How to Watch National Futsal League (NFL) 2022 in Canada

National Futsal league in canada

The National Futsal League, England’s premier futsal competition, will resume its regular season this year after being postponed after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. We know that if you are a fan of futsal, you are eager to learn how to watch National Futsal League 2022 in Canada.

The competition will run from Oct 16, 2022, to April 29, 2023BT Sport owns the broadcasting rights to every National Futsal League match. However, its material is geo-blocked in Canada.

However, we do know how to get BT Sport in Canada. Wfith ExpressVPN, you can unblock content from any location and watch the game, even if you’re not in the UK.

Just below, you’ll find an article detailing the inner workings of ExpressVPN.

Watch NFL on BT Sport Canada – [Easy Steps]

To watch National Futsal League 2022 in Canada, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for the best VPN (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).
  2. Connect to any UK server.
  3. Go to BT Sport and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Search and watch National Futsal League.

Where to watch NFL 2022 in Canada?

BT Sport will broadcast the Futsal League 2022 for those in Canada. If you use a VPN service that is lightning fast and of the highest quality, such as ExpressVPN, you will be able to get around BT Sport‘s restriction and continue to watch all of your favorite games as you normally would.

When National Futsal league 2022 is Going to Start and End?

National Futsal League is going to start on September 11, 2022, and it will come to an end on April 29, 2023. Following last year’s record-breaking campaign, this year’s calendar has 18 weeks and 272 games.

What is the Schedule of National Futsal league 2022 in Canada?

The National Futsal League 2022 kicked off on 16 Oct 2022, and the University of York Sports Centre is one of the sites that serve as a host for the matches that are played throughout the league.

What is the National Futsal League 2022 Fixture?

Team A Team B Date, Time & Venue 
Manchester Futsal Club First  Bolton Futsal Club 1st Bolton Futsal Club Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 10.15 at University of York Sports Centre
Hartpury Futsal Club Firsts  Loughborough Students Futsal Club First Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 12:20 at University of York Sports Centre
Wessex Futsal Club 1st  Bloomsbury Futsal Men’s 1st Team Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 14:25 at University of York Sports Centre
London Helvecia Futsal Club First  York Futsal Vikings Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 16:30 at University of York Sports Centre

What is the National Futsal League 2022 Table?

The National Futsal league Table for some teams is as follows:

Teams P W D GD L PTs
G.Y. Galante United 12 10 0 51 2 30
Haringey 12 8 1 40 3 25
Enfield & CM 12 8 0 19 4 24
Braintree 12 6 1 30 5 19
Genesis A 12 5 0 1 7 15
Estudiantes 12 3 0 -13 9 9
Evolution 12 1 0 -128 11 3

What are the National Futsal League Standings 2022?

Teams P W L PTs
East riding 20 18 1 55
Sheffield 20 15 4 46
Manchester 19 14 5 42
Sunderland Foundation of Light 20 13 6 40
York Vikings 20 12 8 36
Jogabola Futsal 19 9 9 28
Eagle Team UK 20 9 10 28
Warrington 20 6 14 18
Leeds Super Eagles 20 5 15 15
Chester Falcons 20 3 15 11
Poulton Victoria 20 1 18 4

Which Teams are Playing in the National Futsal league 2022?

National Futsal League teams in 2022 are listed below:

East Division:

  • G.Y. Galante United
  • Haringey
  • Enfield & CM
  • Braintree
  • Genesis A
  • Estudiantes
  • Evolution

North Division:

  • East Riding
  • Sheffield
  • Manchester
  • Sunderland Foundation of Light
  • York Vikings
  • Jogabola Futsal
  • Eagle Team UK
  • Warrington
  • Leeds Super Eagles
  • Chester Falcons
  • Poulton Victoria

South Division:

  • GB Oranje Futsal
  • Brunel Futsal Pro
  • Southampton Athletic
  • Sussex
  • London International
  • West London
  • Old Boys London
  • Lusitanos Southampton
  • Poole Panthers

West Division:

  • Bristol Futsal
  • Reading Royals
  • Birmingham Tigers
  • Northampton lions
  • Dynamo Tekkers
  • Aylesbury Futsal Club
  • Bristol Eagle
  • Rushmoor
  • Club Futsal Leicester
  • Birmingham Deaf Men’s Futsal

What are the Previous Scores of the Team in the National Futsal League 2022?

