The Nightbreed- An Overlooked Master Piece


The Nightbreed is definitely something that was way ahead of its time, it’s a masterpiece from Clive Barker which was ruined by the studio resulting in removing 80 minutes of the original film. It is one of the greatest old school horror movies which is disturbing enough to give you a week of sleepless nights. The studio also demanded several changes to Barker’s storyline which sort of totally changed what Barker was offering.

How The Studios Ruined It?

The studios wanted something which was more of a slasher film. Honestly, they couldn’t market Barker’s version of the movie that shows the monsters in a different light. In Barker’s film, humans are shown as the real monsters who hide their real self under a mask and hunt on anyone who is different from them.

the nightbreed

What’s The Storyline

The storyline revolves around the life of Aaron Boone who is haunted by dreams of a place called Midian- an entire city under a huge graveyard. Another element in Boone’s life is that his own physiatrist convinces him that he is the serial killer that’s taking people’s lives in Calgary. While in reality, it is the physiatrist himself who is the killer.

Boon Is Not A Killer!

It is during a life and death chasing encounter with the police that Boone finds out that Midian is not only a place in his dreams but in fact it is real. While Boone’s physiatrist continues slashing families after families, he convinces Boon that he is responsible for the lives of all these people. He also gives him a hallucinogenic substance and tells Boon to turn himself in.

The True Face!

With the hallucinogenic substance taking away Boon’s consciousness he is found wandering on the streets in haze. He ultimately gets hit by a truck, whereby he is taken to the hospital. In the hospital, he meets Narcisse who believes Boon is a messenger from Midian sent as a test to him. Narcisse rips off the skin on his face in order to show him HIS TRUE FACE.

Boon escapes the hospital and making his way to Midian, where he meets two supernatural entities. One of them suggests that he should be taken below. But the other entity says that Boon is a natural and therefore he should be killed.

Back From The Dead!

At this time Boon tries to convince them that he is a killer. However, one of the entities says that he can smell innocence and transforms itself into a more monstrous creature and attacks Boon whereby he manages to escape.

While escaping the graveyard, he finds an entire squad of police officers along with his psychiatrist who yells that Boon has a gun. He’s shot down by the police officers and dies. At the morgue, Boon comes back to life due to the bite inflicted upon him by the supernatural entity. Now Boon makes his way back to Midian where he is now accepted. He is also taught the laws of this supernatural world. A whole induction ceremony takes place conducted by the leader of the Nightbreed, Lylesburg.

Wrapping Up!

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