Young Generation Don’t Recognize Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter Anymore

Daniel Radcliffe

Sit on your favorite couch and make yourself comfortable because what I am going to tell you will definitely make you feel older.

The very first Harry Potter movie released in 2001, and last part of the series was released seven years ago. It’s been so long that today’s kids no longer recognize Daniel Radcliffe, who played a leading role in the Harry Potter movies.

Even Radcliffe will turn 30 in next summer-who made his debut in the film industry as Harry Potter at the age of 11.

Possibly, the long-time duration has rooted Daniel to slowly losing his popularity among the new generation.

He also admitted the loss of his fame among kids in a morning show (Morning Joe), where he told the host:

 “I do have a thing sometimes where I meet kids now, and their parents will bring them up to me, and they’ll be like, ‘​this is Harry Potter’ and the kids will be like ‘No it’s not.”

Daniel Radcliffe further explained on what being a generational icon has meant to him in the same interview:

“It is very strange but also genuinely lovely when somebody comes up and says, ‘​You were a huge part of my childhood.’ For me, The Simpsons was a massive thing, and the idea that I could occupy a similar place in someone’s else life is so crazy and wonderful. I always say I’m incredibly lucky to have got famous with Harry Potter because it is a genuinely beloved thing,” he explained.

Right now, Radcliffe is playing his role in a Broadway production “The Lifespan of a Fact.”


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