Netflix’s Klaus: Merry Christmas Treat for Screen Bingers

Netflix’s Klaus: Merry Christmas Treat for Screen Bingers

Netflix takes on Santa origin story is amazingly refreshing that you don’t want to miss it on this Christmas.”

Even at the moment when not a single dialogue has been said in the movie “Klaus”, you can already feel that you are going to watch something alluring, which will take you back to your childhood time.

The old school 2D animation and creativity in this Netflix movie is done in a spectacular way that benefits the storytelling by a lot.

And when you don’t have any clue about what is going to happen the visuals of this movie make you feel that you are in the everlasting plot, which is actually the recreation of the Santa story.

However, this movie story plot is very different from the original Disney’s Santa story but in a dazzling way.

Believe me, I am not exaggerating anything about this movie because every single detail and point made in this movie is rejoicing for both adults and kids.

Before watching Klaus, I never thought that someone can recreate the Christmas story in a way that works so well.

About Klaus Story?

In this new take on Christmas origin movie, Santa is a normal human (or so we thought) not only made us connect with him more but also made us smile like kids to know that this man is Santa.

But the main character of the story is a regular post officer “Jesper Johanna” who made Santa to create enticing toys on Christmas that turned out to be wonderful amazement.

Because I love this character and I do not mind him changing the story, although it did bother me at first that Santa was not just a magical being, the ending made me really wonder “was he really not magical? Or did I just not notice” the way they humanize him is truly incredible.

ScreenBinge Rating (9.5/10):

I loveeeeeeed it!!! For me, it’s an incredible movie to watch on this Christmas and has the potential to become kids favorite for a long period of time.

Klaus amazingly highlights our society issues and shows how the act of kindness and love can change people behavior. For being only 1 hour and 30 minutes I was satisfied until the sweet but bitter end. Go watch this movie now!



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