Study Reveals-Horror Movie Fans Cope Better With Pandemic Stress


Horror is a very difficult genre, in my personal opinion. You have to touch the audience deep enough for them to feel the gloom, if you fail in doing so, the movie is nothing but a comedy! So how it is that Horror movie lovers are less paranoid during the situation?

The COVID-19 widespread has to a great extent expanded stress levels among individuals — the concerns run from unemployment to more extraordinary things like fears of the breakdown of society or deaths in a massive number. New research has found that individuals that like horror movies are way better able to handle this stress than others, and they’re too more likely to love horror and thrilling movies during this time.


Our independent survey off 200 participants also proved the point to be correct. The research found that individuals who portray themselves as fans of horror movies are more flexible toward the worldwide pandemic compared to those who aren’t fans. As well, horror fans who especially like movies based on ‘prepping’ of a specific sort, such as zombie and apocalyptic movies, were not only more versatile but moreover more likely to be prepared for the pandemic.

The idea that horror films and other terrifying materials may offer assistance to somebody mentally copr and prepare for a future real-life circumstance isn’t a new idea. Horror movies, haunted houses, and other scary things are a secure way for somebody to involve in an experience a debilitating situation, work out their feelings related to it, and indeed motivate themselves on how to handle these issues.

This also explains why the 2011 movie Contagion rose to the third most watched film, despite previously being in the hundreds. The story is very similar to the current Covid-19 pandemic. The movie provided the public with a look at an different situation, possibly helping them feel more competent of taking care of the real widespread as it played out.

“Engaging with a mental simulation of a dangerous situation is not cost-free, and the perceived and actual costs will vary between individuals. Mental simulation of dangerous phenomena can bring about unpleasant emotions and comes with a non-trivial time-commitment, both in the moment and, in some individuals, after the fact in the form of rumination and nightmares (Cantor & Oliver, 1996). The extent to which an individual is motivated to learn”

research corona

Take, for example, a film about a pandemic. A pandemic film gives viewers low-cost access to information that is difficult or dangerous to come across in the real world. For example, how do other people act in the face of a pandemic? Are such events likely to prompt cooperative or selfish behavior in others, what kinds of social conflicts are likely to emerge, and how might one navigate the altered social landscape of a pandemic world? Can we rely on institutions to continue to provide services as usual? What does the world look like when institutions that act as cornerstones of everyday existence no longer operate as usual? Unless one has already lived through a pandemic or has spent a large amount of time thinking about these questions, then one is unlikely to have considered this information before. Should a pandemic ever occur, this information could be quite valuable, as it could lead to better preparedness and psychological resilience.” source.

For in-depth data files, you can check out the extra details provided by the source.

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