20 Twilight Movies Facts You Should Know


The Twilight franchise isn’t merely a fantasy series, it’s more of folklore, and the franchise has a massive cult following. Read along if you are a die-hard Twilight saga fan, as we will uncover some of the Twilight facts that will completely blow your mind.

Whether you fell in love with the series when the first novel got published in 2005 or joined the bandwagon in later years, it is impossible to refute the perennial influence and charm of Twilight.

From ferocious werewolves to striking vampires, these films have everything! Together, the brilliant cast of Twilight, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, brought the fascinating story of Bella and Edward to life, leaving the cinemagoers awestruck by their performances.

If you have watched or are ready to watch all Twilight movies, do you really know about the Twilight series? Like all blockbuster franchises, there are several fun facts about Twilight enough to take you by surprise. We took the liberty to dig out wild Twilight facts to share them with you.

What are the best Twilight facts about the movies?

Most fans know that Renesmee was a CGI-created creepy baby, but what are other Twilight facts that can blow your mind? Without further ado, let’s start revealing the 20 Twilight facts you didn’t know!

1. Stephanie Meyer Didn’t Want Robert Pattinson for Edward


Can you imagine someone else playing Edward other than Robert Pattinson? FYI, Henry Henry Cavill was the name Stephenie Meyer wanted for the role. Meyer described The Witcher actor as “the only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen.”

However, the production got delayed, and by the time filming commenced, Henry appeared too grownup for the role.

Meyer also considered Logan Lerman, Orlando Bloom, and Tom Sturridge, before Robert Pattinson finally took the role of Edward Cullen whom we all love.

2. Kristen Stewart Constantly Wore Contacts

In the novels, Bella is depicted as a girl with deep brown eyes. However, Kirsten Stewart has naturally green eyes but her role demanded otherwise, so she wore brown contact lenses throughout the series.

She also used red ones when she would turn into a vampire. Although she pulled off a perfect look, hopefully, the contacts weren’t too tingling!

3. Dakota Fanning Only had a One-Word Line in the Last Film


The famous character of Jane is played by Dakota Fanning, the heartless and spine-chilling female Volturi whose job is to hunt down Cullens for breaking the rules.

However, Fanning’s involvement diminished gradually by the time the series reached its final installment. As a matter of fact, in Breaking Dawn 2, her character Jane only utters one word all the time; “pain.”

4. Bella Wore a $20 Prom Dress Only

You may remember the prom in the concluding scenes of the first installment, Twilight, where Bella wears an adorable purple costume. Surprisingly, that party dress only cost $20 to the costume department.

On the contrary, Edward’s tuxedo in the same act was one of the most extravagant things in the movie!

5. Stephanie Meyer had a Dream about Writing Twilight

Stephanie Meyer got the inspiration for the Twilight story in her dream. As stated by her, Meyer dreamt of a girl lying with a vampire and talking in a mead. This depiction of this exact scene appears several times in novels as well as films.

Surprisingly, she even remembers the date on which she saw the dream, i.e. June 2, 2003. Definitely one of the most interesting Twilight fun facts.

6. Stephanie Meyer had Multiple Short Cameos in Twilight

Stephanie Meyer made a couple of cameo appearances in Twilight. She can be seen using a laptop at the restaurant where Bella hangs out with her dad. She appears in Breaking Dawn 1, where you can see her as a guest at a wedding, obviously if followed too closely!

7. That’s Not Kristin Stewart’s Real Hair


Kristen used hair extensions for the entirety of the first film because her hair was short at that time. She wore those long hair extensions so perfectly as if that were her real hair. It was certainly impossible to notice that, at least on a TV screen.

8. This is Not the First Time Michael Sheen’s a Vampire

Michael Sheen famously played the character of Aro, the creepiest and one of the most influential representatives of the Volturi. Though, that wasn’t the first time Michael played the role of a vampire. He also performed in the vampire-themed action-horror series Underworld.

Interestingly, he played the role of Lucian, a werewolf fighting against the vampires!

9. The Vampire’s Eyes Give Away their Diets


The reason behind the golden-brown eyes of Cullens’ is that presumably, they don’t consume human blood. When vampires don’t drink human blood for weeks, black colors start to appear in their eyes. The newborns are exceptions though as their eyes stay red no matter what they consume.

10. Catherine Hardwicke Only Directed the First Film

Catherine Hardwicke directed only the first movie out of the five Twilight movies. Apparently, she was not fully prepared to get on with the next one, so she decided to step back, which is a disappointment for the fans.

11. Forks Washington is a Real Place

Yes, you read it right, Forks is a real place as you might have already seen somewhere on the internet. You can go and see it! It is a gloomy town just like what Stephanie wanted when writing the books. The reason behind it was to make her vampires not sparkle too much in the sunlight.

12. And the Quileute are a Real Tribe

The Quileute mentioned in the Twilight saga is an actual First Nation people tribe. And they actually are from the same place where the story is plotted. However, they do not have any myths about werewolves, it would have been nice if they had…haha…

13. Bella Might have been Played by Lily Collins

It was not just Edward’s character that would have been played by someone else, Bella’s character was also in the same thoughts. Lily Collins was also considered as the potential Bella. However, due to her doing some other movies it was checked out from the list.

14. Bryce Dallas Howard was Always Meant to be Victoria

You may remember noticing Victoria not looking the same in the first and second movies. It is because the first actress, Rachel Lefevre, was removed, and Bryce Dallas Howard took her place. Initially, Bryce was the original option for the role, and they ultimately got her!

15. The Twilight Franchise Earned in Billions of Dollars

The books, movies, and any other merchandise of the Twilight series has made billions and billions till now! That is a huge sum! Breaking Dawn part 2 was at number one, breaking the records of its previous titles – grossing around $1 billion in total!

16. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won’t Say No to Another Movie


Even though both lead actors of Twilight can be seen making jokes and fun about the movies, both Kristen and Robert, have also said that they would not refuse to do one more Twilight film. This is one of the well-known Twilight facts.

17. The Foreign Titles are Nothing like the Original Names

The books are not named the same in different languages, and they are not like the original title. For example, Twilight is named ‘If I Could Dream’ in Swedish while in Norwegian ‘The Kiss of Eternity’ and in French is called ‘Fascination’. Not so appealing, right?

18. Taylor Lautner Almost wasn’t Jacob


As much as we may like Jacob, the hunky werewolf, he nearly got recast after the first movie. Apparently, filmmakers wanted a Jacob who was bulkier and bigger, and they were in doubt if Taylor was the right choice. But he prepared for it and remained the iconic werewolf!

19. Renesmee was Almost a CGI Baby

The vampire/human hybrid baby Renesmee looked a little creepy and stirred controversy when the movie came out. But for your information, it was nothing compared to what they originally thought to make Renesmee, an animatronic. That creepy doll looks far more terrifying! So maybe going with CGI was a good idea!

20. The First Book had a Much More Boring Title

Initially, Stephanie Meyer named the first book ‘Forks,’ the town where the story is set. Not a romantic or exciting title, right? It was her publishers who advised and convinced the author to change it.

Wrapping Up

There’s a reason why even movies like Twilight haven’t made fans go gaga over them like Twilight. The Twilight movies are now more than a decade old, but it still remains a mainstay in the vampire/horror genre and is definitely among the most widely popular film sagas ever!

We bet even the craziest of fans don’t know several of the Twilight facts we have shared in this article. If you know any hidden wild facts about Twilight, head over to the comments section and enlighten us! Also, do you want to know about best twilight movies? then do check out our detailed blog.

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