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Have you watched the Twilight saga series? It is a story about love, friendship, and family. The series features Aro, a powerful vampire who is the head of the Volturi. 

He is a powerful and ancient vampire who appears in the Twilight series and the leader of the Volturi, a group of vampires who enforce vampire law.

Many vampires fear Aro because of his ability to read minds. He is also known for his strange habit of collecting young vampires. He is one of the oldest vampires in the Twilight series, aging over three hundred years old, and his exact age is unknown.

Just like Jacob, Victoria, and Rosalie Hale, Aro is also a major character in the Twilight Saga! This article is for Aro fans in Canada, here we will discuss everything you need to know about the Aro Twilight. Let’s get started.

Aro Twilight [Early Life]

Aro Volturi was born in 1340 B.C in what is now Greece. Aro Twilight’s age is unknown. In his mid-twenties, he was turned into a vampire by Marcus, one of the Volturi’s founding members.

He has lived through many years and has seen much change. Together with Athenodora, Marcus’ wife, they founded the Volturi.

After becoming a vampire, Aro also changed his sister, Didyme, and his mate Sulpicia, to become vampires. However, Didyme couldn’t have the same ability as Aro, and she later joined Marcus, and their relationship did not end well.

Didyme was later killed by Aro, to Marcus’ great grief. This was done to prevent her from leaving the Volturi. Aro also used Chelsea to make Marcus remain faithful to the group, Volturi. On the other hand, Marcus did not know that this was happening.

The Volturi then took over the vampire world in 500 AD and took control of the Romanian coven. Aro, Marcus, and Caius ruled the Coven with an iron fist. They were known as the Three Elders. The Volturi then began to amass a great army to take over the world. Aro’s greatest assets included two children, Jane and Alec, who had unique abilities.

Alec can block the senses of those around him, and Jane can inflict pain with just a glance. However, Aro had to wait a little longer to change the kids into vampires.

He had to rescue the kids on time before the villagers could find and kill them due to their superstitious beliefs. With these two powerful vampires on his side, Aro was nearly unstoppable.

The Volturi then began to hunt down and kill any vampire who did not agree with them. This included the Cullens, a family of vampires who did not believe in killing humans.

Aro Role in Twilight

Aro plays a major role in the Twilight series. He is first introduced in the second book, New Moon when Bella Swan goes to Italy to visit her friend, Alice Cullen.

While there, she meets Volturi and Aro for the first time. Aro is interested in Bella because of her ability to block other vampires from reading her mind. Bella is then brought before the Volturi to answer for her “crimes” of becoming a vampire.

Aro decides to spare Bella’s life, but only because he wants to use her as bait to lure the Cullens into a trap. In the third book, Eclipse, Aro finally gets his chance to capture the Cullens. However, his plans are thwarted when the Cullens and their allies launch a counter-attack. In the end, Aro is defeated and forced to retreat.

In the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, Aro plays a much smaller role. He is only mentioned a few times and does not play a major part in the story.


Aro is a very confident person. He is always sure of himself and his abilities. He is also a very determined individual. Once he sets his mind to something, he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Aro is also a very intelligent person. He can always come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.

He is also power-hungry and often uses his powers to manipulate people. He is always looking for ways to increase his power and influence over others. Aro will plot anything for anyone who opposes him. He is a very dangerous person and cannot be underestimated.

Aro is also a very charming person. He is always able to sweet talk his way out of any situation. He made vampires believe that they could get away with anything when they were in the shadow of humans. Besides possessing leadership and organizing skills, Aro has a childlike innocence. He breaks the fourth wall constantly and uses his powers for good.


Aro Volturi does not portray any physical skills of a vampire. Instead, he uses his mind to control others. This may be because he hasn’t had the chance to fight anyone. Aro Twilight’s power is unknown. However, there was a time he beheaded Carlise and also fought Bella and Edward single-handedly.

He has more strength than a normal vampire and can read minds. Aro can also project his voice into other people’s heads. He uses this to control them and make them do what he wants. Only two people killed him.


Several Facts About Aro

Aro, a vampire in the Twilight movies in order, was born in the early 1300s BC. Aro is one of the three members of the Volturi, a group of powerful vampires who rule over all other vampires. Aro is also the leader of the Volturi. He is a very powerful and dangerous vampire. Here are some facts about him.

  • He was born in Greece in 1300 BC: Aro was born in Greece in the early 1300s BC. He is over three thousand years old.
  • He is a member of the Volturi: Aro is one of the three members of the Volturi, a group of powerful vampires who rule over all other vampires.
  • He is the leader of the Volturi: Aro is the leader of the Volturi. He is a very powerful and dangerous vampire.
  • He has a wife and children: Aro has a wife and children. His wife’s name is Didyme, who he killed to protect the Volturi. His children’s names are Alec and Marcus.
  • He is a powerful and dangerous vampire: Aro Twilight’s power is that he can control people’s minds and make them do what he wants. He is also very charming and persuasive.

Wrapping Up

Aro Twilight is a complex character with many different sides to him. He is a powerful and dangerous vampire but charming and persuasive. He is a leader, but he is also power-hungry. Aro is a complex character who should not be underestimated. You can watch Aro and other amazing characters in the Twilight movies. Also, read about Twilight Characters Ranked from Best to Worst!

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