Late “Star Wars Actress” Presented a Cow’s Tongue to Predatory Producer

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Carrie Fisher’s friend, Heather Robinson, opened up about an incident when a Hollywood executive, who was also an Oscar winner, tried to sexually assault her in his car. Upon hearing this, Fisher, a strong-willed woman who interfered in the case, got a cow’s tongue, Jerry’s Famous Deli wrapped it and placed it in a beautiful Tiffany box.

What she did next for her friend takes some serious courage and bravery to act upon. The all confident Fisher went to the Sony Studio’s, and headed to the Hollywood executive’s office and personally delivered it to him.

Fisher presented the box to the Hollywood executive and stated with all her confidence; it was a cow tongue from Jerry’s Famous Deli with a note that said:

If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.

As per BBC, Heather also indicated that she had never spoken about the incident with anyone who took place in 2000 because of fear of getting injustice against the Oscar-winning executive. She claims that all of it happened so rapidly that she herself could not process what was happening. A part of her was ashamed of herself, despite knowing that she was not the one at fault. She says, initially she thought that she was heading for a meal with the person, little did she know-how in a split of a second would the executive change into a monster!

Heather also put light on the ongoing scandal revolving around Harvey Weinstein. She said that it wasn’t a one-off case and that this kind of culture has been prevalent in Hollywood for as long as she remembers. Most of the female actors have to go through the “casting couch” scene, to even step into Hollywood. This is not limited to females only though. Many male actors have confessed to being harassed by both male and female executives.

She also told about her longtime director friend, whom she had loads of respect for, and their friendship had continued for quite a long time. But then she got a message from somebody whom Heather does not want to name. The person stated, ‘I just wanted you to know that I appreciated you speaking up, and this person raped me, and you should know that.’

In a statement, Heather said,

U can only warn people what u know. CarrieFisher stood up 4 me back in 2000.

— Heather Robinson (@ErrorOfMyWeighs) October 14, 2017

Weinstein was fired by The Weinstein Company’s board of directors last week, has been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse by over 40 women. Any claims of non-consensual sex are firmly refuted by Mr Weinstein, said Sallie Hofmeister, a Weinstein spokesperson. Mr. Weinstein maintains that all of these affairs were consensual with all of the women who have made accusations.

Unfortunately, in December 2016, Fisher passed away after an emergency surgery carried on an international flight. While Fisher had tons of successful hits, some of her most memorable roles are as Leia Organa in the Star Wars film series, Hannah and Her Sisters When Harry Met Sally, and The Blues Brothers.

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