The previous scores of the teams in the NLF 2022 are listed below:

Date  Home Team Away Team  Score
01/05/2022 GB Oranje Futsal Lusitanos Southampton V-V
5/05/2022 Bristol Futsal Northampton lions 7-6
8/05/2022 Bristol Futsal Aylesbury A-W
15/05/2022 Bristol Futsal Sunderland Foundation of Light 6-7
15/05/2022 Brunel Futsal Pro Enfiled & CM 4-5
15/05/2022 GB Oranje Futsal Braintree 5-7

How many Players are playing In National futsal league 2022?

At any one moment, a maximum of 11 players from each team (including the goalkeeper) are allowed to participate in the game. So in this way, there is a total of 480 players playing In the National futsal league in 2022.

What are the Past Winners of the National Futsal League 2022?

East Riding Futsal Club emerged victors. The championship game of the National Futsal League took place in 2021-2022, between East Riding Futsal Club and Reading Royals A.

How much does the Average National Futsal League make?

You can anticipate an annual salary of $32,537 on average if you work in the field of futsal in your area. This is $919 less (or 3 percent) than the yearly pay that is typical in the United States, which is $33,456.

How much do the tickets for National Futsal League Cost?

Prices for tickets will vary from a minimum of 1500 Euros to a maximum of 3000 Euros (at the high end). You purchase tickets for the National Futsal Series at the National Futsal series’ official website.

What are the Rules of the National Futsal League 2022?

Following are the rules of the National Futsal League 2022:

  • Counting the goalkeeper, there is space for five players.
  • Perhaps a new outfielder will take his place, sporting the goalie’s uniform. When coaches are in a disadvantaged situation, they can turn to a power play.
  • Each coach can call a timeout for up to one minute.
  • Extra time is permitted in all UEFA knockout stages except the play-ins for third place.
  • If the score is still tied after 50 minutes, it will be decided by a 6-meter penalty shootout.
  • FIFA added five penalty kicks.
  • For both free kicks and penalties, the rules are quite detailed.
  • For every five fouls committed by the other side before halftime, they will get a 10-meter free kick (often known as a double penalty).
  • There’s still a lot going on beyond the goal line. Whether or whether the scoreboard is reset at halftime, fouls committed in the second half and overtime will count.
  • The referees are stationed on the sidelines, on the other side of the field from the dugouts (both may enter the field if needed). A third official oversees the clock, penalties, and subs.
  • You got two chances to get it right before the light turns red. After obtaining a red card, a team must play with one less player for two minutes or risk losing. Everything between us is over.
  • Once a player touches the ball, they are out of play until the ball enters the other team’s half or is touched by an opponent. You may throw the ball instead of kicking it.
  • If the ball is kicked into the stands or the ceiling during a kick-in, play will continue as normal.
  • If the ball crosses the sideline, the goalkeeper can clear it or take a corner.
  • The referee will give the teams four seconds to get the ball back into play after a kick-in, free-kick, goal clearance, or corner-kick.
  • After 4 seconds, the opposing side is awarded a free kick. Goalkeepers have just four seconds to keep the ball in their own half.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch National Futsal League 2022 in Canada?

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Yes, there is a futsal league in England called the National Futsal League. It is governed by a Board of Directors chosen each year and controlled by the Member Clubs that formed the Community Interest Company.

Yes, Futsal is one of the emerging sports in the UK. The game’s rising popularity may be attributed to the fact that it is a lot of fun to play.It’s quick and technical, and a strong team dynamic is essential to victory.

It was created to fill the void in communities without ready access to football grounds. So it’s not as common in Europe’s advanced economies as it is in Latin America.


One of the most-anticipated competitions is the National Futsal League 2022.  You can watch National Futsal League 2022 in Canada with the greatest VPN service available, ExpressVPN.

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