispers: They stopped shooting; maybe they got him.

Lucy:  Or they are all dead. This place is like a damn maze where the hell is the exit!

Just then, a round of shots hits near the wall they are leaning on; Lucy and Sandy quickly take cover. Lucy peaks behind the large container and sees the Terminator coming towards them. His face has more cuts now, revealing more of the metal underneath his skin. Lucy turns to Sandy.

Lucy continues: Go and hide!

Sandy: I’m not leaving you to die!

Lucy:  I’m not going to die; I’m trying to lead him away from you. When I lose him, I’ll double back and find you. Now go!

Lucy stands up and starts firing at the Terminator, moving away from Sandy. Sandy runs in the opposite direction. Lucy takes cover behind another container. The Terminator shoots the container that Lucy is hiding behind, but when he approaches it, she is nowhere to be found. Lucy pops up behind him and fires her whole mag into his back. She screams while firing her weapon. When the clip is empty, he turns around to face Lucy and slowly raises his weapon to fire at her when from his side Papa Oso tackles him and knocks him down on the ground. The gun in the Terminator’s hand flies off. Papa Oso turns to Lucy.

Papa Oso: Get out here! I got this hijoputa! Remember our bargain, baby cop! Now Go!

Lucy nodes and takes off. The Terminator stands up and stares at Papa Oso.

Papa Oso continues: Your ass is mine, you metal son of a bitch!!

He charges at the Terminator and throws a couple of punches at his face. The Terminator is not affected by this and throws Papa Oso through a crate. The wind is knocked out of Papa Oso, but he is still conscious. He sees that the crate he was thrown through was a crate of chef knives. He grabs one as the Terminator picks him up off the ground. Papa Oso turns around and stabs him in the gut. The Terminator looks at the knife in his gut and looks back up at Papa Oso. Papa Oso just smiles back with blood-stained teeth. The Terminator punches his fist through Papa Oso’s chest and kills him. Papa Oso’s lifeless body falls to the ground. The Terminator pulls the knife from its gut and walks away in search of Lucy once again.

Scene 26: Cut To Int. Warehouse

Lucy is searching for Sandy in the warehouse. She calls out to Sandy in hopes she hears her.

Sandy is hiding behind a desk. She looks scared and whimpers. She holds her knees together to her chest. She hears Lucy calling her name. She looked up in the direction she heard Lucy.

Sandy: Lucy! Lucy, I’m here!

Sandy gets up and runs in the direction where she heard Lucy. Lucy calls her name again.

Sandy continues: I’m right here!

Sandy enters an empty room where Lucy’s voice was coming from. She doesn’t see Lucy. Behind her, in the dark, 2 red eyes/dots appear and move closer towards Sandy.

Scene 27. Cut To: Int. Warehouse

Lucy is still searching for Sandy when the PA system clicks on.

Terminator: Lucy Castro, I have your sister.

Lucy freezes in her spot. Sandy’s voice comes through the speaker now.

Sandy: Lucy! Run! Forget about me!

Terminator: If you want her alive, give yourself up to me in the loading dock. No resistance.

The PA system clicks off. Lucy grabs her pistol and runs.

Scene 28: Int. Loading Dock

The Terminator is waiting on the loading dock, standing next to Sandy with his hand wrapped around the back of the neck like a vice. Lucy arrives with her pistol drawn out and pointing at the Terminator’s head.

Terminator: You are formidable, Lucy Castro, but the time has come to finish my mission. Put the gun down and give yourself up freely to me now.

Lucy: If I do, will you let my sister go?

Terminator: Yes, she is not my target; you are.

Lucy:  What are you? Why do you want to kill me?

Terminator: That is irrelevant.

Lucy: Not if you’re expecting me to give you my life!

Sandy: Really!? Now is not the time for a Q&A, Lucy!!

The Terminator pauses in contemplation before deciding.

Terminator: The terms are acceptable; I am a Cyberdyne system model 101. A Cybernetic Organism living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. In 45 Years, your daughter helps in a successful operation against critical Skynet defences in the war against the humans.

Lucy: My daughter?

Terminator: Along with the Resistance leader John Connor in the Year 2029.

Lucy: I’m going to have a daughter.

Terminator: She will cease to exist, as will you. Tonight, this is my mission.

