How to Use WhatsApp in China (2020) UNBLOCK in 3 Minutes

How to Use WhatsApp in China (2020) UNBLOCK in 3 Minutes

Does WhatsApp work in China in 2020? Sadly, WhatsApp banned in china? Yes, WhatsApp does not work in China but follow our guide and you’ll be able to take it to Mars! Yes, the repressive regime with its Great Firewall does control a lot of the internet and media but don’t worry. I will guide you on how to use WhatsApp in China.

You might be traveling from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world. This guide will help you out in staying in touch with your friends, family and employees or colleagues.

So, without any further ado, let’s start. The most important thing to use WhatsApp in China is to have a Top-notch VPN provider like PureVPN or Ivacy as only the strongest providers succeed in working in China.

Does WhatsApp work in China in 2020?

Unfortunately, if you are in China WhatsApp will not work, however, you can use a VPN service to make it work. This is due to the governmental policies leading to a blackout of popular social platforms in China.

WhatsApp Not Available in China

How To Use WhatsApp with a VPN in China

Thankfully, today VPN services have realized their true potential and are no longer difficult to operate. Be it any VPN provider, you can expect a very intuitive and easy to use client software and so is the case with both Ivacy and PureVPN.

Okay so I repeat, this is something you have to do BEFORE leaving for China.

Quick Guide: How to Unblock WhatsApp in China with a VPN

Follow these 4 Easy steps to unblock WhatsApp in China using VPN:

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN (We highly recommend PureVPN).
  2. Open VPN app and sign-in with your credentials.
  3. Now connect to US (or any other country) server from the list.
  4. Download App, Set up with your number and Start using WhatsApp in China.
Unblock WhatsApp with PureVPN Now...!Our Top Recommendation for China

Note: You should be extra careful and keep your VPN connected all the time as it is banned in China to and may result in legal issues. For this PureVPN is our prime choice to use the service due to its widespread servers.

Why Do you Need a VPN to use WhatsApp in China

Downloading your choice of VPN service before going to China is really important as there is a serious ban against the use of VPN services.

Therefore, as obvious as it may sound, you definitely need to download the VPN software outside China.

The Best VPNs for Unblocking WhatsApp in China

PureVPN: #1 Best VPN to unblock WhatsApp in China. It offers 2,000+servers in 140+ countries with amazing customer support. So you can unblock and access other amazing platforms like US Netflix.

Ivacy: Best low-cost VPN to unblock WhatsApp in China. It has 1000+ Servers in 100+ Locations and intuitive client software. It also offers Ivacy Prime service exclusive for Chineses Users.

How to Prepare for using VPN in China – Before You Travel

  • Download the VPN app before leaving for China
  • Purchase the VPN before leaving for China
  • Purchase a local sim card in China

How to Get Local Sim for WhatsApp in China?

If you need to install WhatsApp than this is an important step, but if you already have it you don’t need this.

Getting a prepaid sim is really simple in China, you can get one from the following carriers (China Mobile, China Unicom or China Telecom). An average of 200 Yuan is enough for a month.

The only thing is that once you sign up for WhatsApp it requires a verification code that is sent to your cell phone. Therefore if you download in China you need to keep your VPN connection so that the verification code can be received and verified.

How to use WhatsApp in China without VPN- Can I use Free VPN?

There is simply no possibility of using WhatsApp in China without a VPN. The Great Firewall of China is very tough to bypass and only limited services can do that.

Free VPNs usually fail to unblock simple websites and platforms, let alone WhatsApp. You may although try your luck with free VPN services but we wouldn’t recommend you to do so.

Popular websites and services that are blocked in China?

China has very strict surveillance policies and therefore many of the global websites and applications do not work in China. Here’s the list:

  • Messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal)
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Streaming services (Netflix, YouTube, Twitch)
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo)
  • Cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Non-Chinese news websites (CNN, Washington Post, The Guardian)
  • Information hubs (Wikipedia, Quora)
  • Privacy or VPN-related websites (OpenVPN and others)

You can also unblock these services in China with the use of a VPN, just as the case with iQiyi outside china.


The service does not operate in China as it has been banned due to restrictions implicated by the country’s Great Firewall which censors internet use. With the help of a VPN, you can easily use WhatsApp in China.

Yes, you can register on WhatsApp using your Chinese number as well. However, a VPN is required for those residing in China due to the nonavailability of service in the region.

WhatsApp no longer supports the Language changing option in the App. However, you can still change it via your phone settings Open your phone settings > Language and Input” > “Language” > “New Desired Language”

If you already have WhatsApp installed on your device, you do not need a sim for WhatsApp to work.