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The Matrix: Resurrections concludes on a perfectly insurgent note, bringing the innovative franchise full circle in several ways possible. Continuing the chronicle of Neo (Keanu Reeves) at the end of Revolutions, where he sacrificed himself to bring amity between the humans and the Machines. The Matrix: Resurrections has a love story hidden in its core. The film premiered in theaters on December 22, 2021, and you can watch Matrix 4 on HBO Max.

The opening scene in Resurrections reflects The Matrix 1999, with a transformed account of Trinity getting into an extreme series of fights with the agents. Through a series of proceedings, red pill rebel Bugs (Jessica Henwick) is able to meet the modal version of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), and they search for Neo within the matrix planning to unplug him. Although Neo is unacquainted with his past, several malfunctions in the matrix and his unexplainable attraction towards Tiffany/Trinity make him skeptical of his immediate reality, along with the scenarios shaped by his own mind.

Thoroughly flippant and outwardly meta in nature, Resurrections casts its spell by switching between sharp narration, new elements, and franchise reminiscence, which works well in its favor throughout the screenplay. While The Matrix trilogy has been figurative of many awesome things, from being a trans parable to being a critique of postmodernism’s hyperreality, it has always been about love in its roots. The conclusion of Resurrections is a carnival of the space that exists between binaries, and the impending harkening of a new biosphere, with better hope for humankind. To restore humanity, the trio must combat unrelenting artificial beings from a programmed reality. If you have somehow missed how they have managed to save mankind then you can watch Matrix movies on Hulu in order to understand.

Matrix Triology

The Analyst’s Plan

Neil Patrick Harris, who has played the role of Neo’s therapist, is discovered to be the Analyst halfway through the story. Similar to the Architect in terms of function and impetus, the Analyst realizes an opportunity knocking at his door after Neo’s sacrifice, looking beyond simple facts and figures indifferently to his forerunners.

While Neo’s armistice with the Machines had brought an epoch of peace, cacophony strikes soon due to a rarity of power, leading to the Machines igniting one another. In an attempt to make an improved, more steadied version of the matrix, the Analyst devotes his time and resources adjusting and curing the bodies of Neo and Trinity, trying to trigger their source codes in a way that would allow him to operate them in a better way. Recognizing that the duo did not hold inborn importance for the Machines, the Analyst comes to a conclusion to keep Neo and Trinity together in the same form of the matrix to keep it alleviated.

The fundamental logic behind the same is the fact that humans produce optimal electrical output when existing in the distinctive universe of fear and longing, while overriding hope and crippling fear go hand in hand. Based on Neo and Trinity’s absolute connection in past titles of the matrix, the Analyst determines that together they would inevitably create huge fluxes within any paradigm.

On the other hand, if the duo is kept close enough together without allowing access to the longing of their heart, this infinite sequence of anguish would power the Matrix in unmatched ways, steadying the rest of the masses, urging trifling likelihoods of revolt. The reason behind the success of this plan for the better part of 60 years is the fact that is keeping aside the curbing of the duo’s memoirs, the Machines eventually altered Neo’s DSI loop, making the blue pills capable of tracing him within the simulacrum.

How Neo Freed Trinity From The Matrix?

How Neo Freed Trinity From The Matrix

After Neo is enlightened with the fact by Bugs and Morpheus, he innately desires to free Trinity, which justifiably upsets the inspirations of several people. Smith (Jonathan Groff) does not want to be ruled by the Analyst, and Neo’s reappearance to the matrix endangers his freedom, creating a rift between the two. On the contrary, Neo’s come-back to the real world jeopardizes the peace and affluence in IO, compelling Niobe to daunt Neo from departing the city and saving Trinity.

However, Neo, alongside other crew members of the Mnemosyne, eventually discovers a way out to do the same, although a now matured Sati (Priyanka Chopra-Jonas) advises him that her arrival must be her own choice. Drawing an intricate plan, Neo walks into Simulate, demanding the Analyst for a meeting with Trinity, suggesting that if she opts to join him, they be permitted to leave, or else, he will return to his pod. This scene is the opposite of the option offered by the Architect in Revolutions. Still, most significantly, it is the ultimate test of faith and of the affection between Neo and Trinity.

