Stan lee’s daughter sides with SONY over Spider Man


Sony pictures is not working with Disney and Marvel to share rights over Spiderman, Marvel fans rally against Sony pictures, in this situation Lee’s daughter has made pretty rough comments over Marvel and Disney.

In a statement, JC Lee said, “When my father died, no one from Marvel or Disney reached out to me. From day one, they have commoditized my father’s work and never shown him or his legacy any respect or decency. In the end, no one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives.”


She went on further and stated to TMZ, “Marvel and Disney seeking total control of my father’s creations must be checked and balanced by others who, while still seeking to profit, have genuine respect for Stan Lee and his legacy.”

These statements seem shocking as it was always portrayed by Stan Lee that working at Marvel Studios had always been a source of joy for him. Lee only had good to say about the Marvel world and talked about how much he enjoyed working with his team. Watch the marvel avengers movies in order to get a thorough picture of the franchise.

In the end, what JC Lee really seems to want is that her father’s legacy and name continues, and the unique characters that he created are credited to him. However, she believes the profit-hunting executives don’t care about it.

In the end, she made a point that “Whether it’s Sony or someone else’s, the continued evolution of Stan’s characters and his legacy deserves multiple points of view.”


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