How to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

Tampa Baes is an upcoming series on Amazon Prime about a group of lesbian friends who are residing in Tampa Bay partying and having fun. 

Of course, US residents can watch the show on Amazon Prime; however, non-US residents can watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada with our detailed guide.

For all the Amazon Prime fans, watching Tampa Baes or other shows in Canada is a pain. When you try to access Amazon Prime, you will see the following error message:

“This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.”

prime video error

Don’t worry though, a VPN s the right solution to fight off this error, and enjoy Tampa Baes!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada with a VPN

To be able to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada, you will need the help of a VPN to change your IP address. Here’s how to do that.

  • Download and install a VPN; we recommend ExpressVPN!
  • Select a USA server
  • Log onto Amazon Prime and watch Tampa Baes!

A VPN secures your privacy, but not all VPNs are recommendable. For instance, free VPNs are slow when it comes to streaming. However, we know which are the best VPNs to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada.

Watch Tampa Baes with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation Canada

The Three Recommended VPNs to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

You’ll find many VPNs online, but there are only a few that are the most reliable and offer blazing fast speeds. The three VPNs are perfect to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

ExpressVPN is the all-rounder VPN you need. It prioritizes the safety and privacy of users and has a high rating on the aspects from the users garnering a 9.8/10 rating from collective feedbacks.

In addition, it incorporates high speeds of operations even though connections getting made are in distant locations. Having speedy and secure connectivity is not the end for this devoted VPN. 

It goes further to give more desirable conditions of use and efficient service. How? It has its servers located in more countries (90) than any other VPN has. So this is the only VPN that will provide the widest variety of locations to choose from, and as expected, it has servers in the main targeted regions when looking for a VPN.

With such a safe and secure network, you are sure to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada easily.

The VPN service plans start from $6.67 per month, and it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can also watch HBO Max with ExpressVPN, meaning after you’re done with Amazon Prime, you can enjoy content from different platforms!

Watch Tampa Baes with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for Canada

Surfshark: The Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

Surfshark is convenient for many users around the globe, following its fair rates of $2.5 a month. It provides the best possible clean web, free from virus or malware attempts. Surfshark has no ads that interrupt your browsing, and it is also secure from being tracked.

With the low rates, Surfshark allows access to unlimited devices to which the single subscription can accommodate.

In addition, the VPN can secure all gadgets in a workplace or house. Surfshark is designed to serve various operating systems, having macOS, Windows, Linux, etc., users well represented.

This will enable you to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada from any device in your reach using any operating system and a stable internet connection. Surkshark also unblocks Hulu as well,, in case you need more content options.

NordVPN: The Largest Server Network to Watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada

NordVPN has the highest connection speed compared to all other VPNs. It also has the most servers globally. Having many servers ensures less lagging as many users do not get crowded on a single server. They do not monitor user activities and have a 24/7 live chat customer service.

NordVPN also has an ad blocker, and therefore your browsing is not disrupted by pop-up ads that get annoying. It also has a wire guard for top speeds not found within other VPNs. Also, with the no-logs policy, they do not monitor your internet activity.

With the largest global server network, NordVPN will be one of the best VPNs to watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada. Apart from shows and movies, you can also enjoy CBC, ICC T20 World Cup 2021, CNBC Live Stream with NordVPN.

Watch Tampa Baes with NordVPNLargest Server Network

How VPN Allows You to Access Amazon Prime in Canada

A VPN is designed to disguise the user’s whereabouts but can also perform other tasks like encrypting your data, giving users access to region-restricted content, and, most importantly, hiding their whereabouts.

On encrypting your data, VPNs prevent internet service providers and websites you are visiting from seeing your data or details. Therefore, the only data available to other foreign sources is that which you have exposed willingly and prevented restriction by the VPN.

Giving users access to regional data takes us back to agreements content providers in a region make with broadcasting channels on rights for airing their content. With the broadcasting channels limited to certain countries and regions, anyone outside the region cannot access the content.

On hiding the user’s whereabouts, VPNs ensure your location IP address gets replaced with a generated one from the server you chose. Therefore, broadcasters cannot determine your true location and restrict you from their content.

Amazon Prime is the content broadcaster, and using a VPN to access shows premiered on Amazon Prime video prevents them from detecting your live location. So you simply have to choose a location on the VPN that Is within a region where our desired show Tampa Baes is not restricted and go ahead to watch it.

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Tampa Baes Release Date

The TV Program Tampa Baes will have its first episode released on November 5, 2021, on Amazon Prime.

Tampa Baes Trailer

The TV show will revolve around an adventurous group of girls and how they enjoy life in Tampa Bay. Watch the complete trailer here:

Tampa Baes Cast and Crew

The cast in the TV show will not have different stage names from their real names. The casting is done by Karlie Loland and it includes:

Notable Casts Members

Cuppie Bragg
Haley Grable
Brianna Murphy – Actor and Producer
Ali Myers
Jordan Whitley
Marissa Gialousis
McKenzie Mack
Summer Mitchell
Nelly Ramirs
Melanie Posner
Shiva Pishdad
Olivia Mullins

Executive Producers:

Jeff Altrock
Melissa Bidwell
Ross Weintraub
Paul O’Malley
Reinout Oerlemans


Co-executive Producers:

Claudia Frank
Jackie Robbins
Kristopher Schwalenberg

The film editing is done by Sax Eno, the camera and electrical department is under Gonzalo Parra’s moderation, and the sound department is being handled by Michael Huang.


You can watch Tampa Bae on Amazon Prime using a VPN in Canada.

You can watch Tampa Baes using a VPN on Amazon Prime. Click here to follow the steps right away!

For now, the eight-episode docu-series is only coming to Amazon Prime US on November 5, 2021.


Following your favorite shows from outside the region can be daunting; however, VPNs like ExpressVPN make this easy and breezy! We hope the guide helped you understand how you can watch Tampa Baes on Amazon Prime in Canada! Happy Streaming!

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