Although Neo’s offer is initially rejected by Trinity, her Machine-given name “Tiffany”; even prompts her to the point where she realizes her true identity and who she is supposed to be. Voicing her decision to be with Neo through actions rather than words, Trinity is extracted by Bugs, Sati, and Morpheus. They carry out the subtle process by freeing her real body and implanting her cognizance with the help of Bugs.

Once released from the matrix, Trinity is free from the Analyst’s control, and just a delicate physical touch between her and Neo generates a powerful wave of anarchy and volatility inside the matrix. The way Neo saves Trinity highlights the themes of mutuality, as she was one of the few who understood the reality of Neo being the One; even when he refused to trust himself, it was now on Neo to place his conviction in her and give her the support she deserves.

Why Trinity Can Fly, Not Neo?

Why Trinity Can Fly, Not Neo

After the activation of Swarm Mode by the Analyst, stimulating all the blue pill dwellers of the simulacrum to impede the pair, Neo and Trinity find themselves restricted on a roof, choosing to jump together. However, it is discovered mid-jump that Trinity can actually fly, as she is the one who single-handedly lifts Neo mid-air. Just like its precursors, “Resurrections questions and undermines the concept of the One, forming the idea that the duo is a vital aspect of a whole, sharing the supremacies formerly kept for recapitulations of “the anomaly” in every account of the matrix.

As the present version of the matrix is attached mainly on the source codes of Neo and Trinity, two beings so irretrievably entangled with each other, this perhaps gives the powers credited to the Matrix’s One to both of them. Love, eventually, is an act of standardization, and it is likely that Trinity naturally comprehends the nature of the matrix and Neo, bolstered by the wholesomeness of their connection. Later on, the final scene shows both Neo and Trinity being able to fly; hence there’s a possibility that their powers are combined due to their mutual relationship.

What Is Neo & Trinity’s Plan With Their New Matrix?

What Is Neo & Trinity's Plan With Their New Matrix

As the source codes of both Neo and Trinity are not out of the grasp of the Analyst, it disturbs the coding of the matrix, leading to malfunctions and a whole collapse of the system. The duo decides to revisit the Analyst, who expects to talk about terms of cooperation. However, the duo is not in favor of any deal, as they plan to reestablish the matrix space in a way that gives the Matrix’s blue-pilled inhabitants hope, constantly retelling them what a free mind is capable of. Neo and Trinity’s strategy is in the direct revolt of the Analyst’s ideas that humans genetically desire to be controlled, as their projected actions are the opposite of the way in which Machines like him understand human impulses. While the whole destruction of the matrix is unmanageable given the fact that a definite quantity of peace needs to exist among the two groups, it is completely thinkable to give more peace and steadiness to those confined, although this concept as well, is flawed to the core in its own nature.

Will There Be A Matrix 5?

Resurrections include one meta end-credits scene, which simply subsists to add the film’s precarious commentary and disrupt expectations linked with such systems, and which the filmmakers seemingly believed was funny. Throwing in a “narratives are dead” strain, along with the assertion that the next sequel should be a series of cat videotapes named The Catrix, the end credits scene does not reveal any possibility for a Matrix 5. However, this does not entirely rule out upcoming sequels; Lana Wachowski has articulated no intent of continuing the epic, as the finale gracefully puts up a story of love and collective healing and a return to home.

What Does The Matrix Resurrections Ending Mean?

Matrix 4 Ending

At the end of The Matrix 4, the makers indicated to the audience a new age that was to come where with New and Trinity in the control of the matrix, there will not be any manipulations on humans by machines, and the human race is expected to flourish naturally. As there were now some of the machines that were on the human’s side and wanted their welfare and on top of the extraordinary and selfless sacrifice that Neo made that started to change the matrix and now it was becoming possible for humans to sustain and harvest organic food to consume. The movie also openly ridiculed its own legacy while mixing it with pure romanticism and showing the absolute power of love in the form of rebelliousness which was shown in the Neo and Trinity’s bond together, and that also became something that at the end saved humanity.

The heroic franchise ended, if there are no more sequels coming, on making a point of hope and on the whole new possibilities there can be in future for the human race, machines and alongside the programs that are alike. But we cannot say for sure as the franchise is overall unpredictable and narrates the many possible and thrilling ways as always.

Wrap Up

The Matrix Resurrections has perfectly concluded the saga on a wholesome note, and fans are loving the final installment of the franchise. Have you already watched the Matrix 4? Share your views and thoughts in the comments below!

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