The Boy Who Tried To Murder Trump (Crime Documentary)

Michael Sandford, a 20-year-old British man, was arrested at a Donald Trump rally in June 2016 after trying to take a gun from a police officer to shoot the then Republican presidential candidate. At the middle of a media storm and at the hands of America’s increasingly punitive justice system, Michael immediately found himself. How did a young, middle-class kid from suburban England end up thousands of miles from home, suffering from Asperger’s? What prompted him to try to kill one of the world’s most powerful men?

The series tracks the parents of Michael as they return to the United States for his sentencing, unsure as to when they will see him again. Set against the backdrop of Trump’s extraordinary rise to the White House, the film examines the complicated history of Michael while using unique eye-witness interviews and never-before-seen footage to assemble the elaborate plot of assassination and try to find out why he did it.

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