Terminator continues: I have answered your questions; now come to me.

The Terminator starts to squeeze his hand around Sandy’s neck. She starts to cry in pain and cough.

Lucy: Alright! Alright! Stop!

Lucy puts her gun on the ground and starts to walk towards the Terminator and Sandy.

Lucy continues: Now let her go.

The Terminator releases Sandy. Sandy falls to the ground on her knees. She begins to massage her throat.

Lucy continues: Sandy get out of here now!

Sandy glances at the Terminator’s abdominal and sees the huge gash exposed. She turns her head back to Lucy.

Sandy: You know what, Lucy, I am sick of you telling me what to do! I am a grown-ass woman that can make her own damn choices in life!

Sandy reaches slowly into her pocket and pulls out the thermite grenade.

Lucy: Would you just shut up and…

Sandy: You think I’m your dumb little sister that can’t take anything seriously. Well, guess what!

While the Terminator is focused on Lucy, Sandy pulls the pin from the thermite grenade and thrust it inside his abdominal wound. She looks up at the Terminator’s face before saying.

Sandy continues: I’m full of surprises!

The thermite grenade goes off inside the Terminator, and he catches on fire. He starts to burn from the inside out. His HUD display shows lower abdominal compromise. He turns his focus back on Lucy, who is frozen in her tracks. While on fire, he starts to walk towards her. Sandy runs out of frame.

Lucy starts to turn around to run away and sees Pablo with a grenade launcher in his hand.

Pablo: Lucy, get down!

Lucy ducks and Pablo fires the grenade launcher at the Terminator’s abdomen, and it explodes on contact. The Terminator is split in two and propelled backwards through several crates.

Lucy stands up and looks at the space where the Terminator was standing, then she stares at Pablo, who is shaking.

Lucy: Hey Pablo, nice to see you.

Sandy rushes to Lucy and embraces her with a tight hug. Sandy looks at Pablo and asks.

Sandy: Where were you?

Pablo: You know I was waiting for the right moment to make my move with this bad boy. You know, strategy and shit.

Lucy: You were hiding, weren’t you.

Pablo answers immediately after her statement.

Pablo: Yeah, Yeah, I was hiding.

Lucy: What made you come out?

Pablo: I heard the intercom and knew Sandy was in trouble. I worked up the nerve and came to help.

Sandy puts her arms around Pablo’s shoulders.

Sandy: Aww..baby

She gives Pablo a passionate kiss. Lucy starts to look disgusted.

Lucy: Ok, ok, enough of that. Is there a car we can borrow to get out of here?

Pablo: Yeah, Papa Oso has a couple here. I have the spare keys when he wants me to pull them out front for him.

Lucy: Ok, you and Sandy go get it and pull it around the shipping dock.

Sandy: You sure you are ok alone?

Lucy: Yeah, I need a minute to myself. Hey Pablo, leave your shotgun with me. I don’t like being alone unarmed.

Pablo slides off the shotgun from his shoulder and gives it to Lucy. Him and Sandy leave the frame.

Lucy takes a deep breath and touches her belly. She whispers to herself.

Lucy Castro continues: Mi hija

Just then, she hears rustling where the Terminator landed. She looks in that direction; she points the shotgun and cocks it. She walks slowly through the busted crates and steps over the lower charred half of the Terminator. She hears the rustling again and moves closer with her shotgun pointing in the direction of the noise. She reaches where she thinks the sound is coming from. She kicks over a wood cover and only sees scattered chef knives. She looks confused and then realizes her mistake.

Lucy continues: O shit!

The Terminator’s hand bursts through some broken wooden crates and slashes the back of Lucy’s calf with a chef’s knife. Lucy screams and falls to the floor.

The Terminator bursts out of hiding. His upper torso is now completely exposed to his metal exoskeleton. Pieces of charred skin are still attached to him. His red eyes burrow down on her. Lucy turns around to face him.

He lifts the knife to plunge into her, but she blocks the blow with her shotgun, holding back the Terminator’s arms from plunging the knife into her. He pushes harder, pinching the blade closer to her eyeball.

Terminator Commencing termination.

Just then, a metal chain wraps around the Terminator’s neck and is pulled off of Lucy. It is Sandy and Pablo pulling the metal chain from each end. They are struggling to keep him off of Lucy. The Terminator tries to pull the chain off from around his neck, but then Lucy sticks the shotgun barrel directly underneath his neck where the spinal cord is.

Lucy: Terminate this, Mother Fucker!

Lucy pulls the trigger, and the Terminator’s head flies off. The rest of his body stops moving and falls to the ground. The Terminator’s head bounces on the ground before settling. His red eyes fade away.

Sandy and Pablo let go of the chain and continue to breathe heavily. Sandy and Pablo help Lucy to her feet.

Sandy: Is it dead?

Lucy: I would say yes but let’s just make sure.

Scene 29. Cut To: Int. Warehouse Loading Dock

We see the upper and lower half of the Terminator stack on top of each other, which is stacked on top of garbage and scrap metal. The Terminator’s head is thrown on top of the two halves. We see the lead of the industrial trash compactor closing, and we hear the sound of the metal crushing under pressure.

Scene 30. Cut To: Ext. Warehouse Loading Dock

Lucy, Sandy and Pablo walk away from the warehouse loading dock and towards a car.

Pablo: So what now?

Lucy: Now you guys go home and try to rest but drop me off at the station first and pick me up later.

Sandy: Why do you have to go to the station?

Lucy: I need to keep my end of the deal.

Pablo: Papa Oso is dead. I don’t think he’ll notice if you change your mind.

Lucy: A deals a deal, even if he’s dead.

Scene 31: Cut To Int. Police Station

Lucy walks through the doors of the police station and walks past her chief. The chief sees her.

Chief: You look like hell Castro.

Lucy: Thanks, Chief, taking the day off.

Chief: Good call.

After showering and changing into civilian clothes, Lucy goes to the evidence locker. She finds the folder with Papa Oso’s name on it.

Scene 32: Cut To Int. Bathroom

Lucy dumps the bullets and other evidence in the toilet and flushes it.

Scene 33: Cut To Int. Police Station Desk

Lucy shreds all the documents that were in Papa Oso’s folder. She walks into her chief’s office; it is empty. She slowly removes her badge and gun and stares at them for a moment contemplating if she really wants to give up her career as a law enforcement officer. She decides yes and leaves her badge and gun on his desk.

As she’s walking out of the chief’s office, she sees a crowd of cops around the TV. The news is blaring about chaos in Los Angeles.

Lucy: What’s this?

Police Officer: Los Angeles looks like a street war. Eyewitness says one guy did all this. Hunting some women. The guy sustained a lot of damage but kept going. Look at this.

Lucy: Did they find a body?

Police Officer: Diddly-Squat.

Lucy: Who’s the woman?


On the computer screen is the name Sarah Connor with additional information. Lucy prints the information out and scans it. She takes the pages and stuffs them in her pocket. She makes a phone call to Sandy and asks her to pick her up at the station. Just as she’s about to leave, she sees the front desk officer again from last night and puts the keys to the squad car she took on the countertop. He notices the keys.

Front Desk Officer: Thanks; I hope you filled up the tank before you brought it back.

Lucy: Definitely full of gas.

She walks out of the station.

Scene 34: Cut To Ext. Police Station

Lucy stands on the sidewalk in front of the police station. She closes her eyes to take a moment to soak in the sun. She holds her belly. Sandy pulls up in front of her in a jeep. Lucy stares at her and the car. Sandy is dressed in new clothes.

Lucy: Where did you get this?

Sandy: Pablo loaned it to me after we got to his place.

Lucy: How long can you keep it?

Sandy: As long as we needed. He knows I’m good for it.

Sandy smiles mischievously. Lucy smiles too but shakes her head. She hops into the jeep.

Lucy: Well, good, because I need to head to Los Angeles.

Sandy: Why?

Lucy Castro: I need to talk to someone who may have the answers I need and who may need my help.

Sandy: I’ll come too.

Lucy: I can’t ask you to do that, Sandy.

Sandy: Who’s asking? I’m going. We’re family Hermana.

She grabs Lucy’s hand and squeezes it.

Sandy continues: Besides, someone got to look after you and the baby.

Lucy chuckles.

Lucy: Ok, let’s rollout.

Sandy drives away from the police station with Lucy.

Pan up as the car drives away, and we see the skyscraper of Chicago.

Credits. The End


Fade to black.

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