The Crown – Which Character are You Based on Your Zodiac Signs

The Crown is one Netflix Original that dwells into Britain’s Royal family, Queen Elizabeth’s younger years, and how things work in the palace. The show is unique with the type of content it portrays and gives viewers insights about the Royal family that people usually don’t know about. One thing that is special about the show is the amazing characterization of each individual that makes their appearance notable and memorable.

Here are The Crowns Characters based on their Zodiac sign, find out which one you are!

You might have seen similar blogs, but the special thing about this one is that the Royal’s real Zodiac signs are taken into account!

Queen Elizabeth (Libra)

queen elezabeth

The Queen is a perfect fit when it comes to her Zodiac sign, like a real Libra, she is fearless, powerful, and dominating! 71 years ago she chose to wear white at her wedding and ever since then she’s literally changed how brides dress up around the world. She also has the personality to stand hard for herself and maintain the Crown by herself. Stubbornness is a part of a Libra’s personality and the Queen definitely is very independent doing what she wants and not giving in to anyone.

Prince Philip (Taurus)


A Taurus moves at its own pace, the relationship between a Taurus and Libra can be a bit too much frenetic and this is also shown in the series. The relationship between the two is based on accepting each other, so it’s either a make it or break it scenario, luckily the couple has maintained their relationship despite all the ups and downs during the Queen’s reign. Like many members of his family, he too is stubborn, which matches with the qualities of a Taurus. Although Prince Philip’s upbringing was a bit troubled being a Taurus gives him the strength to endure it all and face the music.

Diana (Aquarius)

princess diana

Aquarians are rebels at heart, progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic and that’s exactly what Diana was! They are free-spirited and nonconformists and you can’t really guess what is on their mind. The pureness of Diana’s heart was sadly not in line with the Royal family’s members and outside the show, we all know what happened to her because of that.

Prince Charles (Pisces)

prince charles

Pisces are helpful, selfless, artistic, and intuitive and we see a lot of those qualities in Prince Charles. The intuitiveness often leads them into their own fantasy world and ignore the happening around them. They are not so cunning which often leads them into falling prey to those who have hidden agendas. We do see Prince Charles struggling to make a place for himself and failing at it.

Duchess Camilla (Aries)

Even though Duchess Camila’s entry into the Royal family is scandalous, but her marriage to Prince Charles eliminates the controversy and provides her solid support. Like a true Aries, she follows her heart despite knowing that her romance with Prince Charles would put them both in trouble. She knows what she wants and will do anything to get it, even if it’s the Prince!

Winston Churchill (Leo)

winston churchill

Winston Churchill’s character is one of the best portrayed in the show. A Leo’s most notable quality is their bravery and farsightedness and the courage to do things that normally people would back off from. It is quite evident in the show that Winston Churchill doesn’t allow anyone to overwhelm him and he is very dominating all of which are qualities of a Leo.

Anthony Eden (Gemini)

anthony eden

It is quite unfortunate for Anthony Eden to become the Prime Minister of the UK during one of the most difficult times in the history United Kingdom. Gemini’s are impulsive and they enjoy the outside world more, being social and talkative, however, Anthony Eden gets addicted to drugs which truly shows the character of a Gemini trying to find an escape. Especially the impulsive behavior takes the better of him during times of crises which affects the entire United Kingdom.

Anthony Armstrong-Jones (Cancer)

anthony armstrong

A Cancer loves with all his heart and soul and as shown in the show, Anthony falls in love with short-tempered Princess Margaret. Even though the relationship between the two is quite volatile, you can see Anthony’s passion for the Princess even if she does not observe it. He may show love in different ways which are hard to be easily understood but he truly and deeply is in love.

Lord Mountbatten (Scorpio)


Scorpios are famous for their cleverness and one must never cross them, as they always have something up their sleeve. They also have an air of danger and mystery around them and are very secretive, all these traits are visible in the show. A Scorpio also never forgets an insult so you better watch your words with them. We see Mountbatten leading a coup against the government, which combined with all other traits certainly qualifies him as a Scorpio.

Princess Margaret (Sagittarius)

A Sagittarius has incredible power to pull people towards them and we see that in the show. She forms multiple relationships but the impulsive behavior of a Sagittarius is what causes those relationships to fail. She does not think much and just goes about doing what she wants, this certainly lands her in trouble.

Princess Anne (Virgo)


A Virgo is practical, observant, and responsible and never leaves their ground, moreover, they have a bird’s eye view on matters rather than looking at the minimalistic issues. As we see in the show, Princess Anne’s character is one of the most protrude personalities in the series. She is also very tough mentally as noticed in the show multiple times.

Margaret Thatcher (Capricorn)


Capricorns are ambitious, focused, and goal-oriented and that’s exactly how Margaret Thatcher is portrayed in the show. We do see her having moments of weakness in the show but for the majority of the part, she shows how much of a Capricorn she is by staying strong and focusing on her goal to head the government. She cannot be dominated by anyone, even if it’s a monarch or member of her own cabinet.


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