How to Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA


If you’re a fan of dog shows, we know you can’t wait to learn how to watch the American Rescue Dog Show on ABC outside USA. You’ll need a VPN to watch this amazing production from anywhere, and we’ll show you how.

The American Rescue Dog Show features rescued companions as they compete in some “best in” titles. These dogs steal viewers’ hearts in the two-hour special as they compete in several categories. Some notable ones include Best in Snoring, Best in Couch Potato, Best in Kissing, Best in Wiggle Butt, etc.

The Petco Foundation funds this event with $25000 awarded to the rescue center where the champion was adopted. $10000 is also donated to a local animal welfare organization in honor of the winning pooch.

Each category winner also stands a chance to be named the Best in Rescue with an additional $100000 donated in their honor.

The American Rescue Dog show is a good cause event but has stiff competition, making it a spectacle, especially for a family with kids. This show will air on ABC, so read on to find out how to use a VPN to watch outside the US.

Easy Steps: Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA

Using a VPN is the easiest way to watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC outside USA. Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Subscribe to a VPN with reliable servers in the US. Choose ExpressVPN to get the best VPN service.
  • Download the VPN and set it up on your streaming device.
  • Log in with your credentials and connect to a US server.
  • Navigate to and enjoy watching The American Dog Show on ABC outside US.
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The American Rescue Dog Show Trailer

The American Rescue Dog Show is a canine competition like you’ve never seen before. The show has all sorts of dogs, including senior dogs, special needs and even puppies. There’ll be a celebrity panel of dog-loving judges who’ll decide who is the best in rescue. Watch the thirty-second teaser trailer here:

Best HBO Max VPNs To Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA With Other Titles

ABC is one of the biggest TV networks in the United States, with an extensive content catalog. However, the channel is only available in the US, so you must use a VPN to access it if you’re in another country. ABC’s geo-restrictions are tough to crack, but here are three VPNs up to the task.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN To Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA

ExpressVPN is known for its blazing fast connection speeds, reliable and stable servers, robust security features and wide device support. The VPN provider is the best in the industry and should be your go-to VPN when you want hassle-free streaming from any country worldwide.

The VPN boasts more than 3000+ servers in 94+ countries that provide reliable access to streaming services worldwide. However, ABC only works when you’re inside the United States, so your ideal VPN should have a reliable US server network. ExpressVPN has 24 servers in the United States that unblock ABC without failure.

ExpressVPN is a fast VPN and allows users to stream content in HD, which is the best way to stream The American Rescue Dog Show. On our 100Mbps connection, ExpressVPN clocks 89.42Mbps download and 84.64Mbps upload.


The VPN provider supports any streaming device and has Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps. ExpressVPN also supports other streaming devices like gaming consoles, Smart TVs, etc., through its Mediastreamer feature.

This means you can catch up on the latest episodes of The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Abbot Elementary, etc., on any streaming device outside USA!

ExpressVPN has every feature of a top-of-the-range VPN with features such as Split Tunneling functionality for accessing local sites while streaming ABC. A Kill Switch ensures that your data and IP address don’t leak if the connection to the VPN is lost.

You also have DNS Leak Protection and AES-256-bit encryption to protect your data when connected to any server. One ExpressVPN account allows five simultaneous connections, which is the only downside to this VPN.

ExpressVPN is available for US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA


You should go for Surfshark if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on a VPN but don’t want to compromise on VPN quality. This is one of the newest VPNs and is already creating a name due to its strong unblocking capabilities.

Surfshark is a global VPN with 3200+ servers in 65+ countries worldwide, with 600+ servers in the United States. This means you’ll have lots of options when you want to access ABC outside USA, along with other streaming services in the US.

That’s not all because Surfshark guarantees you’ll watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC outside USA in HD. The VPN might not be as fast as ExpressVPN, but you can still watch your favorite content without lagging. Surfshark is fast, and on a 100Mbps connection, the VPN delivers 88.14Mbps download and 83.72Mbps upload.


What about device support? Does Surfshark have apps for the common streaming devices? Surfshark has Linux, Android, Windows, macOS and iOS applications. But that’s not all because, like other premium VPNs in the market, Surfshark has smart DNS for streaming on smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

Surfshark doesn’t lag on features either with a Kill Switch, which keeps your data secure at all times. If you lose the connection to the VPN server, the Kill Switch will disconnect the internet until a link to the VPN server is established. Surfshark is a secure VPN and doesn’t sell user data.

The VPN uses modern protocols to deal with the latest security threats while offering unmatched performance. As an icing on the cake, Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connection on one account.

So, get Surfshark for just US$2.49/mo (83% Off on 2 Years Plan) and don’t forget to enjoy The Valet on Hulu and Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA!

NordVPN: Largest Servers Network VPN To Watch The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC Outside USA

If you’re searching for a VPN with many server options, NordVPN should be high on your list of preferred VPNs. But a large server network is not the only good thing about this VPN, as it has incredible features and unblocking capabilities.

ABC is a big channel in the US, and like most other streaming services, the people running it know that people use VPNs to watch its content outside the US. The channel has a robust geo-restriction system that detects known VPN IP addresses and blocks them from accessing the platform.

That’s why you need a VPN with a large server network because you can try different servers until you find one that works.

NordVPN has 5310+ servers in 59+ countries worldwide which unblock various channels in different countries. The VPN has an incredible 1970+ servers in the United States for unblocking ABC and other US-based streaming services like Showtime outside USA and The CW outside USA!

The NordVPN US servers unblock ABC so you can watch your favorite shows like The Kardashians, The Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart, etc.

NordVPN offers a fast connection with 86.49Mbps download and 79.42Mbps upload on a 100Mbps network.


It doesn’t matter what streaming device you own because NordVPN supports them all. For instance, the VPN has the usual Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux applications.

The VPN has the SmartPlay feature for supporting other devices capable of streaming, such as Firestick, Kindle Fire, PlayStation, Roku, Chromecast, etc. NordVPN allows six simultaneous connections on one account.

NordVPN’s main features include Private DNS to shield your online activities and Onion Over VPN, which adds the anonymity provided by The Onion Router.

Get NordVPN for US$3.29/mo (Save 60% on 2-year plan).

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What to Expect from the Trailer and Images of The American Rescue Dog Show?

Judging by the trailer and the images released by ABC, The American Rescue Dog Show will host all types of dogs and real fun moments. The show will feature rescued dogs from all across the country, including senior dogs, special needs and puppies.

Introduction of The American Rescue Dog Show

The American Rescue Dog Show is an ABC dog competition show where pups compete in all kinds of competitions. There’ll be seven categories such as Best In Belly Rubs, Best in Kissing and Best in Couch Potato, etc. These categories are fun and will trigger lots of laughs from the audience and home.

There’ll be various cash prizes for every category winner, with the money donated to the winning rescue center.

Cast of The American Rescue Dog Show

Here’s the full cast of the upcoming American Rescue Dog show on ABC:

Rob Riggle – Host
Joe Tessitore – Host
Paula Abdul – Judge
Leslie Jordan – Judge
Yvette Nicole Brown – Judge

The American Rescue Dog Show (2022) – Events Schedule

The American Rescue Dog Show will air on May 25, 2022, only on ABC.


Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore will host The American Rescue Dog Show on ABC.

Every dog on the American Rescue Dog Show is from a rescue center, so you can’t get any dog into the show.

The American Rescue Dog Show premiere date is May 25, 2022, on ABC. Get a VPN with fast servers in the US like ExpressVPN to watch this amazing show from anywhere.

Wrap Up

The American Rescue Dog Show is great fun for the entire family as rescued dogs compete in various funny competitions. The competition features adopted dogs from rescue centers to sensitize would-be dog owners to adopt instead of shopping.

Watch the American Rescue Dog Show on ABC outside USA with the best streaming VPN, ExpressVPN